Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Deja vu International & AA Trade

Déjà vu International with AA Trade – An exclusive business partnership.

The exclusive business partnership between AA Trade Company and Déjà vu International Magazine creates the first interactive magazine inside Second Life

AA Trade Company - the first catalog system company inside Second Life and Déjà vu international - the first magazine born in Second Life printed in real life announced today they have entered into an agreement pertaining to create the first interactive magazine inside Second Life. The new interactive magazine Déjà vu AAT Magazine provide second life residents readers the possibility to interact with the magazine and choose if they wish to buy the goods advertised inside the publication directly from the magazine

Under the Agreement, AAT will provide and manage the system and Déjà vu international will provide the best inside content articles. Although the detail of the agreement is not disclosed, both Companies believe this exclusive business partnership shall contribute substantially to satisfaction of the readers and also provides a better Second Life experience for the residents. The Companies also pledge to further develop synergy in other businesses relating to catalogs and magazines business inside Second Life in additional joint business ventures

AA Trade Company is specialized in business and catalog system and Déjà vu international is one of the best magazines inside Second Life. People now have the options to read the printed magazine, in world, and even buy the products annunciated on the articles or advertise. The content is also wonderful. This magazine is already a success and will achieve much more thanks to all readers, journalists and sponsors that made this magazine amazing possible.

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