Sunday, September 7, 2008

Bid for a Model Pictures

Like I promise I am publishing some helpers of ASA pictures. People that help modeling, bidding and making this fantastic event a success. All the help provide more than 260 thousand Lindens. This might be a small help for Real Life but it is a big effort for Second Life and all avatar that contributed. Unfortunately most of the helpers didn’t send me their picture on time for the post. I apologies, but I needed to post this important event right away.

I want to make especial thank to LiamL Darwin and Kram Sadofsky. Kram not only bid me but also more 12 beautiful models. He was fortunate to win 13 beautiful models during the Autism Auction.

Liam was the higher bidder. He donated more than 32,900 L!! The bid for a model fundraiser was important because it held the potential to raise a lot of money for Autism in a very short time. Mr Darwin told me he was honored to be able to be a small part in this very successful fundraiser. The models have given so much of their time, offering the 2 hour date, plus contacting friends and others to generate bids for such an important cause, he said.

First of all, Darwin was glad to be able to contribute, and honored to have played a part in making the winning model the top fundraiser in this event. Darwin bid Saffire Jaxxon and on his own words; “Saffire has a wonderful heart and when she's going to help a cause such as autism, she's always willing to go for it. She's a genuinely caring individual, and I'm honored to have been a part of her successful efforts raising funds for autism.”

I would like to thank you all for the ball party event, lovely music and interesting people. The best of the party was the fact we were having fun helping RL persons.

I am looking forward for meeting you all again soon. Thank you all for helping ASA and for sending me your nice pictures.

Please, feel free to leave a comment if you like.

Syngen SohmersSyngen Sohmers

Divine SpittelerDivine Spitteler

Cherie Parker b&wCherie Parker

Simons BleacSimons Bleac

David LoganDavid Logan

Malachite BingMalachite Bing

Cork RichCork Rich

SL EdgeSL Edge

nemi McCoynemi McCoy

shanenhaxauctionShanen Hax
Ashland CarverAshland Carver

Haylee JamesonHaylee Jameson

Laila SchumanLaila Schuman

Monica BalutMonica Balut

Shaft SolzhenitsynShaft Solzhenitsyn

Vivienne DarcyVivienne Darcy

LiamL DarwinLiamL Darwin

Lyla SchmoozLyla Schmooz

Melinda EmmsMelinda Emms

Anna Avalanche Anna Avalanche

Brine5 BeckBrine5 Beck

Laura18 StreetreLaura18 Streetre

Mimmi BoaMimmi Boa

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