Tuesday, December 22, 2009

MEB Fashion news: Hair&Hats

Closing the year, MEB Fashion releases the last 2009 item. It's a new entry in the MEB catalogue, since it's a line of soft hats coming with their hair.
The Hair&Hats line is made by four items, squared and solid colors, four hair styles (ebony, blonde, mahoganny, tek), for a lot of combination matching every taste.

A special edition of these hats - the Noel one, in solid red - is the group Christmas gift (everyone can join the group using the sign at the main store entry), but all people can take another gift near the Christmas tree, as well as the MEB 2010 Calendar, an homage to fashion given by MEB and by its great models to all customers and friends to welcome the new year.

The MEB group gift

A sample from MEB 2010 Calendar

The last surprise at MEB main store is a Secret Sale: go there and find three great outfits at reduced price (look at the notecard in the vendor to check the original price), with a 50-80% discount.

Merry Christmas and happy New year from MEB!

(This post is sponsored by MEB Fashion)

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