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This was one erotic story-poem for déjà vu magazine wrote by Strapasson Kidd and photography by Sennaspirit Coronet. Hope you all enjoy, and if you do please leave a comment.

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Poem: Strapasson Kidd

Translation and adaptation: Anna Avalanche, Liane Maertens, and Sennaspirit Coronet

Edition for the Déjà vu Magazine: Dodd Roff

Photography: Sennaspirit Coronet

Models: Anna Avalanche, Sennaspirit Coronet

Anna Avalanche and Sennaspirit Coronet 08

We meet at our secret garden...
Always at the same place...

Is our place...

You are beautiful
Your eyes with a special shine
Your lips with a special smile.

Will be our first time...

I feel your perfume blinding my senses,
Involving me,
Seducing me,
Driving me helpless to you.

I stand still... only looking at you
Admiring the beauty of your “soul”

Our eyes meet each other
In silence...

And, for an instant we become one.

Anna Avalanche and Sennaspirit Coronet 03

The same toughs,
The same words,
The same look,
The same soul.

I walk slowly in the direction of her hands and
softly I take them into mine...

They have the softness of rose petals

From the rarest roses...

Hand in hand, our bodies get closer


Until I can see my reflection at your eyes.

We breathe the same air...

Your perfume, slowly, invades my body
Making me weak

Anna Avalanche and Sennaspirit Coronet 05

I breathe your air and move my lips near to yours
and they slowly touch

We stroke our hands.
Our breathing gets stronger.
Our hearts beat faster.

I keep kissing your lips
Making them wet
With delicate bites I can hear you gasping
In my mouth.

I try to perpetuate this moment

Your hands let mine go...
And they hug me
And I hug you.

Passions fill us.
Compells our bodies.

And we kiss…
A deep and strong passions kiss.

Our tongues explore one another and…
I realize the secret of your lips.
Our words, now, are silent...
Our arms close…
our bodies get nearer
ever closer.

Anna Avalanche and Sennaspirit Coronet 09

Our hands seek out the secrets of each others bodies...
Drawing from the desire in our minds.

Kissing you is like kissing an angel...
A prohibited desire that invades my soul,
A prohibited desire that makes me prisoner in your eyes,
A prohibited desire that silences my words with your kisses,
A prohibited desire that leads me into the paradise,
A prohibited desire that makes me get lost in your arms.

In the sweet warm of your mouth
I find the answers I have looked so long.
My heart is yours,
Your heart is mine.

Anna Avalanche and Sennaspirit Coronet 02

And in your lips I lost my words...

I am yours
and no one elses.

In my desire my lips whisper
Sweet words at your ears
Between kisses and bites
I tell you my most private secrets.

With each kiss your body surrenders to mine
Your hair mixes on my lips...

I feel you more and more present in me.
My mouth runs along your face towards your neck

You surrender
Fragile as a flower

Anna Avalanche and Sennaspirit Coronet 06

I feel your heart beats on my lips
I feel your blood pulse on my mouth.
My teeth touchs your skin
Making marks in our “souls”

Your gasping breath is like music for my delight
Your hands caress me

I kneel at your feet,
Like a slave kneels before his master
I venerate you, I adore you
I am yours
Only yours.

Delicately, I hold your feet and place on my lap...
I remove your shoe and silently kiss your foot.

Anna Avalanche and Sennaspirit Coronet 07

The texture of your lingerie makes my body in ecstasy
My kisses move up along your leg
Smelling your fragrance...stronger...more potent
My hands follow my kisses, caressing your legs
My lips moving up your thighs...
I hold each sock with my hands
And I remove them delicately from your legs
My lips following my hands

I get up
Looking for yours lips
A passionate kiss
Your legs embrace me
And my body holds you strongly against the wall
My hands cover you
Finding your secrets

Slowly your legs release me

We stand toe to toe...
And kiss me
And bite me
And whisper words of desire

I let your body free and slowly, looking into your eyes,
I remove your shirt...
And you remove mine.

Your nails run down my back,
Drawing your desire on my skin
My hands cover your back,
Opening your bra.

Anna Avalanche and Sennaspirit Coronet 04

I let it fall slowly between our bodies

I embrace you in a kiss,
Our bodies move closer
Your heat mixes with mine
Your skin mixes with mine
My desire mixes with yours

My lips feel your breaths slowly
Kissing your lips
Giving small bites...
Hearing your moaning...
I am near your heart
You hold breath

In ecstasy, your hands caress my hair
And compel me to move down ...

I am kissing your belly...

I stop in front of your skirt...
I open it and it falls softly down your body.

Your body is covered with small lace panties...
Awaking my desires
I hug you and kiss your panties.
I can feel your hair caressing my face
I can feel your body perfume
I can feel your body heat
I can feel your body moisture

Delicately I part your legs
And kiss your thighs

And I run my tongue along until I reach your sex
And taste you throught the sensuous lace
I caress your hips while removing your panties

I get near and let your hair caress my face...
Letting your bouquet fill my senses
You place a leg over my shoulder and offer yourself
for my delight
your moans invade my “soul”
and your hands guide my path...
My tongue wants to dive deep inside your intimacy...
Finding your most hidden secrets
Offering me your sweet nectar
The sweet taste of your body dazes my esprit
and inside you I can feel your desire

Your legs hug me
and in a silent scream your desire flows in my mouth

Silently I let your womanly essence invade my body.
Now you are mine
I know your secrets
I know your desires

The desire changes my body

This savage desire makes me press you against the wall
and with your arms hugging me
I hold your body and your legs embrace me
your hands guides my desire inside you

Our bodies
Our thoughts
Our hearts
Our souls

Anna Avalanche and Sennaspirit Coronet 01

We are one

I am inside you
you are around me...

And for some instants
all our secrets are disclosed...
all our desires are carried

and your body warmth embraces me
and my body warmth embraces you

No words

We hug
We look
we kiss
we love...

Anna Avalanche and Sennaspirit Coronet 08

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What a wonderful combination of prose-poem and snaps from SL. Lovely work! Thank you.