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Reis do Brazil

REIS is TOP No 1 selected artist in Conexão Vivo. The voting is close now and she did it. Congrats to Reis and all her fans that voted. Comment added on 04/08/2009

If you want to know more about Reis access her personal page at Myspace

Reis is in the Conexão Vivo competition, you still can vote.

Each band has set a page in VIVO portal and you can vote for REIS!

click on “vote neste perfil” and write the captcha code. Done! Very easy! (better with FireFox)

Your vote is very important to give Reis this great chance!

To know more about this great Brazilian singer read the article below. It was first published at Déjà vu Magazine for the April Issue. You can also find this article on the new AAT Deja Vu Magazine Interactive . To know how to get yours click here

Reis do Brazil a Real Singer in the Virtual World

By Anna Avalanche, Gisa Miles and Luiz Speedwell

Graça Reis or just Reis for her increasing number of admirers all over the world is graduated in singing by Bahia Federal University (UFB - Brazil) with music specialization in Berlin. In a period where talent, occasionally, is more important than academic education, at least in Brazil, Reis has both. Reis came from a musical background that was somewhat academic, but also brought personal experience and professional knowledge of Brazilian popular music. Also, she is gorgeous, sexy and has an extraordinary voice. Someone said “a voice of sugar with the strength of steel”.

Her biography is a mix of popular and erudite participation, sometimes accompanied by great popular and famous Brazilian musicians. In 2000 she had the main female role in the pop opera “Rei Brasil”, for the celebration of Brazilian 500th discovery anniversary, with an audience of 6,000 people on each performance at Salvador – Bahia.

In 2002 Reis perform “Brizzi do Brasil”, during two months at “Teatro XVIII”, in Salvador, featuring Caetano Veloso, Arnaldo Antunes, Virginia Rodrigues, Margareth Menezes and Zeca Baleiro, among others as special guests.

Regardless of her professional boyhood, Graça has also international experience with tours in many different countries. Reis live presence is ethereal and hypnotic with her live vocals expanded beyond melancholy female voice. She sings lyrics in English, Portuguese, Italian, French, with the charm of her Brazilian sexy voice. All her talent was crowned in 2004 as special guest in Manuel Paulo’s album (EMI).

2005 was her start shining year as a celebrity. That year she took the main role in “Mambo Mistico” a musical by Aldo Brizzi and Alfredo Arias produced by “Théâtre de Chaillot” – Paris. She also released in 2005 her debut album “Aço do Açúcar” (Sugar of Steel). The title is at the same time the album title and the band name. The band is from Salvador-Bahia and is formed by Reis; Alex Mesquita - guitars; Luizinho do Jêje, percussion; and by Aldo Brizzi on keyboard and electronics. Aldo is the main author of the group’s songs and producer of the project. Aço do Açúcar rehearsals are like a laboratory of experimentation of new esthetics mixing with elements of Brazilian, African, and European music forms and constantly seeks to transcend the difference between traditional sounds and mainstream pop influences. These result in a sophisticated music with the ability to provoke and satisfy.

From 2006 she works with Aldo Brizzi on the Reis project. That included Europe tours in Italy, France, Germany, UK (festival shows like Aterforum in Ferrara, GMEM in Marselha, Oxident in Berlim, Notting Hill Arts in London, Preguillac in France and La Palma in Roma).

In 2007 she sang in Egypt (Cairo Opera House) and presented the “Loving Glance” concert tour in Brazil; Chile, Bolivia and Europe. In 2008 she records her EP “Reis” lunched in Mexico and USA. This EP is pure electronic music produced by Aldo Brizzi with live vocals expanded beyond melancholy female voice by Reis. It develops into a wide range of electronic and electronic-influenced music and combines elements of trip hop, IDM, and classical into Brazilian blends such as Bossa Nova. Tempo varies from quite down tempo to very fast in break core-derived and drum’s bass styles. Melodies and harmonies create a rich and tense sound that emphasizes the erotic, mystic and poetic themes of the lyrics and their realities, stranger than dreams

She loves a new challenge and presented her pure natural and sophisticated voice also in the virtual worlds like Second Life. Reis multimedia concert is something out of this world, with video-art projected on screens and singer costumes design. Reis is Reis Alter in Second Life. Her presence in SL is uniqueness and open new horizons. A real life professional career extended and developed also in Second Life. In SL Reis Alter is often invited by prime venues such as Zurich Opera, La Scala Milano Theater, Slimmie's, Cairo Opera. The repertoire is the same intriguing blend of new trip hop and electronic of the Real Life Reis concerts.

If you are Reis fan or would like to hear her amazing voice go to her Second Life events below.

12 April – Sunday – 20:00 PM – Zurich Opera House

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