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Accessories trend for summer 2010 at Rio Fashion Week

By Anna Avalanche, Gisa Miles and Luiz Speedwell

Photography credit for Marcio Madeira-

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The accessories had outstanding emphasize at this latest spring and summer Rio Fashion Week show. They adorned women and gave even more value to feminine beauty, especially in summer, seeking delight and bold with colorful pieces. The trends for this 2010 summer, showed on stage, were the maximalist and flashy accessories. This might be a fever on this next Brazilian summer.

Designers, at Spring and Summer Rio Fashion, offer us big flashy jewels like necklaces, bracelets, earrings that perhaps called more attention than the clothes.

The beads necklaces from wood or audacious stones are long with many laps around the neck, with huge rocks or very big and glared sophisticated metal pieces.

The earrings appeared in very large rings or very long shape made from metal or stone. For the bracelets they are made from wood, gold metals or seeds.

The belts come to vogue in this warm season of 2010. The trend is a slim, thin and delicate colorful belt used as a decorative overlay.

For the maxi bags the tendency is something despoil and light. The average sizes bags had metallic straps or chains and the wallets and handbags come in a little bigger size very colorful with various textures and details. All bags showed at catwalk had some handicraft finishing.

The spotlight prominent accessory presented at the show was the hat and literally makes the women head. Independently on the style, beach or chic stylish, hats were displayed in diverse sizes, colors and forms and made from light, fine or noble fabrics in unusual design formats, with waves and movements that detach the colors, representing the season creativity.

The scarf’s are still in high for this next season. In a side light and casual style made from lighter fabrics such as, shred and embroider, mesh with fringes. Some designers showed also big and large animal’s format brooch pin giving an adventuress and paradisiacal perspective feeling.

We must not forget the shoes. Shoes, we all know, are among the major passions of women were also a trend. A high, pretty comfortable shoe gives women power and status and also let the lady more sensual.

Trend already saw in feet of celebrities and fashion shows worldwide, the main stakes of the catwalks at Fashion Rio shoes are nude shades, color-to-skin, which works much in favor of female elegance, simply because it lengthens the legs. The impression is that the feet are barefoot. The main advantage of the shoes more clear or color-to-skin is stretch the body of the woman, leaving them without cutting a higher profile. It will take and trend because not only creates a visually sophisticated, but displays a unique femininity.

The variety of style presented can satisfy all the preferences. The style came in various models and jumps like; Ankle boots, escarpins in soft colors, ballerina style shoes.

Choose a fine accessory, that will make you gleam independently form the clothe you are using, and have fun. We gave the best trends from this fashion show, is yours the hard choosing on what to wear.

If you liked these accessories you might find one next to you. But if you don’t maybe we can help you get one. Have fun!

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