Sunday, May 18, 2008

ArtLife^3 Gallery

ArtLife^3 Gallery _001

Nicci Lane is opening her Australian themed Gallery and chill space at Baie St Anne. The ArtLife^3 Gallery

ArtLife^3 Gallery _002

Second life premier artists exhibiting include, Doutzsweet Jetcity, Soleil Beam, Kolor Fall, Clarice Castaignede, Artfox Daviau, Juanita Deharo, Finny Yates, Blue Tsuki, Music Hyun, Cienega Soon as well as feature exhibits bi monthly.

ArtLife^3 Gallery _004

There is very nice art exposed, don’t miss seeing it. So dress up, bring your best mate, and enjoy a night’s entertainment from 8pm - 10pm SLT today

ArtLife^3 Gallery _005

Bongobenny Matova, bring you Australian beats to dance the night away...whether you want to toggle or not, ambient bush sounds in the outback areas , Big red Roo will be hard to catch as will a few natives!

Life^3 Attol sim also open for touring and romance, Edderedde Laval welcomes you to NAG Gallery and the castle walls talk of a thousand years gone by.

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