Friday, December 19, 2008

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

My Christmas Wish For You

My Christmas wish for you, my friend
Is not a simple one
For I wish you hope and joy and peace
Days filled with warmth and sun

I wish you love and friendship too
Throughout the coming year
Lots of laughter and happiness
To fill your world with cheer

May you count your blessings, one by one
And when totaled by the lot
May you find all you've been given
To be more than what you sought

May your journeys be short, your burdens light
May your spirit never grow old
May all your clouds have silver linings
And your rainbows pots of gold

I wish this all and so much more
May all your dreams come true
May you have a Merry Christmas friend
And a happy New Year, too ..
We wish you a merry Christmas :)

Hope we all have a peaceful and blessed Christmas and a Happy New Year

Anna Avalanche

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Deja vu International & AA Trade

Déjà vu International with AA Trade – An exclusive business partnership.

The exclusive business partnership between AA Trade Company and Déjà vu International Magazine creates the first interactive magazine inside Second Life

AA Trade Company - the first catalog system company inside Second Life and Déjà vu international - the first magazine born in Second Life printed in real life announced today they have entered into an agreement pertaining to create the first interactive magazine inside Second Life. The new interactive magazine Déjà vu AAT Magazine provide second life residents readers the possibility to interact with the magazine and choose if they wish to buy the goods advertised inside the publication directly from the magazine

Under the Agreement, AAT will provide and manage the system and Déjà vu international will provide the best inside content articles. Although the detail of the agreement is not disclosed, both Companies believe this exclusive business partnership shall contribute substantially to satisfaction of the readers and also provides a better Second Life experience for the residents. The Companies also pledge to further develop synergy in other businesses relating to catalogs and magazines business inside Second Life in additional joint business ventures

AA Trade Company is specialized in business and catalog system and Déjà vu international is one of the best magazines inside Second Life. People now have the options to read the printed magazine, in world, and even buy the products annunciated on the articles or advertise. The content is also wonderful. This magazine is already a success and will achieve much more thanks to all readers, journalists and sponsors that made this magazine amazing possible.

To know more read the web site

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Brazilian Music Seduced the World

Wonderful Brazil - Other Popular festivity

Poetry Secundo Coming, A pornographic satire By Nebbisk Oh

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Freebies at AAT

Very good dressing clue by Gisa Miles

One Hundred years of Japanese immigration in Brazil

New tutorial: Using light for a good picture

What to do with Second Life annoying groups?

want to hug a dragon ? - Beautiful Places inside Second Life by Wildstar Beaumont

Oxbridge - Beautiful Places inside Second Life by Wildstar Beaumont

Zurich City SL Opera House Second Life - Beautiful Places inside Second Life by Wildstar Beaumont

Brazilian Music Seduced the World

This is another recent article for déjà vu magazine. Hope you all enjoy, and if you do, please leave a comment.

By Anna Avalanche and Gisa Miles
Picture credit: and Haroldo George Gepp (Geppex McCaw in SL)

Samba and Bossa Nova are currently considered worldwide as genuinely Brazilian musical genres. The Carnival, one of the greatest expressions of popular culture in Brazil, has projection in several countries and " Garota de Ipanema - Girl from Ipanema" by Tom Jobim and Vinicius de Moraes, is considered one of the most rewritten songs worldwide and considered in 2005 by the U.S. Congress Library, one of 50 musical from humanity.

The year 2008 marks the 50th anniversary of Bossa-Nova, a genuinely Brazilian rhythm. Mixing samba and jazz. Bossa Nova would lead which is known today as MPB (Brazilian Popular Music). The term "Bossa Nova" means a new way of playing and singing.

The first manifestations of what was to become known as Bossa Nova occurred in the 50's, in the South Zone of Rio de Janeiro. There, intellectualized composers, instrumentalists and singers were seeking something really new, which translated their lifestyle and musical tastes. Lovers of American jazz and soft music, have effective participation in the occurrence of the genus, which managed to unite the joy of Brazilian rhythms to sophisticated harmonies of American jazz.

The style came out of samba, with more harmonic complexity and less percussive repetition. Joao Gilberto launch the first LP with the title “Canção do Amor Demais” where was observed for the first time a hit differentiated in guitars enforced by him which would characterize the Bossa Nova as an innovation in the Brazilian popular music.

The Bossa Nova was established internationally in the year of 1962 in a historic and unforgettable concert at Carnegie Hall in New York, in which Tom Jobim, João Gilberto, Roberto Menescal and others talented artists presented this new way of make music.

The Bossa Nova was projected in worldwide and with this ample divulgation of the letter and rhythm several musicians, and singers like Sinatra and Ella Fitzgerald took up the Bossa Nova style.

Today the whole world knows what is Bossa Nova. The movement was a great reference for later generations of artists and leave valuable music’s, like: “Chega de Saudade, Garota de Ipanema, Desafinado, O barquinho, Eu Sei Que Vou Te Amar, Se Todos Fossem Iguais A Você, Outra Vez, Coisa mais linda, Corcovado, Insensatez, Maria Ninguém, Samba de uma nota só, O pato, Lobo Bobo, Saudade fez um Samba”.

Exceeding the limits of music, Bossa Nova has even influenced fashion. It is the trend for Brazilian 2009 summer. In Sao Paulo Fashion Week - summer 2009, some designers exhibited looks inspired by the Bossa Nova. On the trail of major musical icons of the season, the models catwalk shows clothes and bikinis which brought features of the 50 adapted to the present making the Bossa Nova eternal in the music and in fashion.

Also, this November the Interface Company promotes the “Ipanema Gril 2008” contest inside Second Life to celebrate the 50 years of Bossa with Helo Pinheiro the real life Ipanema Gril judging the event.

This article has been sponsored by AA Trade Company, Cleary (128,128,0)

For more pictures and information see:
Portuguese blog:

Wonderful Brazil - Other Popular festivity

This is mine and GISA Miles one of the recent article for déjà vu magazine. Hope you all enjoy, and if you do, please leave a comment.

By Anna Avalanche and Gisa Miles

The sympathy and contagious joy of the Brazilian people are characteristics present in every corner of the country. The Brazilian natural beauty and diversity of its people are trademarks of traditions that result in celebrations exuberant, full of beliefs, colors, shapes and sounds. Partying runs in the blood of most Brazilians, and their festivals are a good excuse to do it longer and harder!

Brazil is internationally known for Carnival but there are more popular feasts such as the New Year, Parintins festival, Micaretas, June Feasts and Oktoberfest. These enthusiastic celebrations, which combine singing, music and much dance, attract millions of foreign tourists to the country every year. In them, it is almost impossible to remain as a mere spectator – everyone participates, everyone plays along and those who visit, become fans of these wonderful parties. Which is the best festivity in Brazil? Well the ones you visit, of course! In addition to the national popular feasts, Brazil also offers regional celebrations that animated and conquer tourists from all over, like:

New Year's Eve (Reveillon) - throughout Brazil is one of the most majestic and democratic feasts. It is celebrated in many different ways in all regions of Brazil, but nothing can compare with the beauty of festivities on the beach. Fireworks, music concerts and African traditions merge to create the magic of Reveillon. There is homage paid to Iemanja, queen of the sea. People jump waves to attract good fortune in the New Year. They celebrate together, illuminated by a huge fireworks event that decorates the skies of the Marvelous City at midnight.

June Feasts - “Festas Juninas” or June Festivals are traditional celebrations which were brought over to Brazil by Portuguese colonizers. They celebrate St. Anthony, on June 13, St. John, on June 24, and St. Peter, on June 29.

June Festivals developed into a unique kind of celebration with a wealth of regional expressions. The feasts have some typical features: music, costumes, food, decoration, games. A bonfire is always present. Remember that June is one of the coldest months of the year in Brazil. Food is heavily based on corn and other ingredients available on farms; boiled corn, baked corn, popcorn, several candies based on corn, milk and peanuts (pe-de-moleque, canjica, curau, pamonha, cocada, etc). To drink, several juices for kids, and, to help adults warm up, quentão (the name means "very hot"; the drink is prepared with ginger, sugar, and “cachaça” - a Brazilian white rum made from sugar cane).

The June circuit in the Northeast of Brazil is one of the most famous and traditional around the world. Caruaru, in the State of Pernambuco, and Campina Grande, in Paraíba, dispute the title of best feast in the country. The first is known as the “capital of forró”, a popular dance and music, while the other as the “Biggest Saint John in the world”.

Parintins festival - The Amazonian folklore festival

This large folkloric celebration presents myths, tales and legends using characters, parade carts, giant puppets, choreographies, and much music.

It festival mobilizes the Paritins city in Amazonas around the fight between the "Caprichoso" and "Garantido" bulls. The historical rivalry between the two bulls dominates the city, permeates people’s imagination and culminates in one of the most popular parties in Brazil. The Festival held every night on June 28, 29 and 30. In the Bumbódromo Arena, the bulls put on a grandiose spectacle of dance, music, drama and special effects – a true rural opera that drives its 40 thousand daily spectators into a frenzy.

Oktoberfest – in October, the city of Blumenau in the State of Santa Catarina enters into festivities, showing visitors from all over Brazil and the world its rich culture. With music, dance and typical cuisine, the party preserves the customs of German immigrants who settled in the region. The Oktoberfest in Blumenau was inspired by the German namesake festival, which originated in 1810 in Munich when King Luis I, later King of Bavaria, married to Princess Teresa of Saxony. To celebrate the wedding was held a horserace. The success was all that the festival has been held every year with the participation of the people of the region. Based in the Munich Oktoberfest, the version blumenauense was born in 1984 and today is the second largest German festival in the world!

Micaretas – The out of season carnivals. Created in the city of Feira de Santana unpleased with the carnival, which did not take place that year due to heavy rainstorms. It was so successful that it became a national hit. Since the 1990’s, many Micaretas take place in many Brazilian cities, almost throughout the year. This feast is animated by a Trio Elétrico, a truck equipped with a high power sound system and a music group on top of it, playing for the crowd. Some Brazilian artists had been known singing in a Trio as Elba Ramalho, Daniela Mercury, Ivete Sangalo, Carlinhos Brown.

Do you love Carnival? Did you miss Carnival this year?

Don't worry...

Here in Brazil you can have Carnival all year around the Micaretas!!

Accept this invitation and come celebrate life in Brazil !!!

This article has been sponsored by AA Trade Company, Cleary (128,128,0)

For more pictures and information see:
Portuguese blog:

Saturday, October 25, 2008

The Autumn Writers' Exhibition

The Autumn Writers' Exhibition is the main event during October and I have a booth there. Today I would like to invite you to readings as follows:

2pm SLT (10pm GMT) - Hastings Bournemouth (AKA Peter Chowney) reads 'Sacculina - A Baby Horror Story'

2.30pm (10.30pm GMT) -SLT Morgue McMillan performs her poetry

3pm SLT (11pm GMT) Huckleberry Hax reads from his fiction

Hope to see you there :-)


Friday, October 24, 2008

Freebies - good or bad? - by Lucille Morigi

Please have in mind that this is an opinion of someone who does not make money in sl for a living. Also, someone who hates hunts and never spends more time inworld than exactly needed.
Also, someone who have spent so much real money in sl that is starting to rethink it - why do I need all these stuff? So many skins, hairs, acessoires, etc. Why? To feel accepted?
That makes no sense to me, since second life's acceptance doesn't matter to me at all. If someone doesn't like me - I don't mind - that's her/his right.

I understand that some business owners are worried about the huge amount of freebies given around SL.
Time spent on designing, building, uploading textures, investing on their buisiness X free items given away to people that never come back to the store.

Some of them actually make their living from sl.

Ok, I agree, this is something hard for those who make their living or want to become successful in sl.

I beliebe in good quality freebies- either given in groups or not.

I have returned to the stores sometimes IN FACT only beacuse of freebies.
Ex.: Tuli, Splashing Doll, Minnu Model Skins and Hair yes - Venessa Hair freebie made me go back and purchase more hair there, Chai, MAdesign - I have purchased many eyes from the soul eye line only because I recieved one pair of eyes in group and fell in love with them. I only wear those eyes.
Stitch by Stitch also. I have received gifts from the designer and also purchased items from her.

When I like something - I buy it - if I need it at the moment for some reason.

These are a just some examples. I came back to many more. I was thinking of going to Blowpop - after getting that nekkid skin freebie.

Good quality free items always make me come back for more.

But, I believe in one thing:

Second life is supposed to be exactly what it's name suggests - a SECOND life not a first- much less- a real life for me at least.

Let's agree that we all live in the real world, right?

Therefore, we must eat, drink,wear clothes, do whatever a human being needs to do to survive and that means - PAY BILLS.

Exluding freebies is elitism. Pure and simple. Some people simply don't want to/can't spend real money on sl and who can blame them?

Now I don't think they should go on as noobs, naked,barefoot, bald because of that. No. Let them wear freebies. Why not?

If a business owner is terrified because of freebies, well change the public approach/marketing. That if your money come from sl.

Besides: how much are regular residents willing to spend from real money to dress a doll, build it a house, etc.?

If you say that you live in sl, well, I am so deeply sorry for you - there are much, much more in life than a virtual world, but you are the only one that can make choices.

Unless you have no alternative, real world, real sky, real sun, real people will always be better than a virtual one.

ok links:
Freebies are them for free - Raul Crimsom's blog

Freebie Culture in SL - Ana Lutetia's blog

I can Haz Freebiez by Prad Prathivi

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Poetry Secundo Coming, A pornographic satire By Nebbisk Oh

Photographer: Sennaspirit Coronet
Models: Anna Avalanche and Sennaspirit Coronet

Nebbisk Oh poetry was one of the best at the London School of journalism poetry contest. His poetry is always intense, comic and intelligent. Sennaspirit Coronet great photograph and Anna Avalanche modeling the Secundo Coming, A pornographic satire from an idea by Secundo Dharma, by Nebbisk Oh

Nebbisky Oh is one of the best poets live in Second Life. The best to say about someone is to look her own words and thought. Better if that person is a writer or poet. Nebbisk Oh profile describes his feelings and ideas about the second life new world…

“Nothing seemed worth putting here before... now nothing seems adequate. Well... suffice it to say that the "process" is starting to make sense now. Initial reviews seem to indicate that this next Act will be truly amazing.”

Secundo Coming
by Nebbisk Oh

Cock in hand
Balls aflutter
Fingers stained with peanut butter

Hard shaft, tip wet
With tumescence
Kleenex soaking up the messes

Mistress lies
In lover’s pose
The smell of peanuts in his nose

He’s coming now
And so is she
And so’s his wife, and that makes three

She’s coming early
Home from work
And he in flagrant, fragrant jerk

He tries to stop;
Too late! He spouts
While on the screen, his mistress shouts

“Oh God,” she cries
and so does he
and booming speakers both agree

Wife rushes in
Stares at the screen
But just in time, he’s changed the scene

He’s changed it to
A hard-core flick
Some porn star and Ron Jeremy’s dick

She looks, and smiles
And says, “Aww gee,
My darling, next time wait for me.”

His closemouthed grin
Hides great relief
And chunks of peanut in his teeth

He starts to shut
The laptop down
And watches wife’s smile turn to frown

As suddenly
The speakers blare
And tell her more than two are there

“Oh marry me,
my sweet Secundo.
Your tongue is sweet, your cock gigundo.”

Thus was his case
Tossed on his ear, defenestrated

It took six months
But he recovered
Then he wed his online lover

And now they live
In bliss, you’d think
But sometimes, fortified with drink

He goes online
And shares hot sex
And peanut butter with his ex.

- Nebbisk Oh, July 2007

Monday, October 13, 2008


This coming Wednesday at the cave on Remember, competition for the best three period avatars (period 1720 - location Caribbean islands). Winners will take part of the Sail Away machinima as extra in their own shape, skin and costume.

JURY : Members of the Sail Away Project team.

Meet you there !

And dont forget your costume....

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

want to hug a dragon ?

The Isle of Wyrms is a group of sims on the western side of the Elven Continent. It is a beautifully landscaped region, with green mountains, lovely valleys and deep fjiords. But it is mainly home to dragons !

Beautiful, fantastic and friendly creatures walk the land and fly the sky and a visit here is a must for every explorer of SL.

Have fun and remember to hug a dragon ! :)

What to do with Second Life annoying groups?

Your screen is full of notices from my 25 groups? Some of them are really spamming! What can I do?

Apart from leaving the annoying ones? Go to Contacts > Groups, select a group and then click on Info. On the first page, uncheck “Receive group notices”. From time to time, you may want to check what’s going on: check the Notices tab in the group info.

Music and radio stream for second life and Internet

Sorry I took so long to post. I have been busy working at AAT. But I promise I will do my best to keep the blog update.

One friend of mine asked me about music stream for Second Life and I decided to publish a list about it. As I made a search on my old notes some of this links could be offline. Please let me know if there is any wrong address on the list.

1.FM - Country, /country =
60s 70s and 80s =
70s 80s and 90s =
80s Classic Rock =
80's on SKY FM =
977 - The 80's Channel, /eighties =

Absolutely Smooth Jazz =
Absolutely Smooth Jazz =
All Hit 70's =
Bay Smooth Jazz =
Channel X =
Chillout =
Chillout =
Chillout Lounge =
ChroniX Aggression =
CKLW & Windsor =
CKNW Radio =
Classic Electronica =
Classic Electronica =
Classic Rock =
CO-OP Radio =
dance =
Deep House, /house =
DJ Mixes =
Drone Zone =
Drum 'n' Bass =
ETN.FM - Progressive =
EuroDance & HiNRG =
European Tranc =
Folk Alley =
Freeform Radio =
frisky Radio =
Frobozz Radio =
GOA and Psy Trance =
Groove Sala =
Hard Core Channe =
Hard Dance! =
HITZRadio, /hits = =
HOT 108 JAMZ =
Indie Pop Rocks =
Kickin' Country =
Korea Top Radio =
KPIG - Live Free-Range =
Linden Radio =
Lounge =
MOJO Radio =
Mostly Classica =
MPEGRadio. =
Music One =
NME Radio 128k =
NME Radio 32k =
NPR News =
Nugs Radio =
Onart Radio =
Otto's Baroque Radio =
Phreak Radio =
Progressive 128k =
Progressive House =
Proton Radio =
Pure Classic Rock =
R A D I O L O N D O N =
Radio Pardise 128k =
Radio Pardise 192k =
Radio Pardise 192k =
Radio Woodstock = = =
Radio's Rock & Rol = =
rap =
Rock =
Rock 101 =
Roots Reggae =
Roots Reggae =
salsa =
Salsa stream =
Secret Agent =
Sexy Deep House =
SFU Radio =
Simkast Radio =
Simulcast =
SKY FM Country =
SKY FM New Age =
SKY.FM Mostly Classical =
SKY.FM New Age, /easy =
Smooth and Stylish = = = =
Sporting News Radio =
Sports Blogger Live =
Sports Blogger Live =
Techno4ever =
TechnoBase.FM =
that doesn't suck =
The 80's Channel =
The Buzz =
The Christmas Channel =
The Edge =
The Hits Channel =
Top Hits =
Trance =
Trance Channel =
Univ. of Victori =
Virgin Classic Rock =
Virgin New Music =
Virgin Radio =
Virgin Radio Groov =
Virgin Radio UK =
Vocal Trance =
World News =

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Zurich City SL Opera House

I am sure I am not the first to discover the Zurich City Opera House, yet it is such a wonderful institution, both from the architectural and artistic points of view that I thought it was worth to add en entry and few images about it :)


Zurich City SL Opera House

Zurich City SL Opera House

Second Life Manuals and tutorials free at AAT

Dear friends and everyone interested on manual and information, I collected a great amount of manuals and tutorials on my two years of Second Life existence.

My original idea was to publish bit by bit these manuals on the blog. As a matter of fact I still have this idea. But I think would be more useful for my friends to have them all disposable in one place at once. All those manuals and tutorials can be find in Second Life if you search for them. However I ignore a place where they are all together like here.

I include also some textures for light and shadow and scripts that I purchase during all this time. There are approximately 249 notes, 296 scripts and some textures and gifts inside the manuals.

I am disposing entirely free a big amount of manuals that I collected during this two years!!! Joined all in one place the famous “Ivory tower library of primitive”, “Design Center Tutorial”, “Particle Lab Tutorial” and “texture tutorial by Robin (Sojourner) Wood” tutorial manuals!!!

Do you want to know how? It is very simple.

Tele transport (TP) here and find all manuals free!!!!

Enroll at AA Trade Company group to get them free. Remember you need to have the AA Trade Company tag on.

Choose the manual on the vendor pay 1 Linden and receive free the tutorial and your 1 Linden back.

The vendor system doesn’t allow gifts but permit refund your money. Therefore pay 1 Linden and receive your purchase gift and your 1 linden back. All manual in the store that is sold for 1 Linden is actually free. Your money will be refund automatically.

If you have any doubts please feel free to IM Anna Avalanche

Below a list of the manuals and their description

Free Building Stuff Manual = about 7 notes in English.

Free Clothing Design and Creation Manual = about 6 notes in English.

Free English Help Second Life Manuals = Basic manuals in English with about 26 notes and more gifts.

Free French Help Second Life Manuals (Aide pour Second Life en Francais) = about 20 notes and more gifts in French.

Free German Help Second Life Manuals (Willkommen bei Second Life) = about 24 notes and more gifts in German.

Free Lag and Reducing It Information = about 6 notes in English.

Free Land in Second Life Information = about 9 notes in English.

Free Portuguese Help Second Life Manuals (Manuais em Português) = about 22 notes in Portuguese.

Free Scripting Manual = about 5 notes in English.

Basic scripts = about 296 script for 10 Lindens.

Ivory tower library of primitive tutorial = about 32 notes for those how want to learn how to build in English.

Ivory tower library of primitive tutorial (Francais) = about 4 notes for those how want to learn how to build in French.

Ivory tower library of primitive tutorial (italiano) = about 6 notes for those how want to learn how to build in italian

Texture tutorial by Robin (Sojourner) Wood = about 29 notes in English

Particle Lab Tutorial and Samples (script for particles) = about 37 notes in English

Design Center Tutorial and light/shadow kit with some textures for light/shadow = about 16 notes plus textures for 10 Lindens in English

p.s. I left a tip jar close by. If you think all these hard effort worth, feel free to tip if you are so inclined. Please don’t need to be niggard (laughter)!!!

Freebies at AAT inside Second Life

Hi, I never advertise my business inside Second Life. But as I am almost two years old and I am very happy I decided to give some gifts.

I am disposing a big amount of products. From the 588 items for sale at AAT, noting less than 317 are freebies for those who use the “AA Trade Company” tag. Take advantage of 317 free products.

Do you want to know how? It is very simple.

Tele transport (TP) here and find more than a half of the products free!!!!

Enroll at AA Trade Company group to get freebies. Remember you need to have the AA Trade Company tag on.

Choose the product on the vendor pay 1 Linden and receive free the product and your 1 Linden back.

The vendor system doesn’t allow gifts but permit refund your money. Therefore pay 1 Linden and receive your purchase gift and your 1 linden back. Every product in the store that is sold for 1 Linden is actually free. Your money will be refund automatically.

If you have any doubts please feel free to IM Anna Avalanche

Have fun!

fairy photo contest winners

I would like to thank Elease Graves and Darkley Aeon, for sending me these wonderful pictures:

Winner Elease Graves received:

- 1000,00 lindens in cash from me;

- one pair of Ava Choo from her choice;

- one gift pair of Ava Choo from "The Sex and the City Collection" that I chose to give her;

-500,00 in cash from Anna Avalanche to choose one product from
AA Trade Company

Her picture is already displayed in my stores at :

Lucille's Little Corner

Coconut Ice on SL Illustrated Sim

Ava choo on Bahama Mall

Second Place, Darkley Aeon, received:

- one pair of Ava Choo from her choice;

- and oh well, I was feeling nice so I also gave her the same gift pair of Ava Choo from "The Sex and the City Collection" I had given to Elease Graves.

Her picture is also displayed on my store at Lucille's Little Corner.

I am thrilled with them! :-)

I said I wanted to see fairies and they sure showed me some really beautiful ones!

Thank you very very much for your joining the contest and please wait for others!!!! :-)

Kiss, Luci.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Glowing Gems design by Jenny Thielt

Check out this awsome belly piercing, called Ami, by Jenny Thielt (Glowing Gems). I took pictures wearing it first in blue and then, showing the hud that can change all it's colours)

The price? Unbelieveble! 100 lindens!

And you can find it HERE

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Show Music on Second Life

Invitation to listen to a new SL live music talent

As a life music supporter and fan, we would like to invite you to the first show of the newest SL talent: Xenya Skytower and FXF band. We are introducing these
artists to SL and would appreciate your support on checking their real talent and spread it through Second Life venues.
You can find bellow the event description:

Owner of an angel's voice, she's the newest singer and the first female portuguese singer on Second Life. She acts with her band, FXF, from rock to pop, jazz and blues, unforgettable songs on an unforgettable voice.

After a first rehearsal on Saudade & Fado island, they are finnaly entering Second Life life music with a performance at Alma Island

So next wednesday, 24, starting 2.30 PM SL time and 22h30 GMT; be enchanted by this wonderfull voice that will get you beneath your dreams...

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Oxbridge - Beautiful Places inside Second Life by Wildstar Beaumont

Oxbridge was an amazing discovery during my circumnavigation of Winterfell and Caledon sims a few weeks ago.

the "Morning Star" sailing in Southern Caledon

I was sailing along the southern coast of Caledon and I started to see the buildings of this sim I did not remember I had seen before. The style of the beautiful buildings and the name, Oxbridge, left little to be imagined about what was the inspiration: a place of knowledge and learning.

During that first trip I just sailed by the place, but it was impressed in my mind, so I went back, more than once, and every time I was stunned more and more by what was created there both estethically and functionally.

Oxbridge seen from Nova Civis caledon

Oxbridge is basically an orientation sim, intended for newbies to have a smooth introduction to the basic mechanisms of Second Life. In fact the sim is just to the west of Nova Civis Caledon, the Caledon branch of the popular New Citizen Incorporated.

University of Oxbridge

Oxbridge - which looks like it is being completed these days - is organized as an University, with a number of C
olleges to attend sequentially: Avatar Customization, Camera Control, Money and Business, etc. Taking these tutorial the new residents can easily learn about the activity that makes most of the day by day life of an avie

University of Oxbridge

The tutorials look some of the best I have seen so far. Very well conceived and implemented.
There are also a number high quality freebies related to each tutorial, that will be surely very useful to new residents.

the Caledon Library at the Oxbridge University

A local branch of that outstanding institution that is the Caledon Library cannot be missing there, and there is also a residence building, where newly graduated citizens, can have a home for their first weeks.

I do not think I have to mention the beauty of the buildings and of the sim as a whole. I believe the images I am including are more than able to transfer the feeling of this wonderful place.

the spires of Caledon Oxbridge

A fantastic accomplishment that I never get tired to visit.

Caledon Oxbridge


Moonrise at Caledon Oxbridge

Contest deadline almost over!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wanna get 1000 lindens in cash and 500 lindens in cash/or products???????


I am waiting for your pictures my friends!

1st place- 1000lindens plus 1 Ava Choo pair plus 1 surprise 500 lindens valued gift offered by

AA TRade Company

(thank's to Anna Avalanche) go and check out the place so you can choose what you want.

- ...and more:
have your picture displayed on the stores, Dejá-vù International Portuguese, Anna Avalanche Style and My own Blog (lucille Morigi on SL)

2nd and 3rd - 1 Ava Choo and Pic on blog.
4th and 5th - 1 Ava Choo.

Now the rules - sure, there must be rules!!!!!

Step one - Purchase one fairy outfit - you can choose any of these 3 stores:

1.1 - Lucille's little Corner

Fairy's Little Shop

1.2 - Fairy's vendors on Bahama Village Mall

Ava Choo

1.3 -Coconut Ice on SL Illustrated Sim.

Coconut Ice

step two - take a picture of yourself wearing the outfit

step threee - Send the picture with full perm to Lucille Morigi until September/22/2008 - including.

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Saturday, September 20, 2008

One Hundred years of Japanese immigration in Brazil

This is mine and GISA Miles recent article for déjà vu magazine. Hope you all enjoy, and if you do, please leave a comment.

One Hundred years of Japanese immigration in Brazil

By Anna Avalanche and Gisa Miles

This year the Japanese community in Brazil celebrates one hundred years of immigration. June, 18 1908 is considered the milestone of the arrival of the first Japanese immigrants to Brazil. The 781 impoverished pioneers on the ship Kasato Maru and the thousands who followed them, never meant to stay beyond a few years on Brazil. But who could imagine which nowadays, the Japanese-origin community in Brazil will be the largest outside Japan, with an estimated 1.6 million person.

The first 165 families traveled 52 days on the ship and berth in the city of Santos, São Paulo dreaming with a better life. Most of these immigrants were formed by farmers, who came to Brazil to work in the prosperous farm coffee from western state of Sao Paulo. At the beginning of the twentieth century, Brazil needed workforce for foreign crops of coffee, while Japan was through a period of high population growth and there weren’t enough jobs for the whole population. Then to meet the needs of both countries, was sealed an immigration agreement between the Brazilian and Japanese governments.

In the following years the immigration continued. From 1918 until 1940, approximately one hundred and sixty thousand Japanese came to live in the Brazilian lands. Most immigrants prefer the state of Sao Paulo, however, some families spread itself to other corners of Brazil even in the Amazon forest in Para.

The Japaneses worked hard and soon they were immigrants in Brazil managed to add money and buy their own land. After tough years of labor on the coffee farms, Japanese immigrants looked for work in big cities like Sao Paulo, where they flocked to the downtown area because rent was cheaper.

The Japanese community in Brazil is already in its 4th generation. The descendants of the immigrants perform all kind of activity within the cultural and economic sectors. Immigrants and their descendants who have already close ties with Brazil take part and contribute with love and dedication to the construction of a better and developed country.

But the development of agriculture was the main contribution of Japanese immigrants to Brazil. Food has been one of the greatest beneficiaries of the cultural blending. They helped develop several varieties of fruits and vegetables that did not exist in Brazil including persimmon, fuji apples and ponkan oranges and improved local farming and fishing techniques. Brazil has even allowed a Japanese influence on its most famous drink, the caipirinha. Mixed with Japan's traditional rice wine instead of Brazilian cachaça, the sakerinhas have become a popular option at many bars.

Japanese community in brazil has preserved the language, customs and traditions, such as the Bon-Odori dance. The dance of delicate movement is a recognition by the good crops. Sao Paulo's downtown district of Liberdade, or freedom, is like a slice of Tokyo, its main street lined with red-colored torii gates of Shinto shrines. Soba noodle and sushi restaurants vie with karaoke bars and supermarkets selling sticky natto beans and myriad types of soy sauce.

Today the Japanese heroes are increasingly present in the Brazilian daily life, influencing children, youth and teenagers. The Mangá (Comic stories in Japanese) has won more and more admires in Brazil and spreads to all corners of the country.

The celebretions of one hundred years of immigration was a great event. Prince Naruito participated of wonderful tributes like the inaugurate of the sculpture in honor of the centennial of Japanese immigration idealized by Tome Ohtake, a Japanese imigrant who became the "lady of brasilian plastic arts".

Inside second life there is also an important art exhibition that celebrates the Japanese immigration in Brazil. The professor Hinedori Watanave and his student team of Tokyo Metropolitan University are developing 3D image database of Oscar Niemeyer on Second Life. This is an official art project of "The 100th anniversary of exchanging between Japan and Brazil".

Japan in Brazil. Brazil in Japan

The two worlds exist in both of the countries. There are more than three hundred thousand Brazilians living in Japan and working in factories. The same people who left their own country in a time of so many difficulties also learned open their doors when Brazilians have done the other way. And who would imagine: the Portuguese today is almost a second language in many Japanese cities. Appears in transit plates, is spoken in the streets and heard in the largest issuer of radio and TV in Japan. The Dekasegis are repeating the general pattern of immigrants: while most of them plan to save up enough money in Japan to return to Brazil and set up a business of their own, a majority end up settling down in their new country.

Now, the same way that Japanese immigrants brought, fix part of their culture here, the dekasseguis make it there. Except that this time these customs and traditions are merged with what their ancestors learned in Brazil. It’s all a great mixture of culture and this is the best about globalization.

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