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Curitiba the Brazilian excellence city

By Anna Avalanche, Gisa Miles and Luiz Speedwell

Some pictures from Luiz Speedwell

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Located in southern Brazil, near the “Serra do Mar” (Mountain Range of the Sea), Curitiba is the largest city in the prosperous Southern region of Brazil and owns a rich history that began in the seventeenth century. Capital of Parana State it’s one of the oldest cities in South America, founded in 1653 by the Portuguese. The name, Curitiba, went through a series of changes from the original Guarani word, "kur'yt' yba" (The Guarani are one of the few indigenous tribes of Brazil). The word means pine nut and the current spelling became official in 1919.

Curitiba is an ultra-modern city with a population approaching two million and can be defined as a mosaic of bucolic landscapes, typical of inland life, blend with large gastronomic, “hôtellerie” and exhibition center network, with numerous exhibitions and events.

In recent decades, Curitiba has won national and international reputation for the creativity how equated and solved modern urban environment problems. The quality of life, the efficient public transport, the higher proportion of green areas per capita and the selective waste collection are just some of the elements that characterize the ecological concern of Curitibanos – how we call the people that life in Curitiba. For that reason, Curitiba is known as the ecological capital of Brazil.

The quality of life offered by the city make it a destination full of attractions and facilities for tourists. The welfare of residents is converted in excellent services for visitors who find comfortable hotels, good restaurants, intense cultural agenda and facilities to see the city postcards. There are over 30 parks with complete infrastructure for recreation and sports practice. The efficient signaling and means of modern transport guarantee rides for beautiful and unusual buildings, like the Opera Theater of wire, the Botanical Garden and Museum Oscar Niemeyer,in addition to the parks, as Barigui, meeting point for families and athletes at the end of week.

Despite the modern and futuristic aspects involving the city, Curitiba saves many characteristics of European country cities. The City is strongly influenced by its cultural heritage from European immigrants and has the typically cold climate from northern hemisphere countries.

The mix of culture is soon perceived by those who arrive and notice the architecture, gastronomy and local custom. The Italian influence can be seeing in the cantinas of the Santa Felicidade neighborhood, where you can eat pasta, chicken and polenta fries. The Poles are present with small sweetmeat, while the Ukrainians filled the charm with craft hand-painted eggs.

Besides visiting events and the city postcards, we suggest for those how like nature, take the train to Paranaguá, and stop in Morretes to eat the “barreado”, a typically local food (a meat that cooking for days). The railroad is the oldest in operation in Brazil, built in 1890, and the scenery is amazing.

Visit Curitiba and have great, quality of life, moments!

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