Sunday, August 31, 2008

It's Stitch by Stich time !!!!!!! by Lucille Morigi

Sevenstar Amat is the designer of a store called Stitch by Stitch and her work is simply amazing.

A true artist, she works with many kinds of textures and colours and the combination turns out to be excellent.

Latest news: she has decided to do a "Model of the Month" Contest for all whom are in her group. Not only models.

Sorry, the September Model has been chosen - and it's yours truly ( happy here :-)), but from October on, the contest restarts.

Like any other thing Sevenstar decides to do, even the way that the Model of the Month appears is absolutely creative and beautiful, almost poetic I must add.

She built a stage in which the pictures of the model wearing the outfit are shown in cutout figures.

Ok enough writing, let the pictures speak for themselves.

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