Saturday, September 13, 2008

ATTITUDE II, a Baiastice Fashion Show

Today i had my eyes enchanted by Miss Sissy Pessoa, the art on herself!!! Sissy presented her new collection - ATTITUDE II.

Sissy Pessoa, the genius of Baiastice,released her new ATTITUDE II Fall Collection of Clothing and Accessories for immediate purchase. This gorgeously rendered and expansively designed Collection is a 'must-have' that features sumptuous fabrics and a variety of silhouettes and increased versatility with hats and matching handbags available.

Along with the ATTITUDE II Fall Collection Preview, Baiastice will have their first ever discounted sale. All previous Baiastice Collections and Accessories will be discounted by 50% for 3 days only to members of the "**BAIASTICE*** by Sissy Pessoa" Group.

The 50% Discount Sale is ONLY available at the BAIASTICE SIM Store.

After the show, i talked with Maddox DuPont, Owner of KMADD City & MADesigns Shapes, Fashion consultant ~ MAD Image, Art Director and owner of MAD Agency and Fashion writer for GLAM Magazine

Melinda Emms: how is hosting a show for a label like baiastice?
Maddox DuPont: Baiastice is one of our most loved clients that has had number of great shows with MAD Agency. She knows what she wants and she has confidence that MAD Agency can deliver it. This time was no different.

Melinda Emms: and for sure she can be confident, you do a great job!
Maddox DuPont: Inspired by Madonna's Rain video. She came to us with a request of clean, modern, cool minimalistic set for her new line Attitude II. Sissy's clothing is breathless, she is one of the most creative and flamboyant designers we love doing shows for.

Melinda Emms: i think you had defined everything when you use the word breathless, she really is!! Thanks Maddox, and congrats for your great show.

Now, stay with some of her creations.

Matie in blue. This gabardine dress is a saturated slate blue and beautifully textured to show depth and movement.
The full tea-length skirt is a beautiful sweeping design, graceful with each step you take, a Baiastice trademark characteristic.
Hiding beneath this gorgeous gown are the Matie thigh high stockings, a thick band of elegant blue lace topping these sheer seamed stockings.
The Matie bodice is a lace underlayer with a bustier bodice worn over the top. The lace underblouse can also be worn alone, and features discreet placement of the floral pattern to allow sexy but not scandalous exposure!
The prim peplum defines the strong silhouette and the full length bell-end gloves and prim collar as well as the beret hat add the finishing details for this very well thought-out creation.
The matching evening bag is trimmed in coordinating lace and will find hold those few essentials each woman needs for her night out!

A formal gown designed with rare silk and sheer silk. The Urghenz bodice is sexy bustier in shirred print silk, the sleeves are prim capped and finished with bows and ruched bell prim cuffs. An alternate and included bodice is done in sleeveless light lace. The full ballgown-type skirt of Urghenz is kinetically active, fashioned of rare silk flexiprim panels, it has the hint of a train and is beautifully nuanced in shades of silver and cream. The waist of the Urghenz gown is a rose prim belt--realistically rendered silver rosesand leaves form the tone on tone subtle floral accent. The Urghenz top hat and rose/veil lace spray is elegant and befitting of a princess who is stylish with a bit of an attitude!Regal a nd pristine, fresh and youthful.. this gown is all things for all occasions.

Reverse. Created of velvet and satin, the Reverse bodice is sheer satin lace with pockets discreetly placed so that it can be worn even on a PG sim. The layered prim sleeves and collar as well as the sheer lace peplum add dimension to the bodice and realistic details to the entire garment. The pencil skirt is shaded to show the satin's sheen and has a delicate print that echoes the peplum of the top. The Reverse hat is a mod touch, a billed cap with coordinating band. Sexy, modern and tailored... Reverse has it all covered, and with amazing style! i will run to Baiastice. ;)

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maddox dupont said...

Thank you for coming ladies and for the coverage. Always great to do shows such as Baiastice, her talent and vision never seems to amaze me.