Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Last night at SLFW Brazil 2009

Good morning everyone!
In my first post in the Anna Avalanche Blog, I have some news on the SFLW Brazil 2009! A good start with the right foot I hope.
Yesterday began the first day of competition, officially, Second Life Fashion Week Brazil 2009. The AA Models Agency presented a collection of fashion designers and many people attended this great party.
The table of judges we have the owners of participating agencies (Magnum, South Models) and other guests who might get close to this great event.
The winner of the night was Blackbarbie model, with the highest points than the other candidates. Tonight it will happen the fashion show of South Models, and as scheduled tomorrow, Thursday, 1st of October, we have the fashion show of Magnum Models Agency.
The hostess will be a awsome Aealla, which presented shows in stunning Modavia Fashion Week and DJ Miguelina, who also attended the Modavia.
They were specially hired for the fashion show of Magnum for being well known in the fashion world and also being part of Red Studio Entertainment. I hope everyone come there tonight. Another evening in Brazilian fashion scene, done with much effort and care for all.

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Maris Alter said...

I was there also for Reis concert, awesome as always.