Wednesday, June 3, 2009

SL documentary for German RL national TV (ARD)

EdDereDdE Laval a great friend of mine will be on German RL national TV (ARD) for a SL documentary, it is fantastic. He sent me this invitation to be extend to all SL community.

Congrats Ed you deserve it.

The south western SWR section of the German RL national TV (ARD) is creating a documentary about EdDereDdE Laval's (yes me, the little pale dwarf) approaches to combine SL and RL in collaboration with the artists all over the world.

i would rather call it "about the future of media and mixed reality collaboration"

One part of this is a special event in SL:

A few chosen artists (solists and bands) are invited to be interviewed and presented on SL stage within this documentary to show certain specific aspects like the following examples:

VLB - as a true "pure" virtualy collaborating band
SOAR -as an established RL band using SL

Jayninen Scarborough - as an example of a German long time professional in RL and SL
Donfranko Dagostino - as a "newer" artist who uses SL to build up a SL/RL fan base (was interviewed in RL already at the REIS RL concert recordings)
Tomgirl Euler - as example for Asia and EDs asian activities
Peregrine Singh - as a professional artist who got a new musical orientation via SL for his solist activities

The Set-up will be at "little hohenzollern" (the replica of the German Emperors root castle, another aspect shown about mixed reality possibilities to mirror events in RL and SL replica).

if you want to have a look see here pls:
NAG @ Little Hohenzollern, Rich Island (127, 155, 40)

Solists will have about a 15 minutes time frame
Bands about 20 minutes as its bit more complicated for them

RECORDING should happen in the FIRST WEEK of JULY 2009 or second latest!
First BROADCAST on RL TV is planned for END OF JULY.

Please let me know your preferences or if you have any questions for the final scheduling.
As you got this info you are invited to participate in this documentary as artist or guest.

EdDereDdE Laval

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