Wednesday, July 9, 2008


Sternberg, originally uploaded by Wildstar Beaumont.

I like to walk the linden roads on the mainland continents and to discover new places. And among ad farms and abandoned clubs sometimes one can find true jewels of beauty

Yesterday I found Sternsberg: a Swiss/German village spanning two sims in the Southern Continent. It is on the fjords that make their way into the land from the Korean canal, which divide the two arms of the continent and I must say that being on sea always makes a difference.

It is clear that this region has been build with passion and love: there are clubs, shops, tourist office, galleries. A stunning castle that is the replica of a RL German castle dominates the view

The most outstanding feature though is a state of the art public transportation system made of air-taxis, a network of boats taking from one landmark to the other, and a running subway: really awesome.

Definitely worth a visit :


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Anonymous said...

Hello Anna!
Your report makes us happy and I would like to thank you for it!
Please come back and ask us for a personal tour!!!
Best wishes

Xela Veranes