Sunday, May 24, 2009

Tip How transmit video from your Webcam in Second Life

I was looking for news for the Blog and found this old one, but very interesting for those who like videos, and thought it was worth translating and posting it here on the blog. If anyone knows more tips I will love so publish. Please send me a comment.

Source: Blog Second Life Radar por Cláudio Ralha

You want to transfer video from your Webcam into an event in Second Life or even in your land for friends seeing you in real life? For those who have been frustrated trying the good news is that it is possible, provided of course that you have access to broadband Internet with a minimum speed of around 500 Kbps for upload (check the page of your provider because they normally only disclose the speed to download.

The procedure is relatively simple but involves the creation of a free account at Veodia web site:

This is necessary because the web service provides the output to Quicktime, the format adopted by the Second Life for video. With the account created, simply follow the steps in the tutorial presented in Webcam Blog, available at:

Check the test done by the author's step by step in the video below.

Also in the You Tube, we found a second video showing how to transmit video from the webcam; however the author did not have enough upload speed to pass and was frustrated in the final, thinking it was lag unfortunately.

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Anonymous said...

Veodia is not free. It costs and not necessarily does it broadcast this way any longer. Must find different company.