Tuesday, June 10, 2008

First teleportation out of “world”. Small step for Ruth, a giant step in metaverse!

After months of development, the Opem Simulator community has a lot to celebrate. There was a first teleportation for an open grid. I think this is good news and a step forward in the Web 2.0 and Metaverse

Even with a lot of controversy this is a really important step. The community's open source developers got to accomplish a great progress and plus, with the employees' of Linden Lab behind. This contradicts the first impression that Linden Lab doesn’t support the initiative of maintaining private servers a part from the main SL gird.

This week Zha Ewry and two Linden employees (Layla Linden and Tess Linden) completed a successful cross domain teleport from the official grid (managed by Linden Lab) to an external private grid!

However just the primitive avatar format got transported. Everyone arrived as Ruth (the generic, default avatar). The inventory and the finance system don’t cross the barrier among the worlds. That is due to configurations still in development. But this is a huge step forward. In a sense, someone said; “it’s the virtual world equivalent of the first Moon landing”. Maybe a small step for Ruth, a giant step for metaverse!

This means that in the near future anyone can have a private sim on your own house server computer connected to others. If you don’t know about OpenSim there is a brief on the post below.

What you think about this news? Please leave your comment about OpenSim, if you wish.

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Albert Revolution said...

Yes, it is a big step. The step that we work with OpenSim, we were expecting. The next step is get the synchronization between databases in order to export the inventory without going to utilities such as the CopyBot. The times are coming very interesting