Sunday, March 8, 2009

the Second Life Shakespeare Company's Twelfth Night

If you are looking for a great event that shows the full potential of what SL can offer you should not miss the Second Life Shakespeare Company's production of William Shakespeare's Twelfth Night - Act I.

Globe Theater - 12th night - Cesario

The performances take place at the SL Globe Theater every Sunday at 3pm SLT and every Tuesday at 6 pm SLT

Globe Theater - 12th night - the SL Globe

The people behind the production, all the company and Ina Centaur - the soul of the SL Shakespeare Company and artistic director - did an outstanding job. You do get the feeling of high standards when you are there.

Globe Theater - 12th night - Sir Toby

Go there for one of the next shows. I am sure you will love it !
Definitely Second life at its best!

Have fun ! :)


Globe Theater - 12th night - Olivia and cesario

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