Monday, August 4, 2008

Mer Dreier… So Sexy

EXPO : 7.08.08- 3.09.08
Siena Museum, ITALY
Thursday 7 August : 21.30 --- 12.30 PM SL TimeWednesday 3 September 2008

Photography lovers don’t miss this incredible photo book form Mer Dreier.

It is so sexy…..

Mer Dreier by her own word

How I work or why?

Mer Dreier

Is the desire enough to justify what I do? I know just that in the absence of this need for creation, of this logic of creation, it does not matter how it is named, I am dissatisfied, anxious. Also my step is the transposition of this desire to give to see what appears to me. The medium by which these feelings forward imports me less than the shown thing.Mer Dreier lives and works in France(Various mediums: acryls, techniques of drawing, photographs, creations digital)Graduate of Paris I Pantheon-SorbonneTeach the visual arts in collegeExhibitions of painted works

Do you want to know more about Mer Dreier? So don’t miss the expo.

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wonderchristophe said...

I know Mer Dreier since my first steps in SL and I always appreciate the woman and the artist.
She is faithfull and skillfull and every exibition she makes is always full of creations and suprises.
She devellops her talent and sense of art as usual .
I can only recommend you to go to her last exibition.
See you there at the Vernissage