Monday, April 21, 2008

London School of Journalism

Morgue McMillan Public relation of the London School of journalism send me this important notice. It is nice to have a real life journalism school also on Second Life. I will be glad to have some articles of the students publish here. Congrats Morgue and all London School staff, professors and students.

This is a nice tip for those who want to be an journalism. London School of Journalism.

Established for over 80 years, the London School of Journalism provides journalism courses, freelance classes and creative writing lessons by distance learning.

The LSJ has been at the forefront of teaching journalism and creative writing skills for three generations, and continues to lead the way in developing new and effective teaching methods. It also offers 3, 6 and 9 month attendance postgraduate diploma courses in Journalism in London, and modular 24 month online distance learning postgraduate courses.

Although best known for its journalism courses, half of the students are involved in other forms of writing - short stories, novels, children's fiction, poetry, cartooning and English courses.

The presence of the LSJ in Second Life is one more step in the development of new teaching and learning methods. It took Titan Thorne and Indego Hax little over 3 months to build the sim, which includes a main building called the Student Union that contains a general public relations area with announcements as well as an amphitheatre and a club for dancing and events.

Furthermore the Learning Curve will provide the students with all the assets needed in SL and for their learning experience. The LSJ also plans to offer free lectures all throughout their distance learning programme every other week and will co-operate with the writing community in SL like The Guild of UK Writers, Written Word and INKsters as well as with Rockcliffe University.

For further information please contact Titan Thorne or Indego Hax in-world and they will be glad to answer any question, or visit the website of the London School of Journalism at

The sim will open officially on April 26, 2008 at 10 am SLT (6 pm GMT) with a public lecture (it is a free event, but it is needed to contact Titan Thorne via IM to attend as it will be a group event), music and readings.

Their virtual campus is here:

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Indego Hax said...

Hi, Thankyou for your support. We hope to do amazing things here in Second Life and do appreciate your help in this.

And yes, anyone interested in going to our Grand Opening, 26th April 08 (PDT) please contact myself or Titan or join our group "The London School of Journalism"

Thanks Guys
Indego Hax
LSJ I-World Management