Sunday, September 21, 2008

Would you like to date me?????? PAY FOR IT.!!..BUT READ IT FIRST:, by Lucille Morigi

Yes, I am selling myself for a very good cause - no, absolutelly no cybersex during the date!!! , lots of fun, yes!!!!!!!!

Ok, so that's it: if you want to spend time with me, now is your chance!!!!! Go go go go, go cause I rarely stay 2 continuous hours in sl, believe me......

This is important people! I am asking you to take part on this event:

Nuki-Nuki Beach Date-A-Thon 2008

Annual Charity for Breast Cancer Awareness

Date and time - Friday September 26, 2008 07:00 – 11:00pm SLT

In the spirit of giving back, the Beach Brats and all our friends, relatives, and loved ones are welcome to participate in this annual giving event to raise funds for breast cancer research.

All funds collected from the Nuki-Nuki Beach Date-A-Thon 2008 will be passed on to the Breast Cancer Awareness Foundation. Our Goal will be a total stretch but we hope to raise L$100,000.


Need a date for that special occasion, want to change things up from that “regular” you have been hanging with, or have you always wanted to go out with that person but never had your chance???

Do not be bashful – now is your time to explore the inner you and express it in a very positive way! Bid on that Babe or Dude and benefit breast cancer research at the same time. Go to the “Date Board” and select your target dates(s) – yes always have a plan B ready!


On Friday September 26th the auctioneer (The Big Kahuna) will run down the list of each participant (Babe and Dude Dates) from the event notecard. Notecards card be obtained from any event poster. You will simply touch the sign below the “date” you are bidding on. Raise your bid by touching the sign again. All bidders except the top bidder will have their funds returned. Minimum bid starts at $500L.


If you are the winning bid you will receive a date that consists of 2 continuous hours. It is up to the winner to contact “the date” and schedule a time that both can meet and go on their date. This is a charity event and meant to be fun and entertaining for the participants.


Go to the date board and grab the notecard. Complete the questions and do not forget to attach a picture of yourself to the notecard. Send all notecards to Ipunin Pera.

TP to Nuki-nuki beach

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