Saturday, June 7, 2008

LifeSecond: First impressions of a newcomer to the world of Linden

I like when readers enjoy my writings and my blog. I like much more when they help making our blog better by giving impression about our Second Life World.

Like my great friend Wildstar Beaumont, that became one of my best contributors. Naomi Finesmith, a very intelligent friend, is giving me the satisfaction to publish her first article in our blog.
Hope you all enjoy. There is more to come I am sure.

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LifeSecond: First impressions of a newcomer to the world of Linden.

By Naomi Finesmith

I am what most would call, a noob, a newbie. I have only recently entered the world of SecondLife, and have only glimpsed the smallest fraction of its residents and areas, and yet, here is a place I feel comfortable. I have a good bit of experience with communities of this sort, but only in pure text. To me, SecondLife is like taking a cartoon, pulling him up off the static reality of his life on paper, and setting him down in the real world. I find myself supremely grateful I had someone to show me the ropes, lest I become hopelessly lost in the digital ocean of SL.

I've known about Second Life for several years now... heard of it in forums, read articles about it in magazines, seen snippets of it on Television... but there's nothing quite like diving in with both feet, immersing yourself in another world... where who you are is who you want to be, no more, no less. Any reservations, any hesitancies, any hangups that exist in one's first life, are merely things of whim in one's Second. Everything is choice. It's a mind-boggling concept to begin with, but once the reality (virtual or otherwise), sinks in, there's a sense of incredible freedom that comes with it. The world is at your fingertips, and so long as you stay within the confines of politenesss, no one will stop you.

SecondLife has something for everyone, be you hippie, emo, goth, furry, punk, indie, street, professional, looking to escape life, or looking to make one. Second Life isn't just simulation... it's an entire virtual reality. All one needs to do is carve out a niche, and enjoy yourself. There are even those who make a living in Real Life off of transactions in SecondLife. it's incredible, the level of impact it can have... a virtual economy that affects the real economy. It's almost scary to think about.

Ultimately, it comes down to a question of identity. With so much freedom, one can get lost in the glamor of the scenery, but the core of Second Life is clear: your life is what you make it. You can look how you want, act as you'd like, and indulge in whatever suits your fancy. Second Life is your oyster, and the pearl of Freedom lies at your fingertips.

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