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Golden Grass the “Jalapão” Gold

By Anna Avalanche, Gisa Miles and Luiz Speedwell

Pictures by Marly Rocha and Assessora de Comunicação da Agência de Desenvolvimento Turístico Estado do Tocantins

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“Capim dourado” - called golden grass (syngonanthus nitens) - actually is the stem of a small white flower from the “always-alive” plant species. In the flower are found the seeds that guarantee the perpetuation of the plant (native of Jalapão), and income for some people who live in “Jalapão”.

Golden grass only sprouts in “Jalapão” (read the article Jalapão the
world gorgeous desert ). It’s the thin stem with intense gold metallic shine that is used by local women to turn the grass into a variety of craft items: bags, earrings, bracelets, hats, mandalas (wall-hangings), baskets and decoration objects. These pieces with unique beauty have crossed Tocantins’ borders, distributed throughout Brazil and also abroad.

The art of working with golden grass was taught to local women by indigenous who inhabited the region. Today, the techniques of golden grass handicraft are still taught from generation to generation in the village of Mumbuca and also in the cities of Mateiros, Ponte Alta, Novo Acordo, Santa Tereza, Lagoa do Tocantins and in Prata, a village of São Felix do Jalapão County.

Besides tourism, another factor that is revolutionizing the local “Jalapão” economy is the growing popularity of golden grass craft. The handicraft made from golden grass straw look impressive brightness similar to gold. Almost like gold metal some pieces of golden grass handicraft can cost over $500.00 USD overseas.

If you ever have the opportunity to visit “Tocantins” and the “Jalapão” desert you must buy a souvenir made from golden grass and see how the skillful hands from artisans’ women work the grass. Amazing beautiful.

All handicraft jewelry are made by golden grass

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Linden Lab rounds up and ejects a bunch of copyright infringers

This article was written by Tateru Nino

Now, we must admit that we find this one both amusing and appropriate. In short, Linden Lab has sent 50 or more Second Life users who were using the after-market NeilLife viewer on the spank-bus to ban-town. Not just for using the viewer, but for copying content that they shouldn't ought to have.

What's clever is how Linden Lab caught and detected them.

Now, obviously assets get transferred to viewers from the servers. That's the whole point of the server/viewer relationship. The servers tell the viewer what assets are around, and the viewer prioritizes and fetches the assets that it is interested in.
Not every asset is necessarily in the vicinity of the viewer (eg: profile pictures and some other things), but the ideal conformant viewer asks only for what it is supposed to get, and doesn't then immediately replicate in-world copies of it, or whatever, in ways that infringe on the rights of others.

In any case, it seems there was this particular asset that many users with... let's call them non-conformant viewers were grabbing and replicating. As we understand it, the Lab slipped the asset out from under the UUID, and replaced it with something (that we presume was quite similar) that called up the Lab and let them know who the naughty person who copied it was.

The NeilLife viewer creator (if 'creator' is the appropriate word as it was just another after-market viewer with some exploits added) and quite some tens of the users of that viewer had their accounts banned pretty much outright. Not because they were using a non-conformant viewer, but because they were using it to infringe (and apparently doing it pretty darn stupidly at that).

As a bonus, there would now be a documentation trail supporting US Federal criminal charges should the Lab find that any of the banned users are overly vexing or troublesome.

Well-played, Linden Lab. We – along with the vast majority of your users and customers – are rather looking forward to hearing about more actions like this.

PS. Comment from Anna Avalanche: I must agree with Tateru Nino. This was a very nice attitude from Linden Lab. Well done Linden’s!!!!

Typical Pantanal cuisine – the Piranha Soup

By Anna Avalanche, Gisa Miles and Luiz Speedwell

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As we have written about Bonito this article is a nice tip about the typical cuisine you might want to try.

If you come to Bonito – Brazil – and visit Pantanal you must try this energetic dish the Piranha Soup. A lot of people believe if you are far away from big cities, more easy is to preserve the regional tastes from external influences. But we must consider that a typical dish keep its essence because of emotions and remembers arouse deep in people feelings.
In Bonito region the culinary is typically Pantaneira, it means from Pantanal. With a rich variety in fish, the flavored food of the south of Mato Grosso do Sul had a great influence from European, Arabic and other South American countries. “Puchero”, a typical broth made of beef and vegetables came from Argentina. “Tereré”, which is from Paraguay, is a brew made from the “mate” dried leaves and it is served icy in an ox horn.

It stands out the cooking of various typical fish, “pacu”, “pintado”, “dourado” (salmon-like fish) and other species of fish, which can be fried, roasted or boiled. For those who enjoy really exotic food, the region offers flavored dishes as the famous “Piranha” broth considered aphrodisiac.

Below there is a recipe for the Pantanal most famous dish.
Yield 4 portions. If you are not in Bonito you can substitute “piranha” for black bass, corvine, tilapia or other fish.
4 11/2- to 3- pound piranha, scaled and gutted, with as many vertical incisions in the
skin as possible.
2 tiny Spanish onions (they are sweeter)
2 diced carrots
2 bunches of scallions, chopped green and whites
3 tomatoes, seeded and chopped
1 tablespoon chopped garlic
2 hot peppers, diced and seeded
4 steamed and peeled potatoes (use a Yukon gold or a russet)
8 ounces white wine
2 ounces soy sauce
1 teaspoon tumeric
1 teaspoon toasted ground cumin
1 bunch chopped tarragon
1) Cut fish into quarters, including the head, and sear in wide-based pot (a braising pan would be perfect).
2) Remove fish and add onions, scallions, carrots and garlic. Sauté until slightly tender.
3) Add tomatoes and white wine, reduce by half.
4) Add potatoes and soy sauce.
5) Add remaining ingredients (except tarragon), including fish.
6) Let simmer 20 minutes, season with salt and pepper, and then add tarragon.
7) Check seasoning and serve in a bowl with the vegetables and the broth. Garnish with chopped tomato and scallion mixed with fresh lime juice and virgin olive oil

The better is come to visit Bonito and try the real piranha soup a typical Pantanal dish cuisine
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Friday, October 30, 2009

Fiona Jewelry set - PB Collection Ardigraf Design

Hello! i want present myself and my activity in Second Life.
My name is Patrizia Blessed. I'm a Graphic Designer in RL/SL and my creations embrace the fashion clothes area.
I want that u know me, my land, my store and my design.
I think that the people in sl, find the quality design for their avatars and i work in sl with really passion and love.
Don't is much time that has left with a new jewelry collection and i want post one pics (for moment) of all my collection :D so u can know the details.

This set is a very original creation made by me and sculpt prim is made by me too.
The colors of the precious are perfect for olive and pink dress. :D or Gold Dress and all light purple tonality. Fantasy fabric is don't suggest for this set.
Who don't wouldn't have it in inventory?

If u need see all my creations, and new jewelry collection, come to my store and enjoy your walk!!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Mr Selona aka Holli Vals

According to EdDereDdE Laval SL have had at 12PM SLT one fantastic music show at NAG with Mr Selona aka Holli Vals

With this recopies along with a healthy dose of Jimi Hendrix, John Frusciante, Pink Floyd, Jeff Buckley and other loosely related inspirations, Hoelli performs and writes in the singer songwriter tradition, although not a traditional one


Below more about Holli Vals and his New Album

New Music From Iceland!
Holli Vals Music Presents:

Brand New Album From Icelandic Musician Holli Vals - "Somewhere, Just Not Here"
16 Songs In Several Styles Including Rock, Pop, Alternative, Experimental And Instrumental.

Holli Vals Music would like to welcome you to a listening party and have a chance of getting the whole album for a special introduction price
at this website:

Since he got his first guitar at 15, Holli Vals has been composing his own music and some of his main influences are Jimi Hendrix, Pink Floyd, The Doors, Jeff Buckley, The Red Hot Chili Peppers and everybody else that have pushed the limits somehow.

"Somewhere, Just Not Here" is an album that sounds:
Exotic, Dreamy, Beautiful, Haunting, Alternative, Erotic, Soft, Hard & Experimental.

BlackBarbie Bravin is the stunning Second Life Girl

The new Second Life Girl is the stunning BlackBarbie Bravin click here to go to the Second Life girl bog and see the sexy and spectacular pictures by the talent Gabrielle Sinatra.

Don’t miss this sweet girl!!!

If you are a photographer or a nice and hottest female girl contact Anna Avalanche in world. Anna and the Second Life Girl team will evaluate your pictures. Good photography will be publish in the Second Life Girl blog and maybe also on the Déjà vu web site.

Bonito is beautiful

By Anna Avalanche, Gisa Miles and Luiz Speedwell

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The city of Bonito - means beautiful in Portuguese, but the word beautiful can’t describe this wonderful place - distance about one thousand kilometer away from São Paulo and a little bit more from Rio de Janeiro, is one the most complex and fascinating natural area of water leisure in the world. Despite its distance from the Brazilian major cities, Bonito has a very good hostelry and restaurants infrastructure.

A paradise at the south of Pantanal, in Mato Grosso do Sul state, with hundred of waterfalls, lakes and rivers of pristine water, over 80 caves dry and flooded, and endless species of fish and other wild animal that, all, can be reached without much trouble is a better definition for Bonito.

The visitors can see these wonders very closely in a tight contact with best Mother Nature can offer. Does it sound boring? No way! The amount and distribution of wild animals, as well as the surprising geography, guarantee a fantastic experience on each of the sites you visit.

It would be impossible to express and summarize all the good things you can do there. You must come in Bonito to feel it by yourself how it is scuba diving, light rafting, rappel, slide on small waterfalls, horse riding, caving, trekking, snorkel and, of course, taste the delicious regional food before or after all the fun and excite. All you have to do is pack your bags, pick the route and … have a lot of enjoyment!

Everybody who visits Bonito fall in love for the region. Many Hollywood personalities have already been there like Brad Pitt, Harrison Ford and Richard Gere. Since the ninety’s Bonito is a celebrity “refuge”. Therefore if you come to visit “paradise” doesn’t be surprised if you find a celebrity.

Below we summarize some highlights attractions that will take your breath:

Anhumas Abyss (Abismo Anhumas) - A crack on the ground creates a vertical abyss, a real trip to the centre of the earth. The 72 meter rappel descent leads to a clear water lake the size of soccer field. The fun didn’t end yet! You can snorkelers and scuba dive 18 meters deep into the underwater cave complex. Even if you don’t want to dive there are many Speleothem, true sculptures produced by Nature in the dry part of the cavern to be enjoy. This is unforgettable beauty exciting “adventure”.

Buoys and kayak Cross (Travessia com Bóia e Caiaque ) - A thrilling adventure along the Formosinho river waterfalls, with more than 7 rapids to skirt over. It provides lot of fun for everyone.

Adventure and Formoso River Tour boat ( Aventura e Passeio de bote pelo Rio Formoso ) – The adventure start when you walk 1.700 meters trail in the middle of the bushes to Figueira Docks. From there starts the snorkeling descent of Formoso River, passing through small pristine waterfalls and exploring underwater holes. Furthermore at the same river, but in other point there is an 8 Km, waterfalls and rapids, trip on rubber boats. The visual is incurable and on the riverbanks you’ll see plenty of wildlife and birds.

Blue lake Grove (Gruta do Lago Azul) – One hundred meter deep in the ground there is a 90 meters profound lake of solid blue water. Sunbeams permeate the lake, producing a spectacle of rare beauty. Both the cavern`s roof and the bottom are replete with Speleology formations of different shapes and sizes. At the bottom of the cavern there is a surprise! The prehistoric skeletons of a giant ground sloth and a saber tooth tiger.

Saint Michel Grove (Gruta de São Miguel) - The way from the reception to the grove entrance is made through a suspended bridge among the trees where a variety of birds can be observed. The panoramic view is fabulous. In the grove, you can take a nice walk among many Speleothem including some beautiful and exclusive cave formations.

Bodoquena Ecological Park (Parque Ecoturistico da Bodoquena) - It is the only attraction run by an environmental non-profit organization. There are horse riding, canoeing, mountain-bike and trekking for all ages. You can stay in the park houses and participate in environmental education activities.

Baia Bonita Ecological Reserve - Natural Aquarium (Reserva ecológica Baía Bonita - Aquário Natural) - Baía Bonita offers a rare type of immersion, in waters as clear as they can be, through a 900 meter course. And there’s more! Trails cut into the rich and well preserved forest take to the point where three different rivers converge. Finally you can feel as a child where an elastic bed and a flying fox device are guarantees of pure fun.

Fish River (Rio do peixe) - A fascinating trekking at Água viva Farm, usually guided by the owner. The trail takes about 2 hours, passing through waterfalls, natural pools and little underwater groves. Rio do Peixe means River from the Fish and you will see how true it is. A lot of wild and beautiful fishes are seen when you swim at the lagoons and enjoying the waterfalls. You might even touch one as the fishes are not afraid of human.

Sucuri River (Rio Sucuri) - The name can sound threatening (Sucuri is huge Snake which can eat a calf), but floating down this river offers no risk. On the contrary, you’ll travel for two hours in the company of numerous species of wild life animals and fish. Children and adults from all over the world have enjoyed this unique attraction. You can also do an ecological ride horse or even a bike tour that is very pleasure and funny.

Mystery Lagoon (Lagoa Misteriosa) This place is located in Jardim a small city near Bonito. It is a lagoon of blue waters, amazing for its depth and water transparency all the year, its visibility is superior to 40 meters but you won’t see its floor. A spectacle of pure nature, lots of adrenaline and mystery. An unforgettable sensation of floating or scuba diving in the most profound and mysterious cave ever, no one has reach its bottom and the deeper a professionals diving got, about 220 meters, wasn’t enough to see its floor. Just fluctuate and contemplate the blue deep abyss and the vertical walls which reflect the streams of light will take your breath. It’s a unique place in the world. This is pure nature and lots of adrenaline feelings.

Come to visit Bonito if you want to have a lifetime adventure and after the fun and adventure try our suggestion dish, the piranha soup!

There is much more to see and visit. What are you waiting? Come to visit Bonito.

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