Sunday, May 11, 2008


Anna has been so kind to ask me to post some of my pictures on her blog. I have been thinking for an entire week which one to post first.

I have decided not to use one of the lovely windlight sunsets that I like so much (but they will come ;-) ) , but to document one of my favorite activities in SL: listening to the reading of a friend of mine: Aianna Oh.
Aianna is the author of a series of fantasy novels the valley of the Ivory Swan, the first volume of which she has for sale in Second Life.

But she has also brought back the old art of storytelling. She has a lovely voice and a great reading technique and listening to her is always a great pleasure.
She is regularly reading in regions such as Faeria (Huin Sim - Fri 5pm slt), Winterfell (Sat 2pm slt), and her own beautiful sim of Alurel (Sun 1pm slt - where this picture was taken live, as she is still reading while I write :-)

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Anna Avalanche said...

Oh, Wildstar! This was a very nice surprise to read this pleasant post of yours at the end of mothers Day. This is so fantastic. I didn’t know SL has such thing. Congrats Aianna Oh for me please. I will listen soon