Saturday, January 2, 2010

Madonna in Brazil - US$ 10 million raised in one week

By Anna Avalanche, Gisa Miles and Luiz Speedwell

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For the enormous Madonna’s world fans she is news again, this time from Brazil. Different from others pop stars she is getting media attention for social projects, not for beating a photographer drunk in a bar nor by an exotic plastic surgery she did, and that’s great!

The latest news, from Brazil, was the presence of the music pop star back to Rio de Janeiro. This time she was not on a show tour. Although, she always make a show where she goes. The excitement the singer provokes every occasion visiting the country has a noble reason this week. Madonna claims to be on a humanitarian mission. The singer came to Brazil to meet her boyfriend’s (Jesus Luz) family and to promote the non-governmental organization (NGO) Success For Kids (SFK), a charity supporting children and their families by offering free courses in art and sport, aiming social inclusion. Her NGO was renaming to take out the religious impression from the project. However the principle remains the same, show people that they are responsible for their destiny, to change their reality and the environment in which they live. For those who do not know, Madonna invests in three social projects in Brazil, through its NGO SFK: two in Rio de Janeiro - the hills of Joy and kids - and one in Sao Paulo.

Madonna created the entity to fight poverty in the country where she adopted her two young children, David and Merc. The Raising Malawi is partner of SFK. In Brazil SFK already have, an office in Sao Paulo and includes other NGO’s partners like “Gotas de Flor com Amor” and “Lua Nova”, which care for single mothers who are victims of violence. These NGO’s are support by money from privet and government organizations.

Madonna seeks partners to fund the expansion of her social project and had plane to raise US$ 10 million from native business residents to expand SFK in Brazil. All over the week she has meets with the wealthier businessman. She does not intend to build anything; the whole investment will be in training of professionals to apply the precepts of SFK.

Fallowing Madonna’s agenda in her visit to Rio

Accompanied by Jesus Luz, which was, alongside almost all events. She even might have known the mother of her boyfriend Cristiane Luz. Besides this Information has not been confirmed, Madonna may have another chance: She will probably perform on 2011 the Copacabana New Year's Eve said Rio de Janeiro Mayor Eduardo Paes.

She also met Eike Batista, the richest man in the country, which has donated several million to the Malawi Foundation. However the pop queen vacation was not only meeting politicians and businessmen. Madonna visited Santa Marta favela (shantytown) and relax at Rio de Janeiro. While visiting Morro Dona Marta favela she watched Santa Marta Children percussion group and a local street dance group presentation. In certain moment Madonna said she loves Rio and was very happy to be there. "It's great to be here, I love the Rio" said Madonna

On the afternoon of Wednesday, Madonna was visited by 35 children in the Olympic Energy project in the Morro dos Cabritos. Hosted by Marcelo Sauaia since 2006 and sponsored by Furnas and Eletrobrás, the entity was chosen to be the first experience of the SFK activity in Rio - nevertheless is not supported by it. The first floor of Fasano hotel, the children attended, along with Madonna, the fifth class of a total of ten travel rules of the game of life. In the end, Madonna gave a small lecture, which told the children the importance of the initiative and that they take the lessons seriously.

The goal was to raise US$ 10 million. And she did. After six days in Rio de Janeiro, Madonna left the city on Saturday night getting US$ 3 million in the first days and completed the goal, thanks to entrepreneur Eike Batista. He donated US$ 7 million. The donation, made during a dinner, in his residence, that also featured political figures and artists, left the singer moved. Surely the "Diva" has left Brazil very happy.

We all hope that the money can be used to promote Madonna’s social project and aid kids here in Brazil. As everything she does we are sure she will achieve success helping people as well.

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