Friday, April 25, 2008

Sana Models fashion show


I want to congrats Sana Models and its President Keely LeFavre for the beautiful model show this week. The Sana beautiful models in the show were:

Incolumis Lancaster
Ken Poikolainen
Liane Maertens
Mimmi Boa
Mortimer Vhargon
Salvo Waydelich

Sana model

Sana Models is a subsidiary of Sana Mall and in addition to be a newly formed agency it is available as a service to Sana Mall vendors. Basically, the vendors of Sana Mall are able to use the models in any professional manner that they require: billboards, logos, in-store modeling, fashion shows, etc. The show featured Sana mall vendors: Micro Dinzeo Underwear, Just for Him, and Safran’s - Which are men’s clothing stores. The famous Nicky Ree clothing design was also featured. This was a high quality fashion show.

Sana model

After the show I interview two beautiful models, the top model prize winner Mimmi Boa and Liane Maertens.



According to Liane Maertens – also a Déjà vu Journalist – “was really a pleasure to model for Sana Model mall and agency and I wish to make more shows like this in a near future. KeeLy Lefavres is a very nice and friendly person. The clothes were not very difficult to match with the most different accessories and jewels.” Liane featured Safrans Micro and Nick Ree beach wear at the runway on the paradisiacal Sana beach mall.


Mimmi Boa is an Italian Model, Here curriculum include big model agency like Modavia Model, SL Supermodels. She has large experience in fashion shows, no admire that she won the contest. I found Mimmi very happy and satisfied about the catwalk. As she say: “I worked really hard to learn more and more every day. Is really amazing and I’m so happy and proud!” To Mimmi these last weeks are really incredible she was chosen as pre-finalist for Miss Universe 2009 and also won the rank of Top Model for Sana Modeling. Congrats girl!


I would love to have had the chance to interview all the lovely models on the show. Hope I have the chance next time. For those beautiful models that I didn’t interview, please feel free to add a comment about your impression and feeling of the Sana Models high quality fashion show here.


Keely LeFavre said...

Thank you for attending the sana models fashion show. It was a pleasure having you there and we hope to have you at all future events.

mimmi boa said...

Dear Anna,
thank you to attend to the show and writing about it!
Was an amazing time for all of us!
Thanks also to Keely for her fantastic job!!!!!
I really hope to see you again in the next show!!!!!

Julya said...

Congratulation to Mimmi Boa for her recently sucesses!!!!