Saturday, August 30, 2008

Bid for a Model Event -BID ANNA AVALANCHE

Hi, every one.
I post some days ago the bid for a model event.

I like to help charity events and wouldn’t be different with this great event. However I don’t use to advertise my help. It is not polite to make auto promotion with charity. But, this case is different. The event is an auction and to help I need to advertise as much as I can.

If you want to help ASA and have a nice time with me at the ball TP here and bid me! You will be helping a real life organization and have fun. There are also extraordinary models that need your bid. So don’t lose your time bid now. The auction ends on September 5.

The TP will take you to the front desk. To find my picture you will need to go to 138/5/26.

bid for a model 03

Remember your money will be returned if someone made a bid higher than you, The highest bidder gets to date the model.

Have fun and bid for a model

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