Monday, July 26, 2010

Some interesting ideas for ecommerce that could work in SL

I was thinking in develop some interesting ideas from real life (RL for us at the virtual community) that could – why not – work also at Second Life ( what is SL ). I have worked a lot trying to make the business better for SL residents and principle for newbie’s to have an extra income. My idea to work with catalogs like Avon and direct sale are similar to some of the ecommerce business. If anyone are interested in have free an AATrade catalog please contact me ( or access my website ( /).

I like very much to develop new concepts and, inclusive, make better some ideas by adapting them to our virtual reality. I was making a research using Google for sites to buy in group (collective). Ok I was using the Google form Brazil and in Portuguese is like “site de compra coletiva”. I found some very interesting ideas that could help to make Second Life market better.

The websites (this link is in Portuguese ) work like a salesman, bargain with the supplier the sale, in large scale, for the lower price possible of some product. The offers are shown to people that made the logon to the website. The promotions, with big price rebates, are disposable for a certain time, like wise 48 hours. There are options such as theater, beauty treatments and gym. Some sites charge commission, which can range from 20% to 50% of the total sale for each transaction. That’s a lot! But I also found an interesting idea for a site related to agribusiness ( ) that does not charge commission and no fees. Wow! I found it very nice! We can even sell products through online auction or make a promotion for collective (group) purchasing. Besides being a business opportunity, Agron is a virtual the community too.

It would be very interesting if we could have such a system in SL too. Is there anyone that wants to help me? I am willing to contribute. Maybe we could improve service delivery and trade there in Second Life with this idea? What you think?

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