Saturday, June 28, 2008

Winterfell Views

Winterfell Views, originally uploaded by Wildstar Beaumont.

Winterfell is the place where my home is. it is a region of great beauty, spanning many sims, just north of Caledon to which is connected by a Gateway. Winterfell is multi-themed, ranging from dark gothic/medieval in the North, to dark Victorian in the South. The light is set to be from twilight to dawn, never full daylight.
I start today showing the pictures of this beautiful land that I took over the past months

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Red Carpet Gala Auction

Click on the pic to enlarge the view.

Team THREAD (an official RFL team), The Cafe Society and Hi-Flo, The Hidden Jewel have joined forces for a RFL Red Carpet Gala Auction on Thursday, 3 July, 2008 from 7-10pm.

The event will be held at The Cafe Society's Cafe, Fifth Avenue, NYC

In addition to generous donations from Team THREAD members and some of SL's top designers, Hi-Flo-The Hidden Jewel will be showcasing its 12-set limited edition 'The Heart of Hibiscus Collection', with one of each set being donated to the auction.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Bradesco celebrates Japanese immigration


The 100th Anniversary of Japanese Immigration to Brazil is celebrated at the Bradesco Cultural Center in Second Life with a creative recreation of icons and scenery along with a fusion with the traditional Brazilian Junine Party, renamed as "Rokugatsu Matsuri" (literally, Junine Party). The festival will take place on June, 18, starting at 8 PM (04:00PM PDT) with in-world games and prizes, costume festival and even a virtual karaoke. Participants will be awarded special prizes offered by Livraria Cultura and the São Paulo Convention and Visitors Bureau. Complete program at

Place: Bradesco

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Places do go this weekend!

My suggestion for this weekend is:


Remember Island - Alice Cooper Rock music show


FESTIVAL LATIN STOCK - Musicians' Manor Opening Event

June 14, 2008


7.30pm WINTERS KANTO 30 minutos classical
10 pm - open mic - signup : 20 min for 50 L$

please contact Morgue McMillan for the open mic to be listed

New summer collection show

Friday, June 13, 2008

Rocking Pirates

Pirates were the rockers of their times.
With their own laws and code of honour they defied the establishment. Rebels to some, heroes to others, feared or idolized they never left indifferent and their names still make us dream today.

To celebrate these long gone rockers, and following the success of the Kiss tribute, Remember Island is throwing out another tribute, this time to Alice Cooper. It will be this Saturday at 2PM SLT on Remember Island . For a little taste of what you'll see, have a look at a previous concert.

If you prefer the quiet, stroll around and take in the peace of more secluded areas. Two of my favourite spots are on the mountain overlooking the bay where ships lay and above the grotto overlooking the sea.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

A Wild Outlook: A furry’s thought’s on furries.

Naomi's_portrait 02

A Wild Outlook: A furry’s thought’s on furries.

By Naomi Finesmith

With any good explanation, the first thing one must do is define the terms, so allow me to define what “furry” is.

In my humble and limited opinion, a Furry is someone who finds the concept of anthropomorphized animals to be attractive. Under this broad spectrum are countless manifestations.

“Furry” means something different to everyone, but I rather doubt that many would disagree the common denominator is a simple attraction to a concept. I suppose a good comparison would be with those who like Star Wars (and indeed there is overlap, taking into account the Ewoks, Wooikies, and Hutts.).

We go to conventions, worship popular figures from afar, dress up in elaborate costumes, buy merchandise, read stories… that sort of thing. But what sets furries apart is the highly visible sexual component.

I personally theorize that since Furs are closer to their bestial nature (supposedly, anyways), thus we are less ashamed of our more base instincts. Or maybe there aren’t enough sites out there to offer a completely clean set of pictures, and since Sex sells, people cater to the demand. Whatever the reason, I will take a moment to debunk several of the myths surrounding Furrydom and the sexuality therein:

1. Not all furs want to have sex with actual animals. This is called “Beastiality”, and exists both in Furries and non-Furries, albeit a very small minority that’s larger and both more acceptable and noticeable amongst Furs.

2. Not all Furries are gay. Furs have a much higher ratio of homosexuals, bisexuals, and omnisexuals as compared to the rest of the population, it’s still less than 50%. The term “Furfag” is not only derogatory, it’s more than likely inaccurate too.

3. Not all furries believe they “Are” their animal. This is a case of yet another over-publicized minority known as the “Therians”. In this case, it’s closer to a religion than it is an interest.

4. There are female furries. I should know. I am one. Yes, there are males who masquerade as female, be it for any number of reasons, some good, some not so good, but again, they are a minority. Once more I must admit that there is likely a higher ratio of disguised males in furry-dom as compared to elsewhere, but if you meet a fur with a female avatar, you are most likely talking to an actual female.
5. No, not all furries are sex-fiends. It may seem that way, and indeed is a higher percentage of open and complex relationships, but the majority of those in relationships are exclusive, and I can speak with certainty that not all are sexually active IRL.
6. Not all furries wear costumes. Again, this is a case of a highly visible minority. Fursuits are expensive and bulky. They’re pretty much the domain of the well-off and the dedicated.

I hope this has answered some of your questions about the Furry fandom, and cleared up a lot of the misconceptions surrounding it. When you look back, it’s Furs that have established many of the older internet chat communities. FurryMUCK, Tapestries, Furcadia,

We’ve been around for a long time, and we’ll be here for a long time to come.

P.S by Anna Avalanche: Dear readers, what do you think about furry? Please leave your comment if you agree or disagree with Naomi Finesmith.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

First teleportation out of “world”. Small step for Ruth, a giant step in metaverse!

After months of development, the Opem Simulator community has a lot to celebrate. There was a first teleportation for an open grid. I think this is good news and a step forward in the Web 2.0 and Metaverse

Even with a lot of controversy this is a really important step. The community's open source developers got to accomplish a great progress and plus, with the employees' of Linden Lab behind. This contradicts the first impression that Linden Lab doesn’t support the initiative of maintaining private servers a part from the main SL gird.

This week Zha Ewry and two Linden employees (Layla Linden and Tess Linden) completed a successful cross domain teleport from the official grid (managed by Linden Lab) to an external private grid!

However just the primitive avatar format got transported. Everyone arrived as Ruth (the generic, default avatar). The inventory and the finance system don’t cross the barrier among the worlds. That is due to configurations still in development. But this is a huge step forward. In a sense, someone said; “it’s the virtual world equivalent of the first Moon landing”. Maybe a small step for Ruth, a giant step for metaverse!

This means that in the near future anyone can have a private sim on your own house server computer connected to others. If you don’t know about OpenSim there is a brief on the post below.

What you think about this news? Please leave your comment about OpenSim, if you wish.

About OpenSimulator

The OpenSimulator Project is a BSD Licensed Virtual Worlds Server which can be used for creating and deploying 3D Virtual Environments. It has been developed by several developers. Out of the box, the OpenSimulator can be used to create a Second Life like environment, able to run in a standalone mode or connected to other OpenSimulator instances through built in grid technology. It can also easily be extended to produce more specialized 3D interactive applications.

Read more about it at

OpenSIM video example

Monday, June 9, 2008

The Blogosphere: Communications in the 21st Century

Naomi Finesmith Portrait_3
By Naomi Finesmith

The other day I saw my first article up here… and it hit me. The significance of it. That I, someone who has never really aimed for anything more than mediocrity, have suddenly become heard. Something I typed on a whim and a spark of inspiration, has been read by hundreds, maybe even thousands… It’s a humbling experience.

In modern times, we take so many things for granted. Until wetware becomes practical, the Internet is the end-all be-all of data transfer. In more practical terms, the internet has given voice to millions. Anyone who has anything to say can say it and be heard. Whether people keep listening all depends on how well they say it, but it is a statistical certainty that someone, sooner or later, will stumble upon whatever is written and read it. The world has become a much smaller place, now that the means to reach millions are at your fingertips. Yes. You. The one on the other side of this screen. You’ve got a keyboard just the same as I do, you can write, just like I do. There’s nothing stopping you from doing so.

In the end, it all comes down to a matter of voice. Everyone can whisper, but can you yell it from the rooftops? Anyone can speak to 2 or 3, but can you talk to 2 or 3 thousand? That’s up to you, but if you think you’ve got something others should hear, then it’s your choice, your privilege, to make yourself heard. Welcome to the Blogosphere, we’re glad to have you.

P.S from Anna Avalanche: Yes you are right Naomi. I am glad you wrote another article. I want to extend this invitation to all other readers as well. If you like to give us your impressions about SL feel free to contact me.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

LifeSecond: First impressions of a newcomer to the world of Linden

I like when readers enjoy my writings and my blog. I like much more when they help making our blog better by giving impression about our Second Life World.

Like my great friend Wildstar Beaumont, that became one of my best contributors. Naomi Finesmith, a very intelligent friend, is giving me the satisfaction to publish her first article in our blog.
Hope you all enjoy. There is more to come I am sure.

Naomi's_portrait 01

LifeSecond: First impressions of a newcomer to the world of Linden.

By Naomi Finesmith

I am what most would call, a noob, a newbie. I have only recently entered the world of SecondLife, and have only glimpsed the smallest fraction of its residents and areas, and yet, here is a place I feel comfortable. I have a good bit of experience with communities of this sort, but only in pure text. To me, SecondLife is like taking a cartoon, pulling him up off the static reality of his life on paper, and setting him down in the real world. I find myself supremely grateful I had someone to show me the ropes, lest I become hopelessly lost in the digital ocean of SL.

I've known about Second Life for several years now... heard of it in forums, read articles about it in magazines, seen snippets of it on Television... but there's nothing quite like diving in with both feet, immersing yourself in another world... where who you are is who you want to be, no more, no less. Any reservations, any hesitancies, any hangups that exist in one's first life, are merely things of whim in one's Second. Everything is choice. It's a mind-boggling concept to begin with, but once the reality (virtual or otherwise), sinks in, there's a sense of incredible freedom that comes with it. The world is at your fingertips, and so long as you stay within the confines of politenesss, no one will stop you.

SecondLife has something for everyone, be you hippie, emo, goth, furry, punk, indie, street, professional, looking to escape life, or looking to make one. Second Life isn't just simulation... it's an entire virtual reality. All one needs to do is carve out a niche, and enjoy yourself. There are even those who make a living in Real Life off of transactions in SecondLife. it's incredible, the level of impact it can have... a virtual economy that affects the real economy. It's almost scary to think about.

Ultimately, it comes down to a question of identity. With so much freedom, one can get lost in the glamor of the scenery, but the core of Second Life is clear: your life is what you make it. You can look how you want, act as you'd like, and indulge in whatever suits your fancy. Second Life is your oyster, and the pearl of Freedom lies at your fingertips.

Tonight, Remember is going to Rock

Kiss Tribute on Remember Island at 2 PM SLT, that's in two hour's time.

Tonight, that pirate island that is going to ROCK and offer you the coolest gig on SL.

Don’t miss the show at Remember Island

Friday, June 6, 2008

Miss Liberty of Second Life

a beautiful view from the walkway of the sim hosting the Fashion Expo 2008

Pictures examples

This is some examples took with the technique below. For photography tips please read the post below.

Unfortunately the blog is not the best place to publish a good quality picture. I will publish some semples, but if you wish to look at a good resolution picture please access my flickr or Orkut .

This pictures were took at Chouchou . This place is beautiful. Hopefully I will tell more about it other day.








If you a have any doubts leave your comment.

Tips for a good Picture –Anna Avalanche

Continuing the last article I would like to give some tips that might help photographers in SL.

I am planning to make a picture contest every week, so this tips and clues will help you when the time comes. So take your “camera” and practice with this tips. When I made the challenge you will be a professional. If you are already a professional photographer and would like to give us other tips please write a comment.

First you need to enable the ADVANCED menu: type Ctrl + Alt + D and a new menu with more options will open.

Go to ADVANCED and enable High-res Snapshot. This is one of the tricks for a good quality picture.

high res

Now Disable Camera Constrains if you want more detail picture, specially for landscape. This will permit bigger zoom.

disable camera

For big resolution picture adjust EDIT > PREFERENCE > GRAPHICS to the maximum, ULTRA. Take care, this can make you computer slow if you don’t have a good graphics card.


If you want to adjust the sky and water edit your preference at WORLD > ENVIRONMENTAL SETTINGS > ENVIRONMENTAL EDITOR.

emviromental editor

To make a personalize edition for the sky and water you will need to open the ADVANCED SKY or ADVANCED WATER window. Just like the illustration below. You can save your configuration if you wish.

advance sky

After this go to FILE menu and choose TAKE SNAPSHOT. This will open a new window.

take snapshot

This new window will give you picture size, color, and save on disk option. It is always good to remember that bigger pictures will create a bigger file.

custom size

The last clue is to enable VIEW > CAMARA CONTROL. A small windows will open. This window permits you to change zoom and the camera angle easier.

camera control

Ok, now you are ready. Don’t forget to use good poses and take care where the eyes are focusing.

Have a good shoot!!!!!!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Friends Fighting Cancer team Relay For Life benefit Concert 3

My friend Music Hyun is helping to promote a benefit Concert and I would like to invite everyone to see the fantastic show.

We are fortunate to have three of SLs top live sim filling musicians joining us to help us raise funds to fight the horrible disease of cancer. Bring your friends and dance away at this amazing 3 hour concert which is an official fundraising event for RFL. Help us raise the roof and show how much we care!

Date: Friday June 6th
Time: 7pm to 10pm SLT
Location: Gwampa Kamp - Turquoise Planet, Gwampa Kamp (128, 128, 701)

Come and check out Dexter's amazing concert venue - special effects will abound in this spectacular site!

Our amazing artist line up:
* Dexter Ihnen - 7pm SLT
* Cylindrian Rutabaga - 8pm SLT
* JueL Resistance - 9pm SLT

Dexter Moore / Dexter Ihnen
Dexter Ihnen

Cylindrian Rutabaga
Cylindrian Rutabaga

JueL Resistance
JueL Resistance

Tuesday, June 3, 2008


This was one erotic story-poem for déjà vu magazine wrote by Strapasson Kidd and photography by Sennaspirit Coronet. Hope you all enjoy, and if you do please leave a comment.

For better pictures resolution you can also look at my flickr or my Orkut .

Poem: Strapasson Kidd

Translation and adaptation: Anna Avalanche, Liane Maertens, and Sennaspirit Coronet

Edition for the Déjà vu Magazine: Dodd Roff

Photography: Sennaspirit Coronet

Models: Anna Avalanche, Sennaspirit Coronet

Anna Avalanche and Sennaspirit Coronet 08

We meet at our secret garden...
Always at the same place...

Is our place...

You are beautiful
Your eyes with a special shine
Your lips with a special smile.

Will be our first time...

I feel your perfume blinding my senses,
Involving me,
Seducing me,
Driving me helpless to you.

I stand still... only looking at you
Admiring the beauty of your “soul”

Our eyes meet each other
In silence...

And, for an instant we become one.

Anna Avalanche and Sennaspirit Coronet 03

The same toughs,
The same words,
The same look,
The same soul.

I walk slowly in the direction of her hands and
softly I take them into mine...

They have the softness of rose petals

From the rarest roses...

Hand in hand, our bodies get closer


Until I can see my reflection at your eyes.

We breathe the same air...

Your perfume, slowly, invades my body
Making me weak

Anna Avalanche and Sennaspirit Coronet 05

I breathe your air and move my lips near to yours
and they slowly touch

We stroke our hands.
Our breathing gets stronger.
Our hearts beat faster.

I keep kissing your lips
Making them wet
With delicate bites I can hear you gasping
In my mouth.

I try to perpetuate this moment

Your hands let mine go...
And they hug me
And I hug you.

Passions fill us.
Compells our bodies.

And we kiss…
A deep and strong passions kiss.

Our tongues explore one another and…
I realize the secret of your lips.
Our words, now, are silent...
Our arms close…
our bodies get nearer
ever closer.

Anna Avalanche and Sennaspirit Coronet 09

Our hands seek out the secrets of each others bodies...
Drawing from the desire in our minds.

Kissing you is like kissing an angel...
A prohibited desire that invades my soul,
A prohibited desire that makes me prisoner in your eyes,
A prohibited desire that silences my words with your kisses,
A prohibited desire that leads me into the paradise,
A prohibited desire that makes me get lost in your arms.

In the sweet warm of your mouth
I find the answers I have looked so long.
My heart is yours,
Your heart is mine.

Anna Avalanche and Sennaspirit Coronet 02

And in your lips I lost my words...

I am yours
and no one elses.

In my desire my lips whisper
Sweet words at your ears
Between kisses and bites
I tell you my most private secrets.

With each kiss your body surrenders to mine
Your hair mixes on my lips...

I feel you more and more present in me.
My mouth runs along your face towards your neck

You surrender
Fragile as a flower

Anna Avalanche and Sennaspirit Coronet 06

I feel your heart beats on my lips
I feel your blood pulse on my mouth.
My teeth touchs your skin
Making marks in our “souls”

Your gasping breath is like music for my delight
Your hands caress me

I kneel at your feet,
Like a slave kneels before his master
I venerate you, I adore you
I am yours
Only yours.

Delicately, I hold your feet and place on my lap...
I remove your shoe and silently kiss your foot.

Anna Avalanche and Sennaspirit Coronet 07

The texture of your lingerie makes my body in ecstasy
My kisses move up along your leg
Smelling your fragrance...stronger...more potent
My hands follow my kisses, caressing your legs
My lips moving up your thighs...
I hold each sock with my hands
And I remove them delicately from your legs
My lips following my hands

I get up
Looking for yours lips
A passionate kiss
Your legs embrace me
And my body holds you strongly against the wall
My hands cover you
Finding your secrets

Slowly your legs release me

We stand toe to toe...
And kiss me
And bite me
And whisper words of desire

I let your body free and slowly, looking into your eyes,
I remove your shirt...
And you remove mine.

Your nails run down my back,
Drawing your desire on my skin
My hands cover your back,
Opening your bra.

Anna Avalanche and Sennaspirit Coronet 04

I let it fall slowly between our bodies

I embrace you in a kiss,
Our bodies move closer
Your heat mixes with mine
Your skin mixes with mine
My desire mixes with yours

My lips feel your breaths slowly
Kissing your lips
Giving small bites...
Hearing your moaning...
I am near your heart
You hold breath

In ecstasy, your hands caress my hair
And compel me to move down ...

I am kissing your belly...

I stop in front of your skirt...
I open it and it falls softly down your body.

Your body is covered with small lace panties...
Awaking my desires
I hug you and kiss your panties.
I can feel your hair caressing my face
I can feel your body perfume
I can feel your body heat
I can feel your body moisture

Delicately I part your legs
And kiss your thighs

And I run my tongue along until I reach your sex
And taste you throught the sensuous lace
I caress your hips while removing your panties

I get near and let your hair caress my face...
Letting your bouquet fill my senses
You place a leg over my shoulder and offer yourself
for my delight
your moans invade my “soul”
and your hands guide my path...
My tongue wants to dive deep inside your intimacy...
Finding your most hidden secrets
Offering me your sweet nectar
The sweet taste of your body dazes my esprit
and inside you I can feel your desire

Your legs hug me
and in a silent scream your desire flows in my mouth

Silently I let your womanly essence invade my body.
Now you are mine
I know your secrets
I know your desires

The desire changes my body

This savage desire makes me press you against the wall
and with your arms hugging me
I hold your body and your legs embrace me
your hands guides my desire inside you

Our bodies
Our thoughts
Our hearts
Our souls

Anna Avalanche and Sennaspirit Coronet 01

We are one

I am inside you
you are around me...

And for some instants
all our secrets are disclosed...
all our desires are carried

and your body warmth embraces me
and my body warmth embraces you

No words

We hug
We look
we kiss
we love...

Anna Avalanche and Sennaspirit Coronet 08

This article has been sponsored by SMASH - Heart Lovenest Premium House – you can buy one at: AA Trade Company, Cleary (128,128,0)

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Questions for the readers

I would like to ask to the readers of the may last article, “First Life Experience”, some questions.

Did you ever think that SL could be a simulator?
What do you think about SL as a simulator?
Did you learn more about yourself using SL?

Please leave your comment if you think you could share with others. It might help someone.

First Life Experience – interview.

This was one of my recent article for déjà vu magazine. Hope you all enjoy, and if you do please leave a comment.


First Life Experience – interview.

Text: Anna Avalanche and Liane Maertens
Annacarol and Anna Avalanche Photography from: Gutta Teichmann
Liane Photography from: Raffaelo Robbiani
Models: Anna Avalanche, Annacarol Beanazzi, Liane Maertens
Edition for the Déjà vu Magazine: Dodd Roff

The “Olimpo girl 2008” (Garota Olimpo 2008), was a model contest in the Brasil Rio Island organized by AQUILES Amat. This was my – Anna Avalanche - first experience judging a beauty contest, the first contest for Annacarol, and the first international journalist article for Liane. When I realize it I change a bit this text. This is an article about first experience. Normally we get confuse, impatient and stressed when doing things you never did before. Well, Second life as a simulator can help us if used to get a background experience for our life.

This will be an article divide in two parts. The first one, journalist Anna and Liane are also interview about first experience. In the second part the “Olimpo girl 2008” is interview.

Liane Maertens

How was your first experience as a journalist?
Liane Maertens: Was really great to write my first article for an important magazine, when Anna asked I was a bit unsure if I could make it, but I decided to accept the challenge. I work as a model for a long time at Second Life and was first time I went to a show to cover the backstage and the make off. I was very welcome by the models and the owner of the agency, what made my job easy, all the girls and mostly the winner helped me a lot. Anacarol was very nice answering my questions and was really easy for me to write it down. I really hope more jobs like this and to work for the magazine once more, the experience was really great.

Anna Avalanche

How was your first experience judging a beauty contest?
Anna Avalanche: From the pedagogic perspective a simulator permit learners to feel moments deeply. These simulations require activation of cognitive complex process. When using a simulator we need to recovery information from the memory. Simulators like Second Life help develop strategies to solve problems, make decision faster, formulate hypothesis that anticipate reactions. All this prevents us to be wounded. Well at least physical injured because we use a simulator of course. This is not truth to some people that really leave the moment so intensive that fiction became reality in their minds.

I have been in some contest as a model. The ones I lost I learned more about me and Second life beauty contest. This time I was the judge. The experience was very nice, but hard. I didn’t expect that it was so hard to judge the winner; even so I was only one of the tan judges. I realize that we can have nice experience in Second Life. We can try different situations that never had chance to occur in real life. This could be personal relation, work, and any kind of creation. This new situations can have different approaches. I really believe we should learn more about us, and the Second Life as a simulator can help people to learn more about themselves and about life situations. If you use this as a tool to achieve a higher knowledge for your life this is good. The problem is that some people get upset because lost a contest that is virtual. Sometimes people get so much involved in Second Life and forget this is just a 3D simulator. Anyhow we learn even form a great lost and difficulty but, using a simulator is less painful sometimes.

Annacarol Beanazzi

As Annacarol Beanazzi is from Italy and is the winner of “GAROTA OLIMPO 2008” she deserves a special interview with more questions. We all want to know a little bit more about her.

How was your first experience in a beauty contest?
Annacarol Beanazzi: I liked, this added knowledge on my model career. I learned good and bad things. But this show me how to proceed. The good ones and nice ones certainly serves as stimulus. Therefore I think that I learned even winning the “GAROTA OLIMPO 2008”. With certainty it was a wonderful experience. I like to thank very much everyone in the contest for my first experience in this journey inside Second Life.

How you define yourself?
Annacarol Beanazzi: I am friendly and companion, sincere and calm. I love to make friends I try not to harm people, but if happens I have no shame in ask for forgiveness. I prefer simple and practice things. The nature is something extraordinaire. I love the sea!

I believe at the dialog as the most efficient way to solve problems and conflicts. I early learned that things we won with honesty and dedication is what brings us happiness, because I understand that the human being is moved by dreams and desires. Thus, here and at my real life I try to work to win my own space, always respecting the others. After all, I understand life as a continuous construction, where we have to plant our garden now, looking always forward, never behind, seeing the flowers grow day by day. God gave us all the tools we needed is just know how to use them. Bacioneee ^Ä^

From all things you did and do, would you change something?
Annacarol Beanazzi: No. I always think very much and I do very well until the end and I never regret after.

How is the rhythm of your life as GAROTA OLIMPO 2008?
Annacarol Beanazzi: Until now is normal. The contest ended and the life goes on. I still need to walk a lot. And this was just first step of a long walk. I know that I have still too much to walk and win. The title was great, I loved to win. After all was for that I invested and battled, but I have conscience that only the title isn’t enough, I know that helps a lot but I still need to run after and keep walking.

What is the most difficult part of being the GAROTA OLIMPO?
Annacarol Beanazzi: Well the most difficult is to show that you are more than a beautiful face. Show that you have brains and a goal as a professional.

You want to participate in other contests?
Annacarol Beanazzi: Yes, if I have the opportunity and if I think It is worth. Not anyone, but serious contest as Olimpo. And congratulations to everybody there!

What were the aspects that motivated you to participate at the contest?
Annacarol Beanazzi: Well I always loved fashion. And when I saw myself at second life I decided to practice the dream of being a model, I needed at my second life to have a profession then I decided to invest in this and I liked.

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and GUTTA PHOTO STUDIO, Menfis (217, 12, 21) where you can make a beautiful book with ten pictures for only 5,000 L$

For more pictures and information see:
English blog:
Portuguese blog: