Monday, May 19, 2008


First thing we think when heard about MODAVIA is that all is about modeling agency, nothing can be more wrong. Modavia is NOT a modeling agency and Modavia does NOT provide modeling jobs.

Modavia is a society of models who work together to improve each other, and eventually attain Modavia Supermodel status. There are a set number of Modavia Supermodels at any given time. Modavia Supermodels remain as such until they retire or until they are asked to retire.

Modavia Supermodels are featured in the Modavia Fashion Directory. The Modavia Fashion Directory is the single source for presenting the who's who in top fashion. It is a blend between a highly polished, elegant fashion magazine and a catalog of the best designers and models within Second Life.

There is ONLY ONE goal for any model joing the Modavia Prospective Models group - to become a Modavia Supermodel. If you make the Modavia Supermodels many good things will happend.

Is a Modavia Supermodel Different from Other Models?

We hope so! We work hard and pride ourselves on trying to be unique. As a concept, here’s how you may think of a Modavia Supermodel: Though they are stunning, Modavia models are not selected by beauty alone--anybody can be beautiful in SL. Rather, each model has created a certain unique and distinctive appearance; they stand out in a room--you just know they're Modavia. They have an innate talent for style, particularly an image that is not off-the-rack. Modavia Supermodels are seldom satisfied with throwing on ready-made looks, rather they differentiate and enhance their appearance far beyond what others are willing to do. They have been given certain custom-designed proprietary items that no other model in SL has, and thereby further differentiate them from the rest. They're the "model" of perfection -- they're Modavia!

Finally, it's your looks that first attract and your spirit or attitude that keep attracting. Modavia wants people who are beautiful outside and inside. You need to have a great attitude. Respect people even if you don't like them. Don't let me hear you saying ugly things about others. Be hard-working, people-caring. Be willing to help. Be kind. Be generous. Be available. And…

Be beautiful to someone today!

That is what MODAVIA is about!!

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Keely LeFavre said...

Woot! Woot! Go Modavia!