Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Dejá vù international is the first Second Life magazine printed in real life

Dear friend sorry for not posting these days, but it was the woman international day and I was fascinated by the pressed magazine.

I received the first magazine born in Second Life printed in real life. The magazine is very beautiful and amazing!! The quality of the paper and the images are better than from “Veja - the best Brazilian magazine”. I am very happy from receiving the magazine and by the letter full of praises about my contribution. I am very proud to be part of this new proposition for Second Life.

We now have three options to read the magazine, on our hands the printed magazine, on the web site and inside Second Life. The content is also wonderful. If you want to make part of this new reality, please, contact me. This magazine is already a success and will achieve much more.

Daije you really surprise me this time। Congrats to all readers, journalists and sponsors that made this magazine amazing.

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lucillemorigi said...

How do I get one for me????