Friday, July 17, 2009

SECOND STREET PUB by Liane Maertens

Was at SECOND STREET PUB opening and i realy enjoyed the ambience and a very good amount of singers alive at the stage, bringing an atmosphere of the great pubs. The people singing and dancing with the artist, places to chat and just hang around admiring the rest, all very well made and surelly a nice way to spend the night long.
The good options of singers with all kind of ritms from pop rock to contry music, for all the good ears and tastes, you cant miss the next shows, so take the limo and have fun.
Here a small list of the presentation there at the first night, Jon Bazar singer and Fireheart Braver, wife and husband; Madmax Huet, Midnight McCarty, and i am sure many others will join.
Meet you all again soon with more good news!!

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