Friday, October 30, 2009

Fiona Jewelry set - PB Collection Ardigraf Design

Hello! i want present myself and my activity in Second Life.
My name is Patrizia Blessed. I'm a Graphic Designer in RL/SL and my creations embrace the fashion clothes area.
I want that u know me, my land, my store and my design.
I think that the people in sl, find the quality design for their avatars and i work in sl with really passion and love.
Don't is much time that has left with a new jewelry collection and i want post one pics (for moment) of all my collection :D so u can know the details.

This set is a very original creation made by me and sculpt prim is made by me too.
The colors of the precious are perfect for olive and pink dress. :D or Gold Dress and all light purple tonality. Fantasy fabric is don't suggest for this set.
Who don't wouldn't have it in inventory?

If u need see all my creations, and new jewelry collection, come to my store and enjoy your walk!!

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