Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Last Wildstar post comment reply

Thanks everyone for commenting the last post. I want to give special thanks on Wildstar intelligent comment (attached below). I agree with you and what I meant was exactly what you said, but in other words. At least inside Second Life a rich VIP is a Real Life person with a dream. People that work hard in Real Life to make their dream come true inside Second Life. That was a surprise for me. I didn’t expect that. Maybe because I am still thinking as in Real life. Well, in Real Life is truth that most VIP worked hard to make their dream come true, but we have also inheritors VIP - people that didn’t work hard for their dreams. This is the main difference from the Second Life VIP that surprises me.

Reproduction of last Wildstar post comment

Thank you for the "greek god" :))
Even if I am not :)

It is a beautiful article: I'm happy to have met you and to have found your blog.

I loved the last paragraph: there are some deep thoughts there.
It made me think about being rich and VIP. Surely I am not a VIP in SL: I was at that party because my girlfriend got the invitation for me. She is not rich either though: she even got a second RL work to be able to pay her tier and keep her dream alive.
I am sure that some people at the party were rich, land barons or so, but most people were probably paying that level of tier because they too have a dream, they have something to give, they find a way to express themselves. There are so many wonderful creations in SL.
I believe the real VIPs are those behind places that make you happy just looking around you after a TP

I must go back to explore your old articles now :)

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Wildstar said...

thank you for quoting me, Anna ...
nothing really needs to be added.
I look forward to your next post