Monday, March 17, 2008


I was invited for a VIP party from linden’s lab. Like the French say “la crème de la crème” and I got all exited!! This is a Second Life concierge-level resident’s party. Or let’s say a festivity for special clients that pay Linden Lab 125 USD or more each month. (
Of course I can’t talk about all nice people that I meet, remorsefully. But I would like to introduce nice VIP people. Oh! I was looking for Anshe Chung. Someone told me she was around there somewhere. Sorry I couldn’t interview her this time. Oh for does that don’t know Anshe is the richest person on second life, earned more than a million dollars and one of the guest of the party.

Anshe Chung is the main avatar (online personality) of Ailin Graef in the online world Second Life. Referred to as the "Rockefeller of Second Life" by a CNN journalist, she has built an online business that engages in development, brokerage, and arbitrage of virtual land, items, and currencies, and has been featured in a number of prominent magazines such as Business Week, Fortune and Red Herring.

Just arrived at the party on Mount Olympus ( ) and I meet Wildstar Beaumont a very handsome Greek God, but he was from Italy. He was very kind to show me how to get to the party. He authorizes me to show some of his nice pictures. You can also see on his flickr ( ).
I also meet a lot of nice and intelligent people. Like the Makwa and Clowey Greenwood. Clowey is working on the educational island Biome for Northern Michigan University with her husband's help. This island is to enjoy, learn about biodiversity and for them to hold classes as well open to the public. She was so nice to invite me in a tour on her virtual University. I will cover that soon I am sure.

This is Laura Ophelia and me dancing. This girl is so nice… she is an island owner and a very nice person. We talked about a lot of things while dancing even about economy. No wonder she is a successful landlord. She is very intelligent and bright.

Geno Zhichao, Ash Klata and Zeus Argus they are business partners. Geno Zhichao is the owner of Firmament Island and has order two more new island and, Zeus is his partner in the rental company called Platinum Properties. They liked to dance with me. Thank you for dancing with me. Stu Source is a software guy and he keeps the bad guys out. Well he has an island. The Sunbelt Island is a fun place to have parties, hang out and relax in the tropical island climate. He also have the Sunbelt software company ( ). Hi is creating firewalls and antivirus that he sells on his SIM. Of course we dance together. He is a polyglot, a computer genius, love Sci-Fi and know how to have fun too. Well he is from Florida. I bet his Island is hot!!

I was curious to see how the VIPs have fun. People say that VIP party is boring and tedious. However the ones I meet are intelligent and bright people. They know how to have fun and have beautiful avatar. Some estrange ones, like this dragon, but well they have money and creativity. What else to say.

Finally I meet Fleche Xeno. He is the jelly on my side. He wasn’t a jelly before he meets me. He was a very handsome male avatar. Well I think maybe I melt him in a jelly when he started to dance with me. Laughs!!! I am kidding. Please, no need to call the ambulance, he is fine. He is owner of the f(x) Marketing Management a consulting firm inside SL. On real life he is an art curator, business consultant (MBA) and communicator (Philosophy Degree, Strategic Consulting). Wow! Good catch ladies!!! He is not a jelly I assure that.

What I realize is that second life creates an innovative atmosphere and a place where intelligent motivated people around the world can meet each other. How could I meet this people if SL didn’t exist? Maybe what makes them rich people isn’t their money, but their inquisitive inside soul. I mean isn’t Second Life a mind world? For me the soul is essential and more important than body exterior. Maybe we are control by our genes. I know that human evolution lead us to considerate body aspects more important. That isn’t bad at all. Well think that when we choose a partner indirectly we are aiming a good husband for our child and a fertile female to give a healthy of offspring. That’s way cosmetic and beauty industry grows so much. Maybe with the modern genetic this isn’t so important anymore. Maybe with genetic manipulation and the Human Genome Project we are giving a step into what really worth. Inside Second Life it is not different, but here a special soul can make the difference. You can easier have a nice outfit here than in real life. But isn’t easy to achieve a beautiful soul on real or second life.


fleche xeno said...

I'm available @ hourly rate...

Laura said...

Wow thats a great coverage of the party, Anna. And yes it was fun, there are so many parties in SL but I think this was one of the best. A five region sized dance floor and so many people. Great Initiative LL :-)

Laura said...

Wow thats a great coverage of the party, Anna. And yes it was fun, there are so many parties in SL but I think this was one of the best. A five region sized dance floor and so many people. Great Initiative LL :-)

Wildstar said...

thank you for the "greek god" :))
even if I am not :)

It is a beautiful article: I'm happy to have met you and to have found your blog.

I loved the last paragraph: there are some deep thoughts there.
It made me think about being rich and VIP. Surely I am not a VIP in SL: I was at that party because my girlfriend got the invitation for me. She is not rich either though: she even got a second RL work to be able to pay her tier and keep her dream alive.
I am sure that some people at the party were rich, land barons or so, but most people were probably paying that level of tier because they too have a dream, they have something to give, they find a way to express themselves. There are so many wonderful creations in SL.
I believe the real VIPs are those behind places that make you happy just loooking around you after a TP

I must go back to explore your old articles now :)