Sunday, November 8, 2009

Introducing MEB Fashion new releases

Hello from Melusina Parkin (Melu)!

Glad to start collaborating with this blog with news from the fashion brand where I work as CEO.
While we wait for its new Winter collection, MEB Fashion releases in these weeks two items at the opposite sides of its range: a formal gown and some boots fitting its sophisticated urban style clothes.

Red Carpet is the first gown made by the MEB designer and owner MariaElena Barbosa. Before it, just once did MEB release a long dress, Demoiselle, but it was a quotation of XIX century style. The MEB catalogue proposed different solutions for nightly events, like the dress Cameron, even paired with a precious lace-like jacket in an outfit called Anette, or some other short but elegant dresses like Austen (an homage to the romantic mood of the celebrated Jane Austen) or even Laura black.

All these dresses are still live, but now they are accompanied by a long formal gown, a red one, whose dark ruby color, brilliant silk and rich play of pleats made of it a perfect dress for theatre, gala dancing nights, vernissages, important events in general. We shot it in the framework of an Italian precious theatre, the Bibiena of Mantua, to show how its style is proper to great and sophisticated events.

The second MEB new release is a boots line for the forthcoming winter. They welcome the new chill season with smooth suede, warm wool and amazing studs. Four colors, from Ice to dark Grey, warm Brown and Honey, to match your clothes and your cool days.

Enjoy them all at our main store!

(This post is sponsored by MEB Fashion)

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