Saturday, October 25, 2008

The Autumn Writers' Exhibition

The Autumn Writers' Exhibition is the main event during October and I have a booth there. Today I would like to invite you to readings as follows:

2pm SLT (10pm GMT) - Hastings Bournemouth (AKA Peter Chowney) reads 'Sacculina - A Baby Horror Story'

2.30pm (10.30pm GMT) -SLT Morgue McMillan performs her poetry

3pm SLT (11pm GMT) Huckleberry Hax reads from his fiction

Hope to see you there :-)


Friday, October 24, 2008

Freebies - good or bad? - by Lucille Morigi

Please have in mind that this is an opinion of someone who does not make money in sl for a living. Also, someone who hates hunts and never spends more time inworld than exactly needed.
Also, someone who have spent so much real money in sl that is starting to rethink it - why do I need all these stuff? So many skins, hairs, acessoires, etc. Why? To feel accepted?
That makes no sense to me, since second life's acceptance doesn't matter to me at all. If someone doesn't like me - I don't mind - that's her/his right.

I understand that some business owners are worried about the huge amount of freebies given around SL.
Time spent on designing, building, uploading textures, investing on their buisiness X free items given away to people that never come back to the store.

Some of them actually make their living from sl.

Ok, I agree, this is something hard for those who make their living or want to become successful in sl.

I beliebe in good quality freebies- either given in groups or not.

I have returned to the stores sometimes IN FACT only beacuse of freebies.
Ex.: Tuli, Splashing Doll, Minnu Model Skins and Hair yes - Venessa Hair freebie made me go back and purchase more hair there, Chai, MAdesign - I have purchased many eyes from the soul eye line only because I recieved one pair of eyes in group and fell in love with them. I only wear those eyes.
Stitch by Stitch also. I have received gifts from the designer and also purchased items from her.

When I like something - I buy it - if I need it at the moment for some reason.

These are a just some examples. I came back to many more. I was thinking of going to Blowpop - after getting that nekkid skin freebie.

Good quality free items always make me come back for more.

But, I believe in one thing:

Second life is supposed to be exactly what it's name suggests - a SECOND life not a first- much less- a real life for me at least.

Let's agree that we all live in the real world, right?

Therefore, we must eat, drink,wear clothes, do whatever a human being needs to do to survive and that means - PAY BILLS.

Exluding freebies is elitism. Pure and simple. Some people simply don't want to/can't spend real money on sl and who can blame them?

Now I don't think they should go on as noobs, naked,barefoot, bald because of that. No. Let them wear freebies. Why not?

If a business owner is terrified because of freebies, well change the public approach/marketing. That if your money come from sl.

Besides: how much are regular residents willing to spend from real money to dress a doll, build it a house, etc.?

If you say that you live in sl, well, I am so deeply sorry for you - there are much, much more in life than a virtual world, but you are the only one that can make choices.

Unless you have no alternative, real world, real sky, real sun, real people will always be better than a virtual one.

ok links:
Freebies are them for free - Raul Crimsom's blog

Freebie Culture in SL - Ana Lutetia's blog

I can Haz Freebiez by Prad Prathivi

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Poetry Secundo Coming, A pornographic satire By Nebbisk Oh

Photographer: Sennaspirit Coronet
Models: Anna Avalanche and Sennaspirit Coronet

Nebbisk Oh poetry was one of the best at the London School of journalism poetry contest. His poetry is always intense, comic and intelligent. Sennaspirit Coronet great photograph and Anna Avalanche modeling the Secundo Coming, A pornographic satire from an idea by Secundo Dharma, by Nebbisk Oh

Nebbisky Oh is one of the best poets live in Second Life. The best to say about someone is to look her own words and thought. Better if that person is a writer or poet. Nebbisk Oh profile describes his feelings and ideas about the second life new world…

“Nothing seemed worth putting here before... now nothing seems adequate. Well... suffice it to say that the "process" is starting to make sense now. Initial reviews seem to indicate that this next Act will be truly amazing.”

Secundo Coming
by Nebbisk Oh

Cock in hand
Balls aflutter
Fingers stained with peanut butter

Hard shaft, tip wet
With tumescence
Kleenex soaking up the messes

Mistress lies
In lover’s pose
The smell of peanuts in his nose

He’s coming now
And so is she
And so’s his wife, and that makes three

She’s coming early
Home from work
And he in flagrant, fragrant jerk

He tries to stop;
Too late! He spouts
While on the screen, his mistress shouts

“Oh God,” she cries
and so does he
and booming speakers both agree

Wife rushes in
Stares at the screen
But just in time, he’s changed the scene

He’s changed it to
A hard-core flick
Some porn star and Ron Jeremy’s dick

She looks, and smiles
And says, “Aww gee,
My darling, next time wait for me.”

His closemouthed grin
Hides great relief
And chunks of peanut in his teeth

He starts to shut
The laptop down
And watches wife’s smile turn to frown

As suddenly
The speakers blare
And tell her more than two are there

“Oh marry me,
my sweet Secundo.
Your tongue is sweet, your cock gigundo.”

Thus was his case
Tossed on his ear, defenestrated

It took six months
But he recovered
Then he wed his online lover

And now they live
In bliss, you’d think
But sometimes, fortified with drink

He goes online
And shares hot sex
And peanut butter with his ex.

- Nebbisk Oh, July 2007

Monday, October 13, 2008


This coming Wednesday at the cave on Remember, competition for the best three period avatars (period 1720 - location Caribbean islands). Winners will take part of the Sail Away machinima as extra in their own shape, skin and costume.

JURY : Members of the Sail Away Project team.

Meet you there !

And dont forget your costume....

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

want to hug a dragon ?

The Isle of Wyrms is a group of sims on the western side of the Elven Continent. It is a beautifully landscaped region, with green mountains, lovely valleys and deep fjiords. But it is mainly home to dragons !

Beautiful, fantastic and friendly creatures walk the land and fly the sky and a visit here is a must for every explorer of SL.

Have fun and remember to hug a dragon ! :)

What to do with Second Life annoying groups?

Your screen is full of notices from my 25 groups? Some of them are really spamming! What can I do?

Apart from leaving the annoying ones? Go to Contacts > Groups, select a group and then click on Info. On the first page, uncheck “Receive group notices”. From time to time, you may want to check what’s going on: check the Notices tab in the group info.

Music and radio stream for second life and Internet

Sorry I took so long to post. I have been busy working at AAT. But I promise I will do my best to keep the blog update.

One friend of mine asked me about music stream for Second Life and I decided to publish a list about it. As I made a search on my old notes some of this links could be offline. Please let me know if there is any wrong address on the list.

1.FM - Country, /country =
60s 70s and 80s =
70s 80s and 90s =
80s Classic Rock =
80's on SKY FM =
977 - The 80's Channel, /eighties =

Absolutely Smooth Jazz =
Absolutely Smooth Jazz =
All Hit 70's =
Bay Smooth Jazz =
Channel X =
Chillout =
Chillout =
Chillout Lounge =
ChroniX Aggression =
CKLW & Windsor =
CKNW Radio =
Classic Electronica =
Classic Electronica =
Classic Rock =
CO-OP Radio =
dance =
Deep House, /house =
DJ Mixes =
Drone Zone =
Drum 'n' Bass =
ETN.FM - Progressive =
EuroDance & HiNRG =
European Tranc =
Folk Alley =
Freeform Radio =
frisky Radio =
Frobozz Radio =
GOA and Psy Trance =
Groove Sala =
Hard Core Channe =
Hard Dance! =
HITZRadio, /hits = =
HOT 108 JAMZ =
Indie Pop Rocks =
Kickin' Country =
Korea Top Radio =
KPIG - Live Free-Range =
Linden Radio =
Lounge =
MOJO Radio =
Mostly Classica =
MPEGRadio. =
Music One =
NME Radio 128k =
NME Radio 32k =
NPR News =
Nugs Radio =
Onart Radio =
Otto's Baroque Radio =
Phreak Radio =
Progressive 128k =
Progressive House =
Proton Radio =
Pure Classic Rock =
R A D I O L O N D O N =
Radio Pardise 128k =
Radio Pardise 192k =
Radio Pardise 192k =
Radio Woodstock = = =
Radio's Rock & Rol = =
rap =
Rock =
Rock 101 =
Roots Reggae =
Roots Reggae =
salsa =
Salsa stream =
Secret Agent =
Sexy Deep House =
SFU Radio =
Simkast Radio =
Simulcast =
SKY FM Country =
SKY FM New Age =
SKY.FM Mostly Classical =
SKY.FM New Age, /easy =
Smooth and Stylish = = = =
Sporting News Radio =
Sports Blogger Live =
Sports Blogger Live =
Techno4ever =
TechnoBase.FM =
that doesn't suck =
The 80's Channel =
The Buzz =
The Christmas Channel =
The Edge =
The Hits Channel =
Top Hits =
Trance =
Trance Channel =
Univ. of Victori =
Virgin Classic Rock =
Virgin New Music =
Virgin Radio =
Virgin Radio Groov =
Virgin Radio UK =
Vocal Trance =
World News =