Saturday, September 27, 2008

Second Life Manuals and tutorials free at AAT

Dear friends and everyone interested on manual and information, I collected a great amount of manuals and tutorials on my two years of Second Life existence.

My original idea was to publish bit by bit these manuals on the blog. As a matter of fact I still have this idea. But I think would be more useful for my friends to have them all disposable in one place at once. All those manuals and tutorials can be find in Second Life if you search for them. However I ignore a place where they are all together like here.

I include also some textures for light and shadow and scripts that I purchase during all this time. There are approximately 249 notes, 296 scripts and some textures and gifts inside the manuals.

I am disposing entirely free a big amount of manuals that I collected during this two years!!! Joined all in one place the famous “Ivory tower library of primitive”, “Design Center Tutorial”, “Particle Lab Tutorial” and “texture tutorial by Robin (Sojourner) Wood” tutorial manuals!!!

Do you want to know how? It is very simple.

Tele transport (TP) here and find all manuals free!!!!

Enroll at AA Trade Company group to get them free. Remember you need to have the AA Trade Company tag on.

Choose the manual on the vendor pay 1 Linden and receive free the tutorial and your 1 Linden back.

The vendor system doesn’t allow gifts but permit refund your money. Therefore pay 1 Linden and receive your purchase gift and your 1 linden back. All manual in the store that is sold for 1 Linden is actually free. Your money will be refund automatically.

If you have any doubts please feel free to IM Anna Avalanche

Below a list of the manuals and their description

Free Building Stuff Manual = about 7 notes in English.

Free Clothing Design and Creation Manual = about 6 notes in English.

Free English Help Second Life Manuals = Basic manuals in English with about 26 notes and more gifts.

Free French Help Second Life Manuals (Aide pour Second Life en Francais) = about 20 notes and more gifts in French.

Free German Help Second Life Manuals (Willkommen bei Second Life) = about 24 notes and more gifts in German.

Free Lag and Reducing It Information = about 6 notes in English.

Free Land in Second Life Information = about 9 notes in English.

Free Portuguese Help Second Life Manuals (Manuais em Português) = about 22 notes in Portuguese.

Free Scripting Manual = about 5 notes in English.

Basic scripts = about 296 script for 10 Lindens.

Ivory tower library of primitive tutorial = about 32 notes for those how want to learn how to build in English.

Ivory tower library of primitive tutorial (Francais) = about 4 notes for those how want to learn how to build in French.

Ivory tower library of primitive tutorial (italiano) = about 6 notes for those how want to learn how to build in italian

Texture tutorial by Robin (Sojourner) Wood = about 29 notes in English

Particle Lab Tutorial and Samples (script for particles) = about 37 notes in English

Design Center Tutorial and light/shadow kit with some textures for light/shadow = about 16 notes plus textures for 10 Lindens in English

p.s. I left a tip jar close by. If you think all these hard effort worth, feel free to tip if you are so inclined. Please don’t need to be niggard (laughter)!!!

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