Saturday, September 27, 2008

Zurich City SL Opera House

I am sure I am not the first to discover the Zurich City Opera House, yet it is such a wonderful institution, both from the architectural and artistic points of view that I thought it was worth to add en entry and few images about it :)


Zurich City SL Opera House

Zurich City SL Opera House

Second Life Manuals and tutorials free at AAT

Dear friends and everyone interested on manual and information, I collected a great amount of manuals and tutorials on my two years of Second Life existence.

My original idea was to publish bit by bit these manuals on the blog. As a matter of fact I still have this idea. But I think would be more useful for my friends to have them all disposable in one place at once. All those manuals and tutorials can be find in Second Life if you search for them. However I ignore a place where they are all together like here.

I include also some textures for light and shadow and scripts that I purchase during all this time. There are approximately 249 notes, 296 scripts and some textures and gifts inside the manuals.

I am disposing entirely free a big amount of manuals that I collected during this two years!!! Joined all in one place the famous “Ivory tower library of primitive”, “Design Center Tutorial”, “Particle Lab Tutorial” and “texture tutorial by Robin (Sojourner) Wood” tutorial manuals!!!

Do you want to know how? It is very simple.

Tele transport (TP) here and find all manuals free!!!!

Enroll at AA Trade Company group to get them free. Remember you need to have the AA Trade Company tag on.

Choose the manual on the vendor pay 1 Linden and receive free the tutorial and your 1 Linden back.

The vendor system doesn’t allow gifts but permit refund your money. Therefore pay 1 Linden and receive your purchase gift and your 1 linden back. All manual in the store that is sold for 1 Linden is actually free. Your money will be refund automatically.

If you have any doubts please feel free to IM Anna Avalanche

Below a list of the manuals and their description

Free Building Stuff Manual = about 7 notes in English.

Free Clothing Design and Creation Manual = about 6 notes in English.

Free English Help Second Life Manuals = Basic manuals in English with about 26 notes and more gifts.

Free French Help Second Life Manuals (Aide pour Second Life en Francais) = about 20 notes and more gifts in French.

Free German Help Second Life Manuals (Willkommen bei Second Life) = about 24 notes and more gifts in German.

Free Lag and Reducing It Information = about 6 notes in English.

Free Land in Second Life Information = about 9 notes in English.

Free Portuguese Help Second Life Manuals (Manuais em Português) = about 22 notes in Portuguese.

Free Scripting Manual = about 5 notes in English.

Basic scripts = about 296 script for 10 Lindens.

Ivory tower library of primitive tutorial = about 32 notes for those how want to learn how to build in English.

Ivory tower library of primitive tutorial (Francais) = about 4 notes for those how want to learn how to build in French.

Ivory tower library of primitive tutorial (italiano) = about 6 notes for those how want to learn how to build in italian

Texture tutorial by Robin (Sojourner) Wood = about 29 notes in English

Particle Lab Tutorial and Samples (script for particles) = about 37 notes in English

Design Center Tutorial and light/shadow kit with some textures for light/shadow = about 16 notes plus textures for 10 Lindens in English

p.s. I left a tip jar close by. If you think all these hard effort worth, feel free to tip if you are so inclined. Please don’t need to be niggard (laughter)!!!

Freebies at AAT inside Second Life

Hi, I never advertise my business inside Second Life. But as I am almost two years old and I am very happy I decided to give some gifts.

I am disposing a big amount of products. From the 588 items for sale at AAT, noting less than 317 are freebies for those who use the “AA Trade Company” tag. Take advantage of 317 free products.

Do you want to know how? It is very simple.

Tele transport (TP) here and find more than a half of the products free!!!!

Enroll at AA Trade Company group to get freebies. Remember you need to have the AA Trade Company tag on.

Choose the product on the vendor pay 1 Linden and receive free the product and your 1 Linden back.

The vendor system doesn’t allow gifts but permit refund your money. Therefore pay 1 Linden and receive your purchase gift and your 1 linden back. Every product in the store that is sold for 1 Linden is actually free. Your money will be refund automatically.

If you have any doubts please feel free to IM Anna Avalanche

Have fun!

fairy photo contest winners

I would like to thank Elease Graves and Darkley Aeon, for sending me these wonderful pictures:

Winner Elease Graves received:

- 1000,00 lindens in cash from me;

- one pair of Ava Choo from her choice;

- one gift pair of Ava Choo from "The Sex and the City Collection" that I chose to give her;

-500,00 in cash from Anna Avalanche to choose one product from
AA Trade Company

Her picture is already displayed in my stores at :

Lucille's Little Corner

Coconut Ice on SL Illustrated Sim

Ava choo on Bahama Mall

Second Place, Darkley Aeon, received:

- one pair of Ava Choo from her choice;

- and oh well, I was feeling nice so I also gave her the same gift pair of Ava Choo from "The Sex and the City Collection" I had given to Elease Graves.

Her picture is also displayed on my store at Lucille's Little Corner.

I am thrilled with them! :-)

I said I wanted to see fairies and they sure showed me some really beautiful ones!

Thank you very very much for your joining the contest and please wait for others!!!! :-)

Kiss, Luci.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Glowing Gems design by Jenny Thielt

Check out this awsome belly piercing, called Ami, by Jenny Thielt (Glowing Gems). I took pictures wearing it first in blue and then, showing the hud that can change all it's colours)

The price? Unbelieveble! 100 lindens!

And you can find it HERE

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Show Music on Second Life

Invitation to listen to a new SL live music talent

As a life music supporter and fan, we would like to invite you to the first show of the newest SL talent: Xenya Skytower and FXF band. We are introducing these
artists to SL and would appreciate your support on checking their real talent and spread it through Second Life venues.
You can find bellow the event description:

Owner of an angel's voice, she's the newest singer and the first female portuguese singer on Second Life. She acts with her band, FXF, from rock to pop, jazz and blues, unforgettable songs on an unforgettable voice.

After a first rehearsal on Saudade & Fado island, they are finnaly entering Second Life life music with a performance at Alma Island

So next wednesday, 24, starting 2.30 PM SL time and 22h30 GMT; be enchanted by this wonderfull voice that will get you beneath your dreams...

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Oxbridge - Beautiful Places inside Second Life by Wildstar Beaumont

Oxbridge was an amazing discovery during my circumnavigation of Winterfell and Caledon sims a few weeks ago.

the "Morning Star" sailing in Southern Caledon

I was sailing along the southern coast of Caledon and I started to see the buildings of this sim I did not remember I had seen before. The style of the beautiful buildings and the name, Oxbridge, left little to be imagined about what was the inspiration: a place of knowledge and learning.

During that first trip I just sailed by the place, but it was impressed in my mind, so I went back, more than once, and every time I was stunned more and more by what was created there both estethically and functionally.

Oxbridge seen from Nova Civis caledon

Oxbridge is basically an orientation sim, intended for newbies to have a smooth introduction to the basic mechanisms of Second Life. In fact the sim is just to the west of Nova Civis Caledon, the Caledon branch of the popular New Citizen Incorporated.

University of Oxbridge

Oxbridge - which looks like it is being completed these days - is organized as an University, with a number of C
olleges to attend sequentially: Avatar Customization, Camera Control, Money and Business, etc. Taking these tutorial the new residents can easily learn about the activity that makes most of the day by day life of an avie

University of Oxbridge

The tutorials look some of the best I have seen so far. Very well conceived and implemented.
There are also a number high quality freebies related to each tutorial, that will be surely very useful to new residents.

the Caledon Library at the Oxbridge University

A local branch of that outstanding institution that is the Caledon Library cannot be missing there, and there is also a residence building, where newly graduated citizens, can have a home for their first weeks.

I do not think I have to mention the beauty of the buildings and of the sim as a whole. I believe the images I am including are more than able to transfer the feeling of this wonderful place.

the spires of Caledon Oxbridge

A fantastic accomplishment that I never get tired to visit.

Caledon Oxbridge


Moonrise at Caledon Oxbridge

Contest deadline almost over!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wanna get 1000 lindens in cash and 500 lindens in cash/or products???????


I am waiting for your pictures my friends!

1st place- 1000lindens plus 1 Ava Choo pair plus 1 surprise 500 lindens valued gift offered by

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(thank's to Anna Avalanche) go and check out the place so you can choose what you want.

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2nd and 3rd - 1 Ava Choo and Pic on blog.
4th and 5th - 1 Ava Choo.

Now the rules - sure, there must be rules!!!!!

Step one - Purchase one fairy outfit - you can choose any of these 3 stores:

1.1 - Lucille's little Corner

Fairy's Little Shop

1.2 - Fairy's vendors on Bahama Village Mall

Ava Choo

1.3 -Coconut Ice on SL Illustrated Sim.

Coconut Ice

step two - take a picture of yourself wearing the outfit

step threee - Send the picture with full perm to Lucille Morigi until September/22/2008 - including.

Keep an eye on my blog Lucille Morigi on SL - or join my group: Models Refugium if you want to get updated about the result of the contest

which will be announced on September 26/2008.
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Obs.: landmark to a photoarea - decorated with Mushroom house too.


in case you need one.

There is a Dressing room on second level of Fairy's little shop at Lucille's Little Corner - just click on TP UP when you are there if you need a dressing room or a place to open boxes.
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I will delete pictures sent to me that were not purchased in any of those stores. If you have problems in finding them, please contact me.

Thank you very much and Good luck.

Send pictures to Lucille Morigi with full perm.

Would you like to date me?????? PAY FOR IT.!!..BUT READ IT FIRST:, by Lucille Morigi

Yes, I am selling myself for a very good cause - no, absolutelly no cybersex during the date!!! , lots of fun, yes!!!!!!!!

Ok, so that's it: if you want to spend time with me, now is your chance!!!!! Go go go go, go cause I rarely stay 2 continuous hours in sl, believe me......

This is important people! I am asking you to take part on this event:

Nuki-Nuki Beach Date-A-Thon 2008

Annual Charity for Breast Cancer Awareness

Date and time - Friday September 26, 2008 07:00 – 11:00pm SLT

In the spirit of giving back, the Beach Brats and all our friends, relatives, and loved ones are welcome to participate in this annual giving event to raise funds for breast cancer research.

All funds collected from the Nuki-Nuki Beach Date-A-Thon 2008 will be passed on to the Breast Cancer Awareness Foundation. Our Goal will be a total stretch but we hope to raise L$100,000.


Need a date for that special occasion, want to change things up from that “regular” you have been hanging with, or have you always wanted to go out with that person but never had your chance???

Do not be bashful – now is your time to explore the inner you and express it in a very positive way! Bid on that Babe or Dude and benefit breast cancer research at the same time. Go to the “Date Board” and select your target dates(s) – yes always have a plan B ready!


On Friday September 26th the auctioneer (The Big Kahuna) will run down the list of each participant (Babe and Dude Dates) from the event notecard. Notecards card be obtained from any event poster. You will simply touch the sign below the “date” you are bidding on. Raise your bid by touching the sign again. All bidders except the top bidder will have their funds returned. Minimum bid starts at $500L.


If you are the winning bid you will receive a date that consists of 2 continuous hours. It is up to the winner to contact “the date” and schedule a time that both can meet and go on their date. This is a charity event and meant to be fun and entertaining for the participants.


Go to the date board and grab the notecard. Complete the questions and do not forget to attach a picture of yourself to the notecard. Send all notecards to Ipunin Pera.

TP to Nuki-nuki beach

Saturday, September 20, 2008

One Hundred years of Japanese immigration in Brazil

This is mine and GISA Miles recent article for déjà vu magazine. Hope you all enjoy, and if you do, please leave a comment.

One Hundred years of Japanese immigration in Brazil

By Anna Avalanche and Gisa Miles

This year the Japanese community in Brazil celebrates one hundred years of immigration. June, 18 1908 is considered the milestone of the arrival of the first Japanese immigrants to Brazil. The 781 impoverished pioneers on the ship Kasato Maru and the thousands who followed them, never meant to stay beyond a few years on Brazil. But who could imagine which nowadays, the Japanese-origin community in Brazil will be the largest outside Japan, with an estimated 1.6 million person.

The first 165 families traveled 52 days on the ship and berth in the city of Santos, São Paulo dreaming with a better life. Most of these immigrants were formed by farmers, who came to Brazil to work in the prosperous farm coffee from western state of Sao Paulo. At the beginning of the twentieth century, Brazil needed workforce for foreign crops of coffee, while Japan was through a period of high population growth and there weren’t enough jobs for the whole population. Then to meet the needs of both countries, was sealed an immigration agreement between the Brazilian and Japanese governments.

In the following years the immigration continued. From 1918 until 1940, approximately one hundred and sixty thousand Japanese came to live in the Brazilian lands. Most immigrants prefer the state of Sao Paulo, however, some families spread itself to other corners of Brazil even in the Amazon forest in Para.

The Japaneses worked hard and soon they were immigrants in Brazil managed to add money and buy their own land. After tough years of labor on the coffee farms, Japanese immigrants looked for work in big cities like Sao Paulo, where they flocked to the downtown area because rent was cheaper.

The Japanese community in Brazil is already in its 4th generation. The descendants of the immigrants perform all kind of activity within the cultural and economic sectors. Immigrants and their descendants who have already close ties with Brazil take part and contribute with love and dedication to the construction of a better and developed country.

But the development of agriculture was the main contribution of Japanese immigrants to Brazil. Food has been one of the greatest beneficiaries of the cultural blending. They helped develop several varieties of fruits and vegetables that did not exist in Brazil including persimmon, fuji apples and ponkan oranges and improved local farming and fishing techniques. Brazil has even allowed a Japanese influence on its most famous drink, the caipirinha. Mixed with Japan's traditional rice wine instead of Brazilian cachaça, the sakerinhas have become a popular option at many bars.

Japanese community in brazil has preserved the language, customs and traditions, such as the Bon-Odori dance. The dance of delicate movement is a recognition by the good crops. Sao Paulo's downtown district of Liberdade, or freedom, is like a slice of Tokyo, its main street lined with red-colored torii gates of Shinto shrines. Soba noodle and sushi restaurants vie with karaoke bars and supermarkets selling sticky natto beans and myriad types of soy sauce.

Today the Japanese heroes are increasingly present in the Brazilian daily life, influencing children, youth and teenagers. The Mangá (Comic stories in Japanese) has won more and more admires in Brazil and spreads to all corners of the country.

The celebretions of one hundred years of immigration was a great event. Prince Naruito participated of wonderful tributes like the inaugurate of the sculpture in honor of the centennial of Japanese immigration idealized by Tome Ohtake, a Japanese imigrant who became the "lady of brasilian plastic arts".

Inside second life there is also an important art exhibition that celebrates the Japanese immigration in Brazil. The professor Hinedori Watanave and his student team of Tokyo Metropolitan University are developing 3D image database of Oscar Niemeyer on Second Life. This is an official art project of "The 100th anniversary of exchanging between Japan and Brazil".

Japan in Brazil. Brazil in Japan

The two worlds exist in both of the countries. There are more than three hundred thousand Brazilians living in Japan and working in factories. The same people who left their own country in a time of so many difficulties also learned open their doors when Brazilians have done the other way. And who would imagine: the Portuguese today is almost a second language in many Japanese cities. Appears in transit plates, is spoken in the streets and heard in the largest issuer of radio and TV in Japan. The Dekasegis are repeating the general pattern of immigrants: while most of them plan to save up enough money in Japan to return to Brazil and set up a business of their own, a majority end up settling down in their new country.

Now, the same way that Japanese immigrants brought, fix part of their culture here, the dekasseguis make it there. Except that this time these customs and traditions are merged with what their ancestors learned in Brazil. It’s all a great mixture of culture and this is the best about globalization.

This article has been sponsored by AA Trade Company, Cleary (128,128,0)

For more pictures and information see:
Portuguese blog:

Monday, September 15, 2008

I want to see Fairies! Yes and I pay for it 1000 lindens

I am in a fairy tale mood so I have decided to promote a contest. Sure you'll have to buy fairy outfits, but believe me, the prizes will pay the money spent.

And the rules are clear!
But first let me tell you the prizes.

1st place- 1000lindens plus 1 Ava Choo pair plus 1 surprise 500 lindens valued gift offered by

AA TRade Company

(thank's to Anna Avalanche)

- ...and more:
have your picture displayed on the stores, Dejá-vù International Portuguese, Anna Avalanche Style and My own Blog (lucille Morigi on SL)

2nd and 3rd - 1 Ava Choo and Pic on blog.
4th and 5th - 1 Ava Choo.

Now the rules - sure, there must be rules!!!!!

Step one - Purchase one fairy outfit - you can choose any of these 3 stores:

1.1 - Lucille's little Corner

Fairy's Little Shop

1.2 - Fairy's vendors on Bahama Village Mall

Ava Choo

1.3 -Coconut Ice on SL Illustrated Sim.

Coconut Ice

step two - take a picture of yourself wearing the outfit

step threee - Send the picture with full perm to Lucille Morigi until September/22/2008 - including.

Keep an eye on my blog Lucille Morigi on SL - or join my group: Models Refugium if you want to get updated about the result of the contest

which will be announced on September 26/2008.
...... ...... ...... ...... ..... ..... ...... ...... ....... .......
Obs.: landmark to a photoarea


in case you need one.

There is a Dressing room on second level of Fairy's little shop at Lucille's Little Corner - just click on TP UP when you are there if you need a dressing room or a place to open boxes.
....... ...... ..... ...... ...... ..... ....... ...... ..... .......

I will delete pictures sent to me that were not purchased in any of those stores. If you have problems in finding them, please contact me.

Thank you very much and Good luck.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

ATTITUDE II, a Baiastice Fashion Show

Today i had my eyes enchanted by Miss Sissy Pessoa, the art on herself!!! Sissy presented her new collection - ATTITUDE II.

Sissy Pessoa, the genius of Baiastice,released her new ATTITUDE II Fall Collection of Clothing and Accessories for immediate purchase. This gorgeously rendered and expansively designed Collection is a 'must-have' that features sumptuous fabrics and a variety of silhouettes and increased versatility with hats and matching handbags available.

Along with the ATTITUDE II Fall Collection Preview, Baiastice will have their first ever discounted sale. All previous Baiastice Collections and Accessories will be discounted by 50% for 3 days only to members of the "**BAIASTICE*** by Sissy Pessoa" Group.

The 50% Discount Sale is ONLY available at the BAIASTICE SIM Store.

After the show, i talked with Maddox DuPont, Owner of KMADD City & MADesigns Shapes, Fashion consultant ~ MAD Image, Art Director and owner of MAD Agency and Fashion writer for GLAM Magazine

Melinda Emms: how is hosting a show for a label like baiastice?
Maddox DuPont: Baiastice is one of our most loved clients that has had number of great shows with MAD Agency. She knows what she wants and she has confidence that MAD Agency can deliver it. This time was no different.

Melinda Emms: and for sure she can be confident, you do a great job!
Maddox DuPont: Inspired by Madonna's Rain video. She came to us with a request of clean, modern, cool minimalistic set for her new line Attitude II. Sissy's clothing is breathless, she is one of the most creative and flamboyant designers we love doing shows for.

Melinda Emms: i think you had defined everything when you use the word breathless, she really is!! Thanks Maddox, and congrats for your great show.

Now, stay with some of her creations.

Matie in blue. This gabardine dress is a saturated slate blue and beautifully textured to show depth and movement.
The full tea-length skirt is a beautiful sweeping design, graceful with each step you take, a Baiastice trademark characteristic.
Hiding beneath this gorgeous gown are the Matie thigh high stockings, a thick band of elegant blue lace topping these sheer seamed stockings.
The Matie bodice is a lace underlayer with a bustier bodice worn over the top. The lace underblouse can also be worn alone, and features discreet placement of the floral pattern to allow sexy but not scandalous exposure!
The prim peplum defines the strong silhouette and the full length bell-end gloves and prim collar as well as the beret hat add the finishing details for this very well thought-out creation.
The matching evening bag is trimmed in coordinating lace and will find hold those few essentials each woman needs for her night out!

A formal gown designed with rare silk and sheer silk. The Urghenz bodice is sexy bustier in shirred print silk, the sleeves are prim capped and finished with bows and ruched bell prim cuffs. An alternate and included bodice is done in sleeveless light lace. The full ballgown-type skirt of Urghenz is kinetically active, fashioned of rare silk flexiprim panels, it has the hint of a train and is beautifully nuanced in shades of silver and cream. The waist of the Urghenz gown is a rose prim belt--realistically rendered silver rosesand leaves form the tone on tone subtle floral accent. The Urghenz top hat and rose/veil lace spray is elegant and befitting of a princess who is stylish with a bit of an attitude!Regal a nd pristine, fresh and youthful.. this gown is all things for all occasions.

Reverse. Created of velvet and satin, the Reverse bodice is sheer satin lace with pockets discreetly placed so that it can be worn even on a PG sim. The layered prim sleeves and collar as well as the sheer lace peplum add dimension to the bodice and realistic details to the entire garment. The pencil skirt is shaded to show the satin's sheen and has a delicate print that echoes the peplum of the top. The Reverse hat is a mod touch, a billed cap with coordinating band. Sexy, modern and tailored... Reverse has it all covered, and with amazing style! i will run to Baiastice. ;)

Friday, September 12, 2008

Dressing clue by Gisa Miles

When a woman wants (we do not want, we need isn’t it really?) buy a special clothes for a wedding, graduation, or a party... We want to buy with the clothes, an identity, sophistication, exclusivity and glamour... after all woman who is woman like to feel loved, beautiful and unique it´s obvious.

Although evening Gowns do not suffer so much interference of trends such as casual or fashion "prêt a porter"... Tissues technology, the geometry and the differentiated structures call attention. If there are some elements of different textures, design, shapes and details... Point scored for you! You are communicating something more in your personality and it will serve like a poison anti-monotony and anti-competition.

Trends come and go back, sometimes the long dresses are the sensation, sometimes are the short. But everything depends on respecting the time of the event, the weather and the body of each one. Who are overweight and has a thick shank should choose a log dress. Who are overweight, but has a thin shank will be better dress with a short or a medium long. Remember medium log makes you appearance shortens.

The colors are also stylish and are in high... In my opinion every woman must have a “black basic” on the closet only for security reason. If the first, second or third option don’t fit well. The black can’t be considered the solution. It must be “the black”, which seems to have been done especially for you. You can complement with accessories like; socks, belts and hair ornaments. You can wear all this but don’t let it be one "black basic" on the crowd.

The colorful dresses are also “chic” and each day has more and more fans... The neutral colors transmit messages of sobriety. Remember, fabric, different surface, flounce and shapes are important as colors.

Monday, September 8, 2008


DAB Designs is promoting the "DAB GOREAN EXPO" during september 08 and 09 at neverending.

"Gor is a world created by John Norman in a series of 27 science fiction novels. It is located on the same orbit as Earth, but is directly opposite to us so that it is always on the other side of the sun and undetectable to Earth science. Gor is a world of greater and lesser technology. A race of Priest Kings, insect like creatures, live in the Sardar mountains. They have a technology superior to ours. They rule as Gods over the planet, but remain unseen and mysterious to the populace. They limit humans to a rudimentary technology, similar to that of the medieval era here on earth. There are different cultures on Gor, different cities, peoples of the wilderness and there are differences in laws and customs among them. However, there are similarities regarding the roles of men and women as seen on Gor. On Gor, as in our own past on this planet, men are dominant. Men are Masters. There are kajiri, male slaves, but they are rare. Gor is a man's world. Women have three roles on Gor. In the books it is noted that the majority of women are Free Women, and only 2 to 3% are slaves. It would appear that there are more slaves than Free Women because the books focus more on women as slave characters, and in online role play, more women choose to role play as slaves than Free Women. Many women who start out as Free become enslaved, but not all, and this further reduces the number that we see in online role play. Free Women are the respectable women of Gor, the ones who become Free Companions and the mothers of children. The closest thing to marriage on Gor is a Free Companionship contract which lasts for a set period of time, usually a year or two. They run the household, work in professions outside the home, raise and teach children. A Free Woman may even have her own silk kajirus, a male pleasure slave. A Free Woman must be keenly aware that her freedom is always at risk. If she shows slave-like behaviour, she can be enslaved. Such behaviour would include dancing in public, dressing immodestly (showing too much of bare arm or leg, showing her naval, and in some places not covering her hair and face with veils), or addressing a man as Master. If a city is raided, she can be captured by enemies and enslaved and sold. If she or her father cannot pay debts, she can be enslaved and sold to cover the debt. If a Free Woman couches or prepares to couch with a slave not her own, she can be enslaved. A Free Woman must toe the line if she wishes to remain Free. A woman can flee to the forests and live as a Panther Girl. These women are escaped slaves and Free Women fleeing an undesired Free Companionship contract. Panther Girls live in the wild. They sometimes capture and enslave men, playing with them for a bit and then selling them when bored with them. If a Panther girl enters a city, she is likely to be enslaved. A woman does have choice on Gor, but make no mistake, it is a man's world and the domination of men over women is considered to be the natural order of things." (extract from Gor 101 by Vivienne Daguerre)

I talked with Daron Brandeis, CEO of DAB designs:
ME:How did you have the idea of an interactive expo?
Daron Brandeis: it came to me when i was watching a show, a normal runway show, and how the first designers that showed there items would have less sales because most people forgot about there designs, so i thought if the items were already out and in the vacinity of the models people could buy there and then as they were looking at the items on the models.
ME:Why the gorean motivation?
Daron Brandeis: I am gorean. I come from a gorean background that is why, but the concept works on any type of show.
ME:How many designers and models are involved on the expo?
Daron Brandeis: 9 designers and approximately 30 models
ME: Do you wanna say anything else to our readers?
Daron Brandeis: this is a forward thinking way of showing of some of the best designers in sl, nevermind gor items and i'm proud that i have such a hardworking dedicated team of professional models to help and support the dab dream and family.
Thanks Daron! Thanks for letting me be part of this.

Autism and ASA by Brett Stand

I am proud to post this text by Brett Stand about Autism. Brett Stand is the Autism Society of America (ASA) Second Life president.

Autism is a severe developmental disability which is usually diagnosed around the age of three; although children are being increasingly diagnosed at a younger age. Autism results from a neurological disorder which interferes with brain development; primarily in the parts of the brain that control perception, verbal communication and social interaction.

However, the situation is even more complex than that. Autism is what's considered a spectrum disorder. In fact, an acronym often used to identify autism is ASD ... for Autism Spectrum Disorder. And what that means is that there are ASD individuals spread out over a broad spectrum: from individuals profoundly affected with little or no independent life skills and extremely limited communication ability to those who are seemingly "mildly" affected and function more or less effectively in society. This other segment may have jobs, sometimes even careers requiring advanced education, such as engineering. Some go on to get married and raise families.

The higher end of the spectrum is often referred to as Asperger’s Syndrome, a higher functioning form of autism which was first identified by Dr Hans Asperger. Many people with this type of autism present as being "mildly" effected by autism and may function within society with various degrees of success. You will note that I place the term "mildly" within quotes. I do this to indicate that no form of autism should be considered mild and in fact the condition has a profound impact on every individual on the spectrum.

Some experts consider Asperger’s Syndrome to be so significantly different from other forms of autism that it may in fact be a syndrome separate from autism and may be the result of completely different causes. So the term autism is a very broad catch term for a very complex syndrome. Each individual on the autism spectrum is unique in his or her own way. We have a saying in the autism community: “If you’ve met one person with autism … you’ve met one person with autism.”

Unfortunately what causes autism is still a matter of scientific mystery, and quite frankly controversy. Experts have many theories, but no real conclusive understanding of what causes autism. It is generally agreed there is a genetic component to autism; witness the families in which autism appears to run through generations and involve siblings. While it appears that some children are born with a susceptibility to autism, researchers have not yet identified the gene(s) which causes autism to develop in a particular child.

There is also evidence that there are environmental factors, such as the chemicals we encounter in daily living and in the medications given to children. We live in an age where many chemicals, for example the chemicals used in agricultural pesticides, are more prevalent today than they were in previous generations.

It is interesting to note that because of the wide spectrum nature of the disorder, some researchers feel there may actually be different causes of autism which result in different presentations of autism.

I joined the real life Autism Society of America (ASA) after my son was diagnosed with autism. Being a typical dad I wanted to "fix" what was wrong with my son. I learned later this is a very common reaction on the part of fathers. We are accustomed to fixing things when they are broken. So we incorrectly, but well meaning, believe this approach also applies to our children.

Not too long ago I read an article about Second Life in a local newspaper. It made me curious so I checked it out. I was completely overwhelmed and totally unprepared for what I found in SL. When I entered SL I was naturally curious about autism groups in SL. So I searched under autism and found many fine groups already involved in providing support to folks in SL. Because I have been involved with ASA in RL for so long, and have held various leadership positions, I am very familiar with the resources that ASA can offer. I thought it was a natural response to try to bring those resources into SL.

To date I have been pleasantly surprised to discover that ASA's mission and purpose resonates with so many people in SL. The combination of ASA's grass roots structure and its long history of providing support to families like mine make it an extremely viable vehicle for delivering that same support here in SL. I think the ASA can make a real difference in people’s lives and provide much needed support.

It wasn’t that long ago that documented cases of autism occurred at the rate of 1 in 10,000 births. The prevalence of autism has grown so dramatically that today the incidence rate is 1 in 150 births. What that means in very concrete terms is that if you don't know someone with autism today … you will tomorrow.

These numbers are staggering … frightening actually. Especially since we don't even know what causes autism. Autism is the fastest growing developmental disability, growing at the rate of 10 – 17% annually. And it is estimated that 1 to 1.5 million Americans have some form of autism today. If this growth rate is continues unabated, this number could very easily double within the next decade.

One of the interesting aspects of ASA-SL is the number of people on the spectrum in SL. To date the numbers I have encountered have been relatively low, compared to the numbers I presume are actually active in SL. But that is most likely a function of getting the word out, and is quite frankly a situation we hope to remedy. That is, although autism support groups have been around for decades, historically they primarily existed to support families with ASD children; and predominantly young children at that. The autism community as a whole has not done a very good job of supporting adults with autism. There are a number of reasons for this phenomenon ... some good and some not so good.

Regarding what we know about people with autism in SL, that is a very interesting situation. The nature of SL is that many of the challenges found in social interaction are simply eliminated or at least minimized in this environment. For example, the issues of eye contact, body language, verbal communication processing, all of which may present challenges for people on the autism spectrum, are all essentially eliminated in favor of a semi-anonymous environment in which users can manage their interaction in a manner more comfortable for them. And if the interaction becomes too stressful, it is a simple matter to TP out of the situation or even log off. So in many ways SL is the ideal environment for people with high functioning autism (HFA) or Asperger’s Syndrome.

To anyone who feels the United States is populated by selfish, self-centered and apathetic people, I would say get involved in the world of non-profit work, especially in the health fields. There are literally thousands of people who give selflessly of their time, energy and resources to help their communities. I am truly honored and humbled to be able to associate with these amazing people. It is a world one can not imagine unless you have actually been involved with it as I have.

I would like to express how humbled I am to have the experience and the opportunity to work with so many generous and selfless people in SL. There are many worthy non-profit organizations in both RL and SL and ASA is only one of them. All the non-profit organizations perform vital functions that so many people rely on just to get through their daily lives. I am truly honored and quite frankly overwhelmed by the response that ASA has received in SL. The generosity of people and their willingness ... in fact, their desire... to get involved and make a real difference in their community is something that never fails to amaze me. I know why I am involved with autism ... because of my son. But there are countless others who choose to get involved and for the simple reason that they want to share their resources, their talents and quite frankly their desire to serve a higher purpose by helping those who need our compassion. It is impossible to exaggerate my admiration for the people who roll up their sleeves and pitch in when they are needed.

Source: Brett Stand ASA Second Life president

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Bid for a Model Pictures

Like I promise I am publishing some helpers of ASA pictures. People that help modeling, bidding and making this fantastic event a success. All the help provide more than 260 thousand Lindens. This might be a small help for Real Life but it is a big effort for Second Life and all avatar that contributed. Unfortunately most of the helpers didn’t send me their picture on time for the post. I apologies, but I needed to post this important event right away.

I want to make especial thank to LiamL Darwin and Kram Sadofsky. Kram not only bid me but also more 12 beautiful models. He was fortunate to win 13 beautiful models during the Autism Auction.

Liam was the higher bidder. He donated more than 32,900 L!! The bid for a model fundraiser was important because it held the potential to raise a lot of money for Autism in a very short time. Mr Darwin told me he was honored to be able to be a small part in this very successful fundraiser. The models have given so much of their time, offering the 2 hour date, plus contacting friends and others to generate bids for such an important cause, he said.

First of all, Darwin was glad to be able to contribute, and honored to have played a part in making the winning model the top fundraiser in this event. Darwin bid Saffire Jaxxon and on his own words; “Saffire has a wonderful heart and when she's going to help a cause such as autism, she's always willing to go for it. She's a genuinely caring individual, and I'm honored to have been a part of her successful efforts raising funds for autism.”

I would like to thank you all for the ball party event, lovely music and interesting people. The best of the party was the fact we were having fun helping RL persons.

I am looking forward for meeting you all again soon. Thank you all for helping ASA and for sending me your nice pictures.

Please, feel free to leave a comment if you like.

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