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São Paulo Fashion Week - Carmen Miranda tribute

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São Paulo Fashion Week - Carmen Miranda tribute
By Anna Avalanche, Gisa Miles and Luiz Speedwell

Photography credit for Marcelo Soubhia - Agencia Fotosite (

São Paulo Fashion Week (SFW) is considered the most stylish Latin American fashion show. In its 26ª edition, between January 18 and 23, more than 40 designers and “griffes” presented the Brazilian trends to the autumn - winter 2009.
This edition came with “Brasileirismo” theme. It means the light and the happiness of Brazilian people represented in its various manifestations and celebrations. The joy and humor in those events reflect more than a feature of the Brazilian people, but a creative potential that often leaves its mark on catwalks. Also the week gave honor to the centennial birthday of the actress and singer Carmen Miranda, an icon of international “Brasileirismo”, who became a phenomenon in the American show business at early 1940s and 1950s. She was honored with huge billboards and exhibition of original pieces from Carmen Miranda Museum. See next article about Miranda.

The São Paulo Fashion Week is one of the most anticipated fashion events in Brazil. People are fascinated with beautiful models, such as Gisele Bündchen, fashion people, famous designers, photographers and celebrities.

In simple words what are the style shown at SFW 2009? Long and short dresses were predominant in all catwalks. Pants came with high waist and bell-bottom, like pantaloons. The black, the gray, and the pastel tones were unanimous. Designers work with geometric shapes, chess and stripes. Leather and fabric with metallic were also present. High boots and court shoe – escarpins – are trend for this winter (Brazilian). The predominant colors were wine, dark green, blue, and yellow mustard.

Other tendency for the winter is comfort. To people feel well, pants and dresses are wider and the materials used ensure that they don’t get stuck, rigid, without movement. The pieces made of woven wool, wool knitted and unbeatable sweatshirt came strong for this autumn-winter 2009, even in its traditional color, the gray-mix. The traditional clothes, blouses with a hood, with its forms extensive readings are revisited in contemporary fabrics and technology, capable of great warmth.

Some Brazilian notorious brands such as 2nd Floor, Forum, Colcci, Ellus, Forum, Iodice, Osklen, Triton, Maria Bonita, Cori, Carlota and famous fashion designers like Alexandre Herchcovitch, Fause Haten, Andre Lima, Fabia Bercsek, Isabela Capeto, Lino Villaventura, Wilson Ranieri, Samuel Cirnansck, Priscilla Darlot and Erica Ikezili among others were present at SFW 2009.

Special thanks Marcelo Soubhia - Agencia Fotosite

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