Friday, August 15, 2008

Morgue McMillan's poetry

My friend Morgue McMillan invited everyone who likes poetry for her readings this weekend. She is very good. Hope you all enjoy. Below is the invitation that I want to extend to all my friends and readers.

My dear friends,
I feel very humbled as I have been invited to read for the Stone Canoe/Vetruvius magazine which is related to the College of Syracuse University/NY and I would like to invite you.

Time: This Saturday, August 16, 1 pm SLT

And: I have been invited by Julian2914 Hifeng to read at Pat O'Brians.
Time: Sunday, August 17, 12:45 pm SLT.

It is the second time for me and it is a nice setting and you
may like to get there earlier as it is a regular event called Sundays Brunch starting at 11 am with music and poetry.

If you like to stay tuned regarding my readings and enjoy my poetry you might join my group for free

Morgue McMillan's Mysty Minds

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