Saturday, November 13, 2010

MEB Winter Colletion is out!

MEB Fashion released its Winter 2010 Collection.

Six stunning outfits to face the forthcoming season in a classy way!
Leather, furs and boots to be tasty and sexy in the chill days of your SL Winter.

Until December 15th the whole collection can be purchased

also in a fatpack at 25% off !!

MEB main store

Some pics of the outfits on the runway:

Monday, November 8, 2010

MEB Winter 2010 Collection on the runway!!

MEB Fashion presents its new Winter 2010 Collection on the MEB main store runway!
Leathers, furs, boots to challenge the chill days!
Come to see the six stunning outfits worn by MEB models, showing how to be classy, tasty and sexy in your Winter!

MEB will offer a nice gift to all attendants.
After the show, you can take part in a quick store hunt: FIND THE MINK! and win MEB giftcards up to 500 l$

Sunday, October 17, 2010

É nesta palavras que podemos resumir o evento realizado pela ABS Model Agency na última quinta-feira!

Um desfile sensacional com as mais belas modelos e uma coleção pra stylist nenhum botar defeito! E pra fechar a noite um show com a diva do pop Lady Gaga inSL.


Friday, September 24, 2010

Monday, September 20, 2010

Even the nights are better by Khiron Ametza

This Video was made in a MTV style.
Besides the great singer, we should look to the production, great job Agatha Nowless
Some notes about the singer.
Her sexy voice and style has been making people fall in love in SL. Performing about 50 shows a month, its worthy to catch one of her shows inworld and verify by yourself what you listen on this video. Take a look of her schedule on this link:
Her outstanding shows have been bringing people from all over to listen to her singing Jazz, Romantic 70's & 80's, Rock, Progressive Rock, Discotheque, and also some Country music.
In less than 2 years she has more than 950 folowers in her groups

Sunday, September 19, 2010

MEB Fashion - Fall 2010 Collection

MEB presented its new Fall-Winter collection at the Modavia Fashion Week.

(chek the event out at

or at

The Fall collection is now in the mainstore and in the next days will be in the other MEB stores as well!

Six outfits to propose a light autumn, mixing up short skirts and wool jackets, smooth and bright colors.

Among them can be find cocktail and workday ones, casual clothes and more elegant ones. An evening gown, with its matt golden silk, is the top of a collection thought for the taste of the classy MEB customers.

Fall collection will be again on the runways on 20th at the new Foro Romano SIM.

Don’t miss it!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Miss Brasil SL 2011

Depois do sucesso na festa de abertura do concurso Miss Brasil SL 2011 a receptividade das residentes brasileiras não poderia ser diferente.

Foram 41 fotos aprovadas de acordo com as regras do concurso e postadas no mural do QG Miss Brasil onde nossos auditores elegeram 10 meninas que se apresentarão hoje na primeira audição do concurso.
As meninas aprovadas hoje serão aceitas como candidatas ao Miss Brasil SL 2011 que acontecerá no dia 04 de Dezembro deste ano.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Girl and Boy Dissident Rock

Today start enrollment to two year contest "Girl and Boy Dissident Rock" and at 6pm SLT -party-show from Dissident Rock SIM to can see Pearl Jam cover SL.

See you here!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Some interesting ideas for ecommerce that could work in SL

I was thinking in develop some interesting ideas from real life (RL for us at the virtual community) that could – why not – work also at Second Life ( what is SL ). I have worked a lot trying to make the business better for SL residents and principle for newbie’s to have an extra income. My idea to work with catalogs like Avon and direct sale are similar to some of the ecommerce business. If anyone are interested in have free an AATrade catalog please contact me ( or access my website ( /).

I like very much to develop new concepts and, inclusive, make better some ideas by adapting them to our virtual reality. I was making a research using Google for sites to buy in group (collective). Ok I was using the Google form Brazil and in Portuguese is like “site de compra coletiva”. I found some very interesting ideas that could help to make Second Life market better.

The websites (this link is in Portuguese ) work like a salesman, bargain with the supplier the sale, in large scale, for the lower price possible of some product. The offers are shown to people that made the logon to the website. The promotions, with big price rebates, are disposable for a certain time, like wise 48 hours. There are options such as theater, beauty treatments and gym. Some sites charge commission, which can range from 20% to 50% of the total sale for each transaction. That’s a lot! But I also found an interesting idea for a site related to agribusiness ( ) that does not charge commission and no fees. Wow! I found it very nice! We can even sell products through online auction or make a promotion for collective (group) purchasing. Besides being a business opportunity, Agron is a virtual the community too.

It would be very interesting if we could have such a system in SL too. Is there anyone that wants to help me? I am willing to contribute. Maybe we could improve service delivery and trade there in Second Life with this idea? What you think?

Jalapão the world gorgeous desert

By Anna Avalanche, Gisa Miles and Luiz Speedwell
Pictures by: Assessora de Comunicação da Agência de Desenvolvimento Turístico

As everyone knows Brazil has the biggest river, and the biggest forest, but did you know that Brazil has also the gorgeous desert in the world? Can you imagine! Can it be possible? Desert is usually a hot, dry and boring place. Well, not in Brazil, Tocantins state, at “Jalapão” desert. As Brazil has approximately 12% of all fresh world water, “Jalapão” is a different kind of desert because it has many rivers and it is not dry. How is that possible?

Jalapão’s region is a transitional forest dominated by scrubland vegetation similar to the savannahs, where waterfalls, rivers with crystal clear waters, rapids and large plateaus make the exuberant and exotic landscape. The most appropriate time for visit is between April and September when it is possible to appreciate a fantastic experience with pure beaches, waterfalls, mountains, lakes and dunes. This is a place that you must come to see once in your life time.

This beautiful place is more like a paradise then a desert hell. It is in this golden sand dunes scenario where the place was named. It would be a desert, if “Jalapão” were not also a paradise of waters and a place where the presence of flowers and exotic animals jumps to the eye. “Jalapão” is one of the main routes for people who practice eco and adventure tourism. It is impossible to find equal scenario anywhere in the world.

Below we summarize some highlights attractions that will take your breath. Set aside at least three days for the journey. You deserve this emotion. Pack your bags, pick the route and have a big adventure!

“Cachoeira da Velha” waterfall and Prainha (small beach)
One of the main Jalapão attractions is the waterfall “Cachoeira da velha” located at river “Novo”. This waterfall is an imposing spectacle in which nature shows its exuberance and all its strength. Right next to the waterfall there is a small beach, of calm freshwater and surrounded by forest. The trail to reach the small beach is an attraction in itself, easy to walk through, with stops on the way for sightseeing and resting.

After enjoying the exuberance of the “Cachoeira da Velha” falls, it is time to take the trail of approximately one hour that leads to the small beach, a very pleasant place, with shade, calm freshwater, and lush gallery forest. “prainha” is an ideal place for camping in Jalapão.

“Cachoeira do Formiga” Waterfall
The “Cachoeira do Formiga” is one of the small water fall surrounded by lush vegetation. But the true spectacle is the pool it forms, where enchanting emerald-green waters invite for a dive.

“Serra do Espírito Santo” Mountain and Dunes
“Espírito Santo” Mountain is the postcard of the region surround by dunes and rivers. After an hour of walking toward the top, you can get a privileged view of the entire region. The top of the mountain is a large flat area, which resembles an immense elevated table. It's the perfect place to enjoy the landscapes and horizons of Jalapão. The Jalapão dunes were caused by erosion of the sandy “Espírito Santo” Mountain formation. Watching all this spectacular nature at sunset is marvelous. All this dunes sliced by translucent rivers that reflex the sun.

Below the mountain you can enjoy a scenario both unexpected as unforgettable, formed by huge dunes of golden sand. Imagine the feeling of walking on the sand contemplating the sunset in the center of a landscape like this!

The “Fervedouro” is a place of rare beauty where transparent blue water bubbles in a large pool. The name come from the water burbles as it looks like the water is boiling what in reality is the spring of an underground river. The water springs from clear sand and creates the phenomenon of upwelling, which makes it impossible for the most persistent swimmer to submerge. The constant upward movements of the water throw you out. In “Fervedouro” attraction you'll have fun and get to know the real feeling of lightness.

Mumbuca Village
In your tour through the Jalapão valley it is worth reserving time to visit a traditional village, Mumbuca, 35 km away from the city of Mateiros. It was in this place, formed in majority by slave descendants, that the much popular handcraft in golden grass emerged. Read more about golden grass handcraft in the next article.

Rafting at “Rio Novo”
One of the last drinking water rivers in the world, “Rio Novo” has crystalline appearance, making vivid the wilderness that surrounds it. There are two options for rafting in the river. The first is the long distances that take up to four days, where you get to experience high level difficulty waterfalls and make stops in small beaches of white sand. The second option, which is much faster, is the rafting in the lasts six kilometers. Rafting is common in the waters of “Rio Novo” River. But there is also place for other sports such as canoeing, rappelling and cross-buoy.

If you love nature and adventure you must visit “Jalapão” and this is how to get there. The starting point is “Palmas’ the “Tocantins” state capital and the last entirely planned Brazilian city. From Palmas, drive 64 kilometers on highway TO-050 to “Porto Nacional”, and then 116 kilometers on TO-255 to “Ponte Alta do Tocantins’, considered the entry of ‘Jalapão”. From this point on you can follow to the main attraction on dirt roads. The road requires at least one pickup truck (in the dry season) or a four-wheel drive. There is no infrastructure from “Ponte Alta”, so best bring food, camping equipment and spare fuel. Otherwise, people can buy from some tourist agencies a complete tourism package to “Jalapão” and they will take care of everything for you.

Know “Jalapão” is like to know the improbable and the impossible together. Impossible because, when you travel to dusty roads you don’t imagine that you will find as much water as clean as you find. It also seems unlikely to find rock formations as there is. Neither true dunes, with delicate and golden sand that looks like... gold dust.

Come to visit “Jalapão” if you want to have a lifetime adventure and don’t forget to buy a souvenir made from golden grass handcraft.

There is much more to see and visit. What are you waiting? Come to visit “Jalapão”.

This article has been sponsored by > AA Trade Company
and inside SL AA Trade Company, Cleary (128,128,0)

For more pictures and information see:

Portuguese blog
Fallow me on twitter

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

MEB Summer 2010 Collection

MEB proposes a black and white Summer, thinking to tanned skins, loose hair, great fun and vanity enhanced and stressed by these basic colors.

Panarea: For a tanned beauty wandering around the jet set parties

A naughty but refined look, for every woman who knows well her glamour.

More than a classic black gown

Black Carpet: Divas walk on a red carpet. The woman who wear Black Carpet is a special diva

Capri: White tight jacket, black miniskirt for Summer elegance

A minidress perfect for the beach or for a boat trip

MEB Mainstore:

Thursday, May 6, 2010

MEB - Outfit of the Month

MEB Outfit of the Month - May 2010 - Lorraine

This month MEB Fashion releases a gorgeous outfit that put together the most classical clothes and a very provocative look. Lorraine is made by a classical men-tailored brown shirt open on the breast and a ultra-miniskirt in a scottish-like squared cotton decorated by a nice leather belt with a spiral and flowered buckle.
Lorraine plays with this contrasting elements, showing legs and breast but covering the rest; serious colors and cheerful cut for a classy but even naughty outfit for the spring days.

Lorraine, whose price is set to 390 ld, is sold all May along at the 30% reduced price of 270 ld at the MEB mainstore (and even at the future new MEB mainstore).

MEB Mainstore

MEB New Mainstore (coming soon)

MEB - Outfit of the Month

MEB Outfit of the Month - May 2010 - Lorraine

This month MEB Fashion releases a gorgeous outfit that put together the most classical clothes and a very provocative look. Lorraine is made by a classical men-tailored brown shirt open on the breast and a ultra-miniskirt in a scottish-like squared cotton decorated by a nice leather belt with a spiral and flowered buckle.
Lorraine plays with this contrasting elements, showing legs and breast but covering the rest; serious colors and cheerful cut for a classy but even naughty outfit for the spring days.

Lorraine, whose price is set to 390 ld, is sold all May along at the 30% reduced price of 270 ld at the MEB mainstore (and even at the future new MEB mainstore).

MEB Mainstore

MEB New Mainstore (coming soon)

Thursday, April 15, 2010

MEB Fashion Outfit of the month

New colors for the most beloved MEB jacket!

Miuccia leather jacket, tight, simple, well detailed, is one of the best examples of the MEB style. It can be worn with pants or miniskirts to compose youthful and aggressive outfits, or with longer skirts to show a more classical and quiet look.
After the natural leather brownish color of its success, two new gorgeous colors are released now: anthracite black for a full casual look, a glamorous wine red to match more refined outfits.
As usual, until the end of the month, Miuccia Jacket will be sold at a special price, also in a fatpack including the two colors.

Take a look at MEB mainstore :)

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Looking for Machinimatographers

Kamachinima Production is looking for two machinimatographers with a good eye for photography and a good sense of actors direction.

Machinimas are oriiginal stories with original music to be shown in RL at the World Expo 2010 Shanghai in the Spanish pavillion in the slot provided by the group OPEN THIS END.

RL quitclaim contract to be signed to ensure your protection and ours. We provide the sets and the actors (if you have no fetish actor).

Thank you to IM Rafale Kamachi inworld.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

East meets West Fashion Show – March 27/28

A big cherry tree blossomed in the MEB main store :)

It bears a sign speaking of a fashion show. Better, a fashion meeting.
East meets West: five western brands go to Japan, to show their clothes together with five eastern ones.
The idea and the management of such an opportunity is by AGATA model agency, whose models will present outfits by Azul, Garçon, Honey, Pik Gal, Scars (for eastern brands) and by Miamai, Angel Dessus,Leezu, Hyper Culture and MEB Fashion.
SL has virtually no boundaries and no distances, but cultures and traditions stay alive in it and meet each others in a field so strictly bounded to people’s customs and tastes like fashion is great!
MEB is honored to take part and to contribute to this great meeting and to share with so great brands two days of good taste and beauty.
MEB will present there some outfits from its Spring 2010 collection.

Come to Tokyo, to take part in this great event!

East Meet West Spring Collection, MK Tokyo SIM
2 shows for people in different time zones:

1st show - Saturday, March 27 at 6:00PM SLT
2nd show - Sunday, March 28 at 6:00AM SLT

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Lingerie Spells Beautiful

Vintage lace for great romantic and sexy looks by Rafale Kamachi for RK Things.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Ardigraf Jeans

Ardigraf Jeans
Inserito originariamente da PB Collection Ardigraf Design - Patrizia Blessed

Hello there, You can see my new Jeans collecion :D enjoy

Monday, March 8, 2010


MEB Fashion presents its new collection. It’s a Spring collection, then you’ll see flowers, shining sun, clear skyes. MariaElena put them into her 8 new clothes to welcome the forthcoming season.
You will find in it minidresses, tailleurs, jackets outfits, formal gowns, a complete line to match every need in your SL Spring.

The simple minidresses Saint Denis, black flowers on light blue background and loose leather belt, and Le Chat Rouge, with its intriguing laces on the breast and its passionate color, are paired to two jacket outfits: a classic tailleur, like Rive Droite and an original military-like one, like Tour d’Argent.
Then, the microskirts: Le Fleur du Mal comes with a deep neckline shirt on a worn-out brown skirt, and is worn with stunning varnish brown boots; varnish boots too, but liliac ones with the Petit Jardin- the small garden – flowered and fresh as a spring flower field.
Complete the collection two classy dresses like Vogue and Le Chat Noir: the first one is serious and tasty, but is made naughty by a deep neckline and precious by a big crocodile belt. Le Chat Noir is a formal gown made spicy by a gipsy-like fastener on the breast, and made elegant by a rich drapery on the waist.
The collection allows people to live Spring wearing sober and classy outfits, as usual for MEB style lovers. Most of them have French names: MariaElena did work thinking to a wonderful Spring in Paris, seeing in her imagination her outfits walking the boulevards along. MEB hopes that your fantasy will be stimulated in the same way by this new line.

MEB main store

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

MEB Spring Collection 2010 on the runway!

Thursday, March 4th at 2 pm SLT, on the MEB Main Store runway will walk the new MEB Spring Collection, 8 great outfits to welcome the forthcoming season.

MEB Main Store

Monday, February 15, 2010

MELU DECO. A new brand of vintage furniture

Let me introduce my new vintage furniture brand Melu Deco.
It aims to reproduce in Second Life the intense atmosphere of Art Deco furnishing, both through the reproduction of outstanding items of famous designers and artisans, and through the free invention of patterns and shapes inspired by the Art Deco colors, materials and objects.
The Art Deco style is characterized by simple lines and shapes, rich decor, and the use of exotic and precious materials (african or asian woods, burls and briar), which reflect the industrial culture of the time. Its simple and rich look is based on smooth colors, shining surfaces, and carefully selected color palettes.
Melu Deco is a matter of passion and fantasy, that Melusina hopes to share with all passionate and curious people in SL.

Melu Deco Stores inworld:
Bayou Noir

Melu Deco Catalogue: