Monday, September 8, 2008


DAB Designs is promoting the "DAB GOREAN EXPO" during september 08 and 09 at neverending.

"Gor is a world created by John Norman in a series of 27 science fiction novels. It is located on the same orbit as Earth, but is directly opposite to us so that it is always on the other side of the sun and undetectable to Earth science. Gor is a world of greater and lesser technology. A race of Priest Kings, insect like creatures, live in the Sardar mountains. They have a technology superior to ours. They rule as Gods over the planet, but remain unseen and mysterious to the populace. They limit humans to a rudimentary technology, similar to that of the medieval era here on earth. There are different cultures on Gor, different cities, peoples of the wilderness and there are differences in laws and customs among them. However, there are similarities regarding the roles of men and women as seen on Gor. On Gor, as in our own past on this planet, men are dominant. Men are Masters. There are kajiri, male slaves, but they are rare. Gor is a man's world. Women have three roles on Gor. In the books it is noted that the majority of women are Free Women, and only 2 to 3% are slaves. It would appear that there are more slaves than Free Women because the books focus more on women as slave characters, and in online role play, more women choose to role play as slaves than Free Women. Many women who start out as Free become enslaved, but not all, and this further reduces the number that we see in online role play. Free Women are the respectable women of Gor, the ones who become Free Companions and the mothers of children. The closest thing to marriage on Gor is a Free Companionship contract which lasts for a set period of time, usually a year or two. They run the household, work in professions outside the home, raise and teach children. A Free Woman may even have her own silk kajirus, a male pleasure slave. A Free Woman must be keenly aware that her freedom is always at risk. If she shows slave-like behaviour, she can be enslaved. Such behaviour would include dancing in public, dressing immodestly (showing too much of bare arm or leg, showing her naval, and in some places not covering her hair and face with veils), or addressing a man as Master. If a city is raided, she can be captured by enemies and enslaved and sold. If she or her father cannot pay debts, she can be enslaved and sold to cover the debt. If a Free Woman couches or prepares to couch with a slave not her own, she can be enslaved. A Free Woman must toe the line if she wishes to remain Free. A woman can flee to the forests and live as a Panther Girl. These women are escaped slaves and Free Women fleeing an undesired Free Companionship contract. Panther Girls live in the wild. They sometimes capture and enslave men, playing with them for a bit and then selling them when bored with them. If a Panther girl enters a city, she is likely to be enslaved. A woman does have choice on Gor, but make no mistake, it is a man's world and the domination of men over women is considered to be the natural order of things." (extract from Gor 101 by Vivienne Daguerre)

I talked with Daron Brandeis, CEO of DAB designs:
ME:How did you have the idea of an interactive expo?
Daron Brandeis: it came to me when i was watching a show, a normal runway show, and how the first designers that showed there items would have less sales because most people forgot about there designs, so i thought if the items were already out and in the vacinity of the models people could buy there and then as they were looking at the items on the models.
ME:Why the gorean motivation?
Daron Brandeis: I am gorean. I come from a gorean background that is why, but the concept works on any type of show.
ME:How many designers and models are involved on the expo?
Daron Brandeis: 9 designers and approximately 30 models
ME: Do you wanna say anything else to our readers?
Daron Brandeis: this is a forward thinking way of showing of some of the best designers in sl, nevermind gor items and i'm proud that i have such a hardworking dedicated team of professional models to help and support the dab dream and family.
Thanks Daron! Thanks for letting me be part of this.

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