Friday, September 12, 2008

Dressing clue by Gisa Miles

When a woman wants (we do not want, we need isn’t it really?) buy a special clothes for a wedding, graduation, or a party... We want to buy with the clothes, an identity, sophistication, exclusivity and glamour... after all woman who is woman like to feel loved, beautiful and unique it´s obvious.

Although evening Gowns do not suffer so much interference of trends such as casual or fashion "prêt a porter"... Tissues technology, the geometry and the differentiated structures call attention. If there are some elements of different textures, design, shapes and details... Point scored for you! You are communicating something more in your personality and it will serve like a poison anti-monotony and anti-competition.

Trends come and go back, sometimes the long dresses are the sensation, sometimes are the short. But everything depends on respecting the time of the event, the weather and the body of each one. Who are overweight and has a thick shank should choose a log dress. Who are overweight, but has a thin shank will be better dress with a short or a medium long. Remember medium log makes you appearance shortens.

The colors are also stylish and are in high... In my opinion every woman must have a “black basic” on the closet only for security reason. If the first, second or third option don’t fit well. The black can’t be considered the solution. It must be “the black”, which seems to have been done especially for you. You can complement with accessories like; socks, belts and hair ornaments. You can wear all this but don’t let it be one "black basic" on the crowd.

The colorful dresses are also “chic” and each day has more and more fans... The neutral colors transmit messages of sobriety. Remember, fabric, different surface, flounce and shapes are important as colors.

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