Sunday, October 19, 2008

Poetry Secundo Coming, A pornographic satire By Nebbisk Oh

Photographer: Sennaspirit Coronet
Models: Anna Avalanche and Sennaspirit Coronet

Nebbisk Oh poetry was one of the best at the London School of journalism poetry contest. His poetry is always intense, comic and intelligent. Sennaspirit Coronet great photograph and Anna Avalanche modeling the Secundo Coming, A pornographic satire from an idea by Secundo Dharma, by Nebbisk Oh

Nebbisky Oh is one of the best poets live in Second Life. The best to say about someone is to look her own words and thought. Better if that person is a writer or poet. Nebbisk Oh profile describes his feelings and ideas about the second life new world…

“Nothing seemed worth putting here before... now nothing seems adequate. Well... suffice it to say that the "process" is starting to make sense now. Initial reviews seem to indicate that this next Act will be truly amazing.”

Secundo Coming
by Nebbisk Oh

Cock in hand
Balls aflutter
Fingers stained with peanut butter

Hard shaft, tip wet
With tumescence
Kleenex soaking up the messes

Mistress lies
In lover’s pose
The smell of peanuts in his nose

He’s coming now
And so is she
And so’s his wife, and that makes three

She’s coming early
Home from work
And he in flagrant, fragrant jerk

He tries to stop;
Too late! He spouts
While on the screen, his mistress shouts

“Oh God,” she cries
and so does he
and booming speakers both agree

Wife rushes in
Stares at the screen
But just in time, he’s changed the scene

He’s changed it to
A hard-core flick
Some porn star and Ron Jeremy’s dick

She looks, and smiles
And says, “Aww gee,
My darling, next time wait for me.”

His closemouthed grin
Hides great relief
And chunks of peanut in his teeth

He starts to shut
The laptop down
And watches wife’s smile turn to frown

As suddenly
The speakers blare
And tell her more than two are there

“Oh marry me,
my sweet Secundo.
Your tongue is sweet, your cock gigundo.”

Thus was his case
Tossed on his ear, defenestrated

It took six months
But he recovered
Then he wed his online lover

And now they live
In bliss, you’d think
But sometimes, fortified with drink

He goes online
And shares hot sex
And peanut butter with his ex.

- Nebbisk Oh, July 2007

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