Tuesday, April 29, 2008

SL Statistics for Mach 2008

Base on the official information from Linden Lab, we present an exclusive summary with the main statistics, on the Second Life.

• Total of hours spends by users: little more than 30.7 million hours, a growth of 9.5% in relation to February;

• Increase of the total population: they had been opened 408,499 new accounts, 3.22% increment, rising for 13,080,137 residents (historical mark, above of 13 million). However in percentile terms, it was to the worse mark of all times;

• Premium accounts: in March a fall of 1,656 accounts was registered , from 91,531 in February to 89,975 in Mach (-1.81%).

• Brazil active resident registered a fall of -2.22% avatars(about 575 residents less), finishing the month of March with 25,236 avatars active, and keeping 6ª world-wide position (with a representation of 4.64% of world-wide the active population in the SL).

In world-wide level the March month registered increase in the total active users (breaking the increase of fall in the last month), about 17,375 new users, what corresponds to 3.29% increase. The month of March closed with a total of 544,290 active users in the world.

• TOP 10, they represent 80% of all activity in the SL:

1º U.S.A. (194,899 active users) – same position as last month
2º Germany (44,908) - 1 position up
3º the United Kingdom (43,859) - 1 position down
4º France (27,130) - 1 position up
5º Japan (27,081) - 1 position down
6º Brazil (25,236) - same position as last month
7º Italy (23,577) - same position as last month
8º Canada (18,279) - 2 positions up
9º Spain (17,868) - 1 position down
10º Holland (17,202) - 1 position down

• Total area of grid (world-wide map of the SL) grew about 5.24% and it reached the mark of 1,093. 42 Square kilometers

• Total regions (islands) about 16,600 .

• Total L$ circulating in the system went up 4.9%, reaching the total mark of L$4.8 billion (new historical record, beating the previous month), equivalents US$18.4 active millions in the financial system.

• There was an increase of L$ trades in the official market (LindEx-Linden Exchange), from US$8.4 millions to US$9.1 million (8.33% growth).

• The Linden Lab invoiced US$ 884,000 in March, with direct sales of L$ (Linden Dollars), at LindEx market.

The Second Life is really an interesting system. If compared with a country in real world, it would be among the fast grown country. The growth projection for this year is 40% disrespecting the users with only one access, those that open account and never connect again.

This growth projection is superior of many countries in terms of USD$. Therefore 40% in revenue return is fantastic.

The growth in the indices of the virtual economy is more solid. This confers to the system a status of bank, as a result of more than USD$18 millions inside Second Life! This amount of money is equivalent to a GDP of USD$215 million /year. Corresponding to a developing country economy with a potential for grow and rising funds. An excellent scene for who knows what to invest in the world domestic market. Lands and commerce are the business investment suggestion.

With the contract of Mark Kingdon - career executive in the technology area - Linden Lab confirmed the changes in board. In terms of history, he has a background in art, economics, and business. he has been in successful and highly regarded leadership roles at two companies that are bigger than Linden Lab: PricewaterhouseCoopers and Organic. Kingdon is a weight name to conduct the critical internal changes in the company, moving away the possibility from an I.P.O.

The problem of retention of new users is critical in the Second Life. If it was not for the constant growth in North American users, the system would have a considerable fall in this month.

The constant instabilities had not been enough to knock down the volume of used hours. They grew about 10%. Could grow even more if, there wasn’t many problems in the Linden Lab servers this month. The installation of gravitational system Havok 4 is speculated to be the cause of server problem. In general terms, the perspective is very good for Second Life.

Dear reader, what is your opinion about Second Life business?

Based on: mundolinden.com
Translation and adaptation: Anna Avalanche

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