Saturday, June 27, 2009

Use your social network to earn money

If you have many friends in Second Life you can earn Money and help to make easier your friend’s second life. Do you want to know how?

Very simple! Send the AAT catalog to your friends

The AAT catalog is similar to those from Avon. Inside you can find a lot of different products chosen with care.

With the AAT catalog you have always a store with you. You don’t need to have the store landmark or suffer from lag inside the store. Just rezz the AAT Catalog on the ground and you will have a store in front of you.

The AAT Catalog uses the most advance system and your purchase and commission is send automatically. If someone buy from it and you receive the commission on the same time!!! Yes on the same time. And if you buy yourself any product you get a 25% discount!!!

How it works? Very simple!!! The AAT Catalog has a system that allows the purchase and commission split automatically. Just send to your friends and if someone buy the person will receive the product and you will receive the commission.

The AAT Catalog is a mall in your hands! The prices are low and you can’t miss the sales promotion!

What you are waiting for? Request your AAT Catalog from Anna Avalanche

How to buy? Apart from the arrows buttons, there is a central button that reads "show items" or "show catalogs" depending on what you are looking at. Press the button when it reads "show items" to look at the items of a particular catalog. Click the button again when it reads "show catalogs" to go back to browsing the catalogs.

So use the arrows buttons to brows and the middle button (^^Trade) to get inside each section.

To buy something, just touch the pictures with the right mouse button and pay.

In case you still have any doubt access: or

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