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First Life Experience – interview.

This was one of my recent article for déjà vu magazine. Hope you all enjoy, and if you do please leave a comment.


First Life Experience – interview.

Text: Anna Avalanche and Liane Maertens
Annacarol and Anna Avalanche Photography from: Gutta Teichmann
Liane Photography from: Raffaelo Robbiani
Models: Anna Avalanche, Annacarol Beanazzi, Liane Maertens
Edition for the Déjà vu Magazine: Dodd Roff

The “Olimpo girl 2008” (Garota Olimpo 2008), was a model contest in the Brasil Rio Island organized by AQUILES Amat. This was my – Anna Avalanche - first experience judging a beauty contest, the first contest for Annacarol, and the first international journalist article for Liane. When I realize it I change a bit this text. This is an article about first experience. Normally we get confuse, impatient and stressed when doing things you never did before. Well, Second life as a simulator can help us if used to get a background experience for our life.

This will be an article divide in two parts. The first one, journalist Anna and Liane are also interview about first experience. In the second part the “Olimpo girl 2008” is interview.

Liane Maertens

How was your first experience as a journalist?
Liane Maertens: Was really great to write my first article for an important magazine, when Anna asked I was a bit unsure if I could make it, but I decided to accept the challenge. I work as a model for a long time at Second Life and was first time I went to a show to cover the backstage and the make off. I was very welcome by the models and the owner of the agency, what made my job easy, all the girls and mostly the winner helped me a lot. Anacarol was very nice answering my questions and was really easy for me to write it down. I really hope more jobs like this and to work for the magazine once more, the experience was really great.

Anna Avalanche

How was your first experience judging a beauty contest?
Anna Avalanche: From the pedagogic perspective a simulator permit learners to feel moments deeply. These simulations require activation of cognitive complex process. When using a simulator we need to recovery information from the memory. Simulators like Second Life help develop strategies to solve problems, make decision faster, formulate hypothesis that anticipate reactions. All this prevents us to be wounded. Well at least physical injured because we use a simulator of course. This is not truth to some people that really leave the moment so intensive that fiction became reality in their minds.

I have been in some contest as a model. The ones I lost I learned more about me and Second life beauty contest. This time I was the judge. The experience was very nice, but hard. I didn’t expect that it was so hard to judge the winner; even so I was only one of the tan judges. I realize that we can have nice experience in Second Life. We can try different situations that never had chance to occur in real life. This could be personal relation, work, and any kind of creation. This new situations can have different approaches. I really believe we should learn more about us, and the Second Life as a simulator can help people to learn more about themselves and about life situations. If you use this as a tool to achieve a higher knowledge for your life this is good. The problem is that some people get upset because lost a contest that is virtual. Sometimes people get so much involved in Second Life and forget this is just a 3D simulator. Anyhow we learn even form a great lost and difficulty but, using a simulator is less painful sometimes.

Annacarol Beanazzi

As Annacarol Beanazzi is from Italy and is the winner of “GAROTA OLIMPO 2008” she deserves a special interview with more questions. We all want to know a little bit more about her.

How was your first experience in a beauty contest?
Annacarol Beanazzi: I liked, this added knowledge on my model career. I learned good and bad things. But this show me how to proceed. The good ones and nice ones certainly serves as stimulus. Therefore I think that I learned even winning the “GAROTA OLIMPO 2008”. With certainty it was a wonderful experience. I like to thank very much everyone in the contest for my first experience in this journey inside Second Life.

How you define yourself?
Annacarol Beanazzi: I am friendly and companion, sincere and calm. I love to make friends I try not to harm people, but if happens I have no shame in ask for forgiveness. I prefer simple and practice things. The nature is something extraordinaire. I love the sea!

I believe at the dialog as the most efficient way to solve problems and conflicts. I early learned that things we won with honesty and dedication is what brings us happiness, because I understand that the human being is moved by dreams and desires. Thus, here and at my real life I try to work to win my own space, always respecting the others. After all, I understand life as a continuous construction, where we have to plant our garden now, looking always forward, never behind, seeing the flowers grow day by day. God gave us all the tools we needed is just know how to use them. Bacioneee ^Ä^

From all things you did and do, would you change something?
Annacarol Beanazzi: No. I always think very much and I do very well until the end and I never regret after.

How is the rhythm of your life as GAROTA OLIMPO 2008?
Annacarol Beanazzi: Until now is normal. The contest ended and the life goes on. I still need to walk a lot. And this was just first step of a long walk. I know that I have still too much to walk and win. The title was great, I loved to win. After all was for that I invested and battled, but I have conscience that only the title isn’t enough, I know that helps a lot but I still need to run after and keep walking.

What is the most difficult part of being the GAROTA OLIMPO?
Annacarol Beanazzi: Well the most difficult is to show that you are more than a beautiful face. Show that you have brains and a goal as a professional.

You want to participate in other contests?
Annacarol Beanazzi: Yes, if I have the opportunity and if I think It is worth. Not anyone, but serious contest as Olimpo. And congratulations to everybody there!

What were the aspects that motivated you to participate at the contest?
Annacarol Beanazzi: Well I always loved fashion. And when I saw myself at second life I decided to practice the dream of being a model, I needed at my second life to have a profession then I decided to invest in this and I liked.

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