Monday, September 20, 2010

Even the nights are better by Khiron Ametza

This Video was made in a MTV style.
Besides the great singer, we should look to the production, great job Agatha Nowless
Some notes about the singer.
Her sexy voice and style has been making people fall in love in SL. Performing about 50 shows a month, its worthy to catch one of her shows inworld and verify by yourself what you listen on this video. Take a look of her schedule on this link:
Her outstanding shows have been bringing people from all over to listen to her singing Jazz, Romantic 70's & 80's, Rock, Progressive Rock, Discotheque, and also some Country music.
In less than 2 years she has more than 950 folowers in her groups


agatha said...

Beautiful romantic video... beautiful club , lovely voice... one thing completes the other...
simply amazing

FreeforAll said...

That's Great!!! I love It!!!!
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