Monday, May 12, 2008

New release for man and woman from @ Barerose Tokyo

For now on I will be posting fashion tips and new release from the most famous creators in Second Life. Hope you all enjoy these fine items.

Wonderful outfit called Ken.
Features a cool parka hooded sweatshirt, rolled up pants , and sculpted hat !

And a woman very fashionable dress set called "Kala"
Features a tight leather mini shirt and frill shear shirts in 4 colors.
The shirt has sculpted frill collar and arm cuffs, also features full length stockings and a beautiful choker

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Wildstar said...

Sometimes I am as bad as any girl for what concerns shopping ... you are seriously jeopardizing my finance with suggestions :))

... btw .. I love Bare Rose :)

Tori Heart said...

Thanks for the nice post , Kala is becoming my new favorite.