Monday, May 25, 2009

How to live stream from your webcam into Second Life

Below I posted an article about live streaming webcam Second Life and this is how to do it. This guide information source is the blogwebcam.

Livestreaming Webcam Second Life

source: blogwebcam

1. Sign up for a free account at . Veodia output can be played in Quicktime, which is the format Second Life needs.

2. Check your upload speed using. Veodia requires an upload speed of 500+ kbps . Mine is around 800, but I think it may dip under 500 every so often, so I cannot stream from home.

3. Switch on your webcam

4. Select “Start new broadcast”

5. Press “start”

6. The footage is streamed onto a web page, for which you will get a link. This link is the same each time you restart the show.

7. Find the bit of code starting with “rstp”. This changes for each show. This is the code you will need for Second Life.
8. Log in as the island owner.

9. Go to World>About Land > Media.

10. Paste the “rstp” code into the box and select “set”

11. Check in the same window to check what is set as the “default media texture”. If you have not changed it, then it should be kind of grey.

12. Create a simple media viewer by creating a cube using building tools. Add the “default media texture” as the texture on the outside of the cube.

13. Ensure that your video preferences are set to automatically play video

14. All should work. I found that veodia streams varied, and sometimes you need to restart several times (and re-paste the rstp) to get it working. I checked in the web page that the show streamed to to see whether it looked flaky.

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